Review: We-Vibe II

The We-Vibe II

Okay, I’ll be honest with you. This review was hard to write. Why? Not because the We-Vibe II  isn’t fantastic. Let’s get this right out there in the beginning – it’s absolutely amazing. I had trouble reviewing this vibrator because of it’s designed use as primarily a couples vibrator. Seeing as how I don’t have a partner to play with and test this toy, I can’t legitimately give it a true test of one of it’s main uses. But I’ll try my best to give it the most fair and thorough review I can without a partner. That’s a promise.

Let’s start off with product specifications. I know this looks huge in pictures, but when you get it you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how little it really is. It’s height is 2 1/4 inches and is roughly 1 1/8 inches wide. In the shape it’s shown in the picture above, it’s 3 1/4 inches. The We-Vibe website says unfolded it’s 11 inches, but you really shouldn’t have to unfold it so I wouldn’t concern yourself with that measurement. The total weight of the vibe is 2 ounces. It’s very light and you don’t feel it when it’s in place other than a pleasurable sensation.

The exterior of this vibe is made from 100% medical grade silicone. You’ve probably read before how I love toys that are silicone because they are very body safe. I won’t rehash everything I’ve said before, but needless to say I find this feature of the We-Vibe II to be great. The vibe is completely sealed and is therefor waterproof. Use it in the tub, shower, hot tub, pool, etc. You can’t get this thing wet inside unless you puncture the silicone cover.

But how do you charge it or power it if the cover doesn’t come off, you say? Well, this is another feature I love about this toy. The We-Vibe II is a rechargable sex toy. How very eco of it! At the tip of the top part of the vibe, right under the part of the vibe you press to turn it on and cycle through the nine vibration modes (I’ll get to that later) is a little dimply where you just press the charger into. It doesn’t penetrate the silicone and yet the vibe still charges. Fantastic! When you first get this toy, make sure to charge it for 16 hours minimum to get the longest battery life possible. This charging time will last you for two hours of continuous run time. Standby time lasts up to 60 days. 

 You can see the little inset dimple right at the
tip of the top half of the We-Vibe II. This is
where the power charger plugs in.

Back to those vibration patterns. Both sides of the rounded flattened pads vibrate on this toy. The top portion is intended to sit on your clit and stimulate that while the bottom portion is designed to be worn inside the vagina, thus giving added sensation to the inside of the vagina, g-spot and penis during sex. This is where the couples portion of the design comes in. Both partners receive stimulation from this toy, not just the woman. Now some guys may be freaked out at the prospect of having their dick vibrated during sex (my first sexual partner got so mad when I wanted to use toys that it actually was a huge turn off for me), but I can assure them the added sensation is simply amazing. I’ve had numerous testimonials from men that say any added sensation during vaginal sex makes for a more intense orgasm on their behalf. Since most women I’ve talked to need some kind of clitoral stimulation to orgasm from penetrative sex, this is an excellent option to provide that stimulation hands-free.

I could try to describe to you all the vibration patterns, but I’d probably fail. There are so many of them. Nine in fact. And trust me – they all feel different and they all feel good. Here is a graphic that the makers of this vibe provide on their website that visually describes the vibration patterns.


One feature I liked about the power button/vibration pattern button on this toy is that it’s well placed. When being worn, the power button will sit outside the vagina and can be easily accessed. It’s not as easily accessed in, say, missionary or modified missionary position given that it would be between you and your partner, but a simply stop and press of the button will quickly solve that problem. The little nub that indicates the power button doesn’t sit too high up so if you don’t have sensitive fingertips you may miss it by touch. You can see it when looking at it though. Another great feature to the power controls is that you don’t have to cycle through all patterns to turn this toy off if you want it off quickly. Just hold it down for a longer period of time than you would to switch patterns and it will turn off all together. It took about five seconds on average of me holding it to turn off.

The inside of the “paddles” I guess I will call them are textured with ridges. They are probably designed this way so that the toy grips your body and doesn’t slide out when being used during penetrative sex. I would think thrusting may jostle this around if it wasn’t textured in some way. The top paddle has softer ridges while the bottom paddle that sits inside your vagina has more pronounced ridges. When being worn, neither set of ridges are uncomfortable I think.

This is an instructional video that the makers of the We-Vibe II have uploaded to YouTube.

I’m a bit of a packaging snob and I was really pleased with the packaging on the We-Vibe. It’s super classy. Some sex toys come in boxes that are plastered with naked ladies that have huge, obviously medically-altered breasts. The box this toy comes in has no figures, no naked ladies, no busting tittays, nothing. It has the company logo with a cut out to see the actual toy on the front and information in six languages on the back. You won’t be ashamed to pick this box up in any adult store if you go to one. Matter of fact, the sales people will think you have excellent taste.

The We-Vibe comes with more goodies than most new cars come with. Hell, there’s about more paperwork than my car came with when I purchased it new. When you buy this vibrator you get the following items:

  • The We-Vibe II itself
  • Lilac satin drawstring pouch for storage and travel
  • Charger specific to your country
  • Instruction manual
  • “Your Invitation to Pleasure” pamphlet
  • Laminated card with vibration patterns visually presented like above
  • 90 Day Replacement Warranty

If you purchase the We-Vibe II from Good Vibrations you will also receive some really amazing exclusive goodies. To start off with, there’s a super cute little pin that has “I <3 My (picture of the We-Vibe II)" on a white background. Put it where you want. People who don't know what the We-Vibe II is or know a little about sex toys may not even know what the pin is about. This toy sure doesn't look like your standard sex toy (nor does it function like one.) Also included when you buy the We-Vibe from Good Vibrations is a package of sample products and fun extras. First let's talk about my favorite item - the Good Vibrations Illustrated Feel Good Magnets. They're magnets! With sex toys on them! One has a Hitachi, one some red anal beads and one a purple rabbit vibe. I mean come on, how cute is that?! They're illustrated sex toy magnets to put on your fridge or elsewhere if you don't want company seeing them. Also included is one latex condom in a round package. There's a GV Vanilla-Scented Wipe that can be used on both toys and genitals post-coitus, whether solo or with partners. There is some Please Cream Lubricant. It is a water-based, glycerine-free lubricant. A warning for those concerned - this lube does have parabens in it if you don't want to use them. Finally there is a little trial sachet of the JimmyJane Massage Lotion (multiple varieties). Nice extras, huh? So what is my final verdict of the We-Vibe II, available at Good Vibrations? Having not tested it with a partner, I can’t be sure of it’s use there. Other reviews I’ve read of this vibe from people who have used it with partners have been fairly glowing. As a solo vibe, I really like it. The vibration patterns are really numerous and as someone who likes fairly intense vibrations, I found this toy’s vibrations to be more than sufficient for me. It sat nicely on my clit and did a good job stimulating it. Because I have a vertical clit hood piercing, it did make a bit of noise with rattling on the stainless steel of my barbell, but given that most women don’t have this piercing I don’t foresee it as a problem.

This toy has excellent potential to be a great partnered sex toy and I can’t wait to use it with a sexual partner. As someone who needs clitoral stimulation to orgasm, I am excited at the possibility of not having to hold a vibe on my clit during sex to orgasm. If this vibrator will help me orgasm, it just may be my favorite vibe ever.

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