Review: Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to the Female Orgasms

One of my absolute heros in the world of sex education, advocacy, pornography has long been Tristan Taormino. If I ever have even 5% of the success she’s achieved, I will be a happy kinky girl. She’s long since been a woman I look up to in regards to how she comports herself and how she defines success in her own right. She makes quality products and advocates for education first and foremost.

Tristan has a long series of “Expert Guides” including Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men, Expert Guide to Advanced Felatio, Expert Guide to the G-Spot, and so many more. Her newest video is one of my particular favorites. The Expert Guide to the Female Orgasms is jam packed with great information about female anatomy, female stimulation and precisely what it takes for body-shaking, mind-numbing orgasms.

Tristan spends the first 10-15 minutes of the video going through anatomy with charts, a vulva puppet (my favorite and new lusted-after item!), and  explanations from adult performers, using all that to advocate for the most important part of orgasming – communication. She stresses above all else that you need to communicate to orgasm as fully as you can. Communicate with yourself, your partner, and what you choose to use to bring yourself to orgasm. This is something I’ve always agreed with, but only recently put into practice. She and the performers all stress that you need to know how your own body works and what your body likes before you introduce another person to the mix. As someone who has toys long before I had sexual partners, I totally agree. How can someone else expect to pleasure you if you haven’t learned what you like first?

The cast for this film is pretty much the greatest cast ever, at least in my mind. Katie St. Ives, Sean Michaels, Evanni Solei, Evan Stone, Jiz Lee, Madison Young, Dylan Ryan, Mr. Marcus, Adrianna Nicole and James Dean all share screen time with the goddess herself, Tristan. Tristan goes about getting performers for her videos in great ways. Picking who she has worked with in the past or wold like to work with and then asking them who they want to be in a scene with. This leads to explosive chemistry and beyond sexy times on screen.

Katie St. Ives and Sean Michaels’s scene was almost cute in nature. She’s a sprite of a thing and reminds me of myself in a way. Her chemistry with Sean was great and you can feel the attraction. He brings her to some body shaking orgasms in a variety of ways, through oral, toy play and ultimately sex in a couple of positions. Her body visibly changes when she gets super aroused, something Tristan mentions in the beginning of the movie. Bright red skin and lack of coherency are among the changes you see. It makes for great watching.

Okay, I admit. I wasn’t a fan of Evanni Solei and Evan Stone together. This isn’t to say this was any less of a scene, but I just didn’t connect with it like I did other scenes. Evanni is a very soft spoken woman and doesn’t make a whole lot of noise during sex. I’m someone who does and someone who enjoys watching a very vocal performer. I mean, her body definitely responds, but I’d like to hear a little more than just the occassional “ooooooh” so I know she’s enjoying it. Also, I don’t know about me, but still having pants on during a filmed sex scene just seems weird. I know it happens every day in the “real world” but to me it seems kind of strange in a sex movie, even an educational sex movie.

But Jiz Lee and Madison Young? The sound you hear is my brain exploding. Two of my absolute favorite performers and crushes. They are sexy creatures and hell if I was ever in the same room as either of them I’m pretty sure I would die of happiness and arousal. They’re intro scene to the actual sex is great to watch. They talk about their love of the Hitachi Magic Wand, which honestly is not my favorite toy. Blasphemy in the world of sex toys, but alas true. I like strong vibrations, but I don’t like a 747 jet engine vibrating on my sexy areas. Getting back to the scene though, both of them are super into it and super excited to be there. You can tell they are great friends as well as great sexual partners. Black gloves are brought out and Madison fingers Jizz for awhile in a variety of positions, pretty much diving right in and going from zero to sixty in no time. I love all the toys they bring out and seeing them in use. Toys are something I love seeing in porn, especially high quality toys. You would never see a jelly toy anywhere near a Tristan Taormino set I have a feeling! The Hitachi comes out and gets used on Madison after awhile, in combination with my favorite toy, the Njoy Pure Wand. It’s probably my favorite scene of the entire film.

Dylan Ryan is up next, partnered with Mr. Marcus. She talks about frequently throughout the film how she loves to have super strong almost pummeling on her cervix. Personally I dislike that, but I can see how some people would. I just don’t like feeling like I’ve been deep fucked with the large end of a baseball bat for days later. Marcus mentions in the beginning of the film how guys shouldn’t feel like they’re any less of a man or they’re not pleasing their partner if she wants to use a toy in bed. I completely agree. My first sexual partner absolutely hated when I used a vibrator in bed and it was a huge turn off. Sometimes people just need more stimulation than another human body can provide, as Tristan mentions in the beginning as well. I love the foreplay that Dylan and Marcus get into and it’s almost cute in a way. He is all about focusing on her and it shows. Her body shakes as he just fingers her deep and licks at her nipple. Then out comes the Njoy Eleven! I’ve seen Dylan use it in many films and she explains she loves it because of the weight and huge bulbous end. It plays right into her love of super deep cervix stimulation. They foray into sex and of course it is hot. Doggie and reverse cow girl while he’s sitting. She uses a Hitachi on her clit while she rides him and quite frankly I’ve never witnessed a more intense set of orgasms. It’s really amazing to watch. They’re both sweaty and happy and just keep going at it.

Adrianna Nicole and James Dean are the last scene in the movie. Oh James Dean, my sweet quirky porn star love. I look for stuff he’s in and he definitely delivers whenever I see him perform. He talks about how it’s more of a power play thing for him, that he loves to make a woman orgasm over and over again and it’s not necessarily about pleasing a woman. It’s a fun dynamic and one I subscribe too. They start off with some super intense oral, him licking her and getting her into it. He uses the Hitachi on her while she sucks him and for once, I actually enjoy watching a bit of a blow job scene, probably because it’s a combination oral and toy use. He lubes up a Njoy Pure Plug (medium or large from what I can tell) and slides it in her while he fingers her and she continues to suck him. Then starts the actual penetrative sex! One thing I love to watch about James is that he’s really big on eye connection while he’s having sex. I think that’s a huge component to really good sex. They just go at it for awhile and then take a break while she continues Hitachi use. Anal is up next and they switch to him behind her then ultimately he ends up on top of her. As someone who enjoys anal in those positions, this was particularly hot to watch. She is just really, insanely into the sex and damn, so is he. This was probably my second favorite of the scenes throughout the movie, thanks to intensity and the power play dynamic.

There are some great extras also included with the main film and they’re worth watching. There is a guide to safe sex. That is one of my favorite things about Tristan. She’s always advocated for the safest sex she can and makes that an important part of what she shows and talks about. Madison Young does a segment demonstrating how to do kegel exercises, which is one way of targeting your pelvic muscles and can lead to stronger orgasms and more control over them. There is a guide to vibrators that I enjoyed watching, even though I know a ton about sex toys already. I have to say I usually giggle a little when I watch a guy try to use a sex toy on a woman. They don’t always know how to do it just like women do it to themselves. There’s also a masturbation montage of just masturbation if that is what you’re interested in. Behind the scenes features of films are always a favorite of mine as well and this film is no different. It’s fun to see “porn stars” as real people for me, which obviously they are. They just happen to have sex on film as a job. There are also previews of other Tristan and Vivid projects. 

Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Female Orgasms is a film I highly recommend you purchase and own. Not only do you learn a lot about what makes a woman orgasm in terms of arousal, anatomy and needs, but it also has super, smoking hot sex and one of the greatest casts I’ve seen put together in a long time. There are great extras on the DVD and I feel this is a film you’ll go back and watch time and time again.

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