Review: Rhythm “O” Triple Kiss by Cal Exotics

Anybody who knows me knows that I”m not a fan of rabbit style vibrators. Some women love them and swear by them, but to a large extent I can’t stand them. When I received the Rhythm “O” Triple Kiss vibrator by Cal Exotics I gave my usual sigh about rabbit vibes and hoped that this one would be different. I put my preconceived notions about rabbit vibes to the back of my mind and wanted to give this particular vibe my full attention without dragging my other opinions into this review.

The problem was that this rabbit style vibe is pretty much like every other rabbit style vibe I’ve ever experienced in person – sub par.

The body of the toy is made from a lilac of lavender colored plastic and has several buttons that control it. There’s an on/off button that controls the actual vibration power. A “7” button that cycles through the seven different vibration patterns the actual vibe produces. There is a “hot” button that randomly selects a function. There are also up and down arrow buttons that increase or decrease the beaded shaft rotation. The controls are fairly easy to use and unlike some toys you don’t have to cycle through all vibration patterns to turn it off. Always a plus in my book.

The vibration itself is quite a mixed bag. Only the actual bullet vibrates – not the shaft. I don’t think most rabbits with beads in the shaft actually do vibrate there but I’m mentioning it anyways. When vibrating the ears of the “rabbit” frantically move. They are quite long actually and don’t hit my clit in any way. I actually had to bend myself in a weird position and press the bullet onto my clit to get any type of stimulation. For me, it’s more of a tickling sensation than a pleasurable sensation. The actual vibration patterns are your fairly standard patterns. One soft, one more intense. Some alternating and some slowly crescendoing to a nice climax. The box that accompanies the vibe says there are 21 different patterns of shaft rotation and clitoral vibrations. I think this math comes from the 7 different vibe cycles and 3 general vibration intensities. Thus there are 21 different combinations of what you can achieve by changing which vibration and which rotation speed/pattern.

Used internally, the beads in the shaft rotate in a wave-like pattern. When I tested it out, honestly I didn’t feel much. Maybe I’ve lost sensation inside my vagina from all my toy testing. Maybe my PC muscles aren’t exactly all that weak. My vagina tends to clamp down on it and not really allow it to spin as freely as it does when outside the body. I didn’t really feel much from it inside of me other than a slight turning sensation.

One of my largest gripes about many rabbits with rotating beads in the shaft is the noise they make. Ugh. It’s more like a crunching noise than it is a nice noise. Crunching is definitely not a noise I want to be hearing when I’m “in the mood.” The shaft on this particular vibe doesn’t crunch as much as some other vibes I’ve heard, but the motor to turn the beads is really, really loud. This is definitely not a vibe to take to the mother-in-law’s house if you don’t want it to be heard. See? It’s quite loud.

Ahh, it drives me wild! I just can’t deal with that noise when I’m trying to masturbate. It’s a very mechanical noise. Obviously when it’s inside of you that noise is muffled by your vagina, but it’s such a weird noise to start with. I still heard it when the vibrator’s shaft was inside of me mostly because the motor is at the base of the toy (the external part) and the rotating beads still made enough noise to be audible.  

The Rhythm “O” Triple Kiss takes four AAA batteries. That’s quite a lot of batteries for a single vibrator, but they are easy to insert with a “EZ load battery pack” as the packaging indicates. Just screw off the end of the vibe and there’s a little white tray that you insert the batteries in and then slide back in, replacing the end cap. 

This toy is waterproof and can be used in wet environments but I wouldn’t submerge it for long periods of time. There is a gasket in the battery compartment that keeps water out of the batteries, but I’m not sure I’d trust it when submerging this toy. Heck, I rarely trust those gaskets if I want to submerge a toy. 
My biggest gripe about this rabbit? Ugh, the material. While the controls are made from ABS plastic, the actual shaft material (the clear stuff over the beads and bullet) is TPE. This material is not body safe and definitely not able to be fully sanitized. The packaging says it doesn’t smell, but mine definitely smelled. That fabulous sorta rubber, sorta plastic smell we all know well if we’ve bought more than a few sex toys. Oh yes, that smell. I’ve heard it goes away with time, but I have yet to experience the smell dissipating on this particular toy.
By no means should you use this toy anally … though I can’t imagine why you’d want to use a rabbit vibrator anally in the first place. Eeek, I don’t even want to know or visualize it.
A lot of women say they love rabbits. They swear by them for really amazing orgasms. Personally, they do nothing for me. Maybe it’s because I don’t have the right sized anatomy. Maybe it’s because I like a little more clitoral stimulation than most every rabbit vibe can provide. Maybe it’s the beads and their inevitable crunching noise. All I know is whenever someone tells me they’re considering purchasing a rabbit vibrator, I try to steer them in a different direction. There’s so many things I’ve found to be lacking in most every rabbit vibrator and I don’t want someone to spend money on something they may find to be lacking for them as well. 
Would I buy the Rhythm “O” Triple Kiss vibrator by Cal Exotics? Definitely not. Would I recommend it? Well, I think you know that answer as well. Good luck next time, Cal Exotics. 

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