Review: Courtney Trouble’s Roulette Toronto

Courtney Trouble’s Roulette Toronto

I love porn. I love good queer indie porn. I like porn that not everybody may like. I like natural bodies, gender queer people, safe sex practices, lots of toy use and most importantly chemistry between the actors.

Courtney Trouble makes her special kind of porn even better in Roulette Toronto, available from Good Vibrations. There have been several in this series before, including Roulette Berlin, Roulette Dirty South and No Fauxxx Roulette. This time they’re up in Canada and have made the best of the people and places available to them.

Courtney herself stars in a scene with Judy Minx and does something special to my girly parts in the process. It’s a long, drawn out, but well done scene shot by April Flores, who later stars with Dylan Ryan. There’s fingering, toying, fucking, licking, and all together hotness all around. I have to say, I love when there’s lingerie that stays on throughout a scene and this movie delivers that for me. Judy is pretty freaking hot in this scene.

The one thing I didn’t like about this scene was the questionable lighting. It seemed like either it was over lit or under lit. Porn on a budget almost. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I love amateur stuff. Making it real and gritty. But there’s also something to be said about being able to see what’s going on. Maybe invest in a few more lights and not ones that are so harsh.

River Turner, Drew Deveaux and one of my perennial favorites Jiz Lee star in a scene where they’re all in a dance studio working out (rehearsing a dance I guess) and it quickly devolves into a pretty fantastic threesome right there on the floor of the dance studio. You don’t need a ton of toys when you have three amazingly sexual people and this is scene is an example of it. Fingers, tongues and hands make for great sex.

I think my favorite concept of the whole movie was April Flores calling for an escort and finding that Dylan Ryan was one who showed up. Women are sex work clients too and we often forget that when talking about the subject. The Njoy Eleven makes an appearance in this scene, the long lusted-after toy of my dreams. Of all the things I could fixate on, I found myself in love with Dylan’s earrings and high heels. Random, but they were fantastic. April Flores is a porn actor that absolutely knows how to do what she does and it shows. She enjoys it immensely and her chemistry with Dylan is beyond hot. Their friendship also shows in this scene. You can tell that even if the cameras weren’t there, they’d be cuddling and having fun together. Hell, they’d probably end up having the same great, hot sex too!

While I seriously had a hard time deciding which scene in this movie was my favorite (they were all great), I would probably have to say Lascivia Liberty and Scout’s scene on a hot pink bed in a hot pink bedroom was my favorite. There is just something so freaking hot for me about a gender bending sex session that gets me going. The mix of harnesses, work boots, lingerie and high heels? Yes please! There are so many fun positions and toys used in this scene. First and foremost is a strap-on harness. I’ve recently become enamored with everything to do with harnesses and can first hand tell you how sexually empowering it is to use one, even if not to have sex. The possibility of switching between and among genders so easily makes for absolutely great sex.

The bonus scene with Dia Zerva and Wordman is probably my second favorite scene. Dia is one of my favorites from and I find myself looking for her feature length performances more after seeing her there. Watching her pole dance made me want to get up and shimmy my little bum all over some one’s face and crotch only to be rewarded with hot sex and more of that fantastic Njoy Eleven action. There’s inherent dom/sub tones to this scene, something I love when watching porn. Dia’s necklace is collar-like and reminds me that I would like something similar in the future. I know I’ve talked about how I don’t like to watch blowjobs in porn most of the time, but I found myself actually liking the blowjob Dia gives Wordman and really getting turned on by it. That was a shocker to me!

The music throughout this movie is fresh and moves the plot along. It doesn’t overpower the natural noises from the sex and sits comfortably along side it. I mentioned the lighting issue before and while this was a bit of a downer for me in Courtney and Judy’s scene and April and Dylan’s scene, overall the lighting in the other scenes was excellent.

Roulette Toronto by Courtney trouble and sold through Good Vibrations is a movie that will be going on my porn shelf and probably be brought out often. The combination of great chemistry among the actors, hot sex, great toy use and examples of safe sex make this a movie that I would recommend. Queer porn isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure. Queer porn is designed though to be accessible for everyone. There’s real people, real bodies and real sex. There’s something for everyone.

The trailer for Roulette: Toronto:

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