Musings on sex and intimacy

Am I just a dreamer? Am I too unrealistic in my views of relationships and sex? Is it too naive of me to think that people should equate sex with intimacy and intimacy with emotion? I just think it’s really shitty that sex has lost its intimacy. In our hyper sexual society, sex has become a commodity. It has become little more than something that we trade without thinking. I’m just as guilty as the next person of separating the two, but I’ve found lately that I prefer them tightly knit. What gets me most excited is the possibility of no sex at all, and instead just cuddling. Those are the most exciting things for me. Just being together and holding hands and all the stuff we’ve seem to forgotten on the light speed quest towards sexual liberation.

Does the average man not cuddle any more? Is intimacy in society a lost art form? It’s certainly seeming like that to me lately.

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