Holy fucksticks!

Holy crapballs! Hold the freaking presses.

Izzy’s writing!

A whole 1500 words in one night! The most I’ve written in almost two months in a single sitting so far! And it’s even funny! Though that might be the amaretto sour I’m currently enjoying talking ….

What can I say? The dance music playlist I compiled earlier in the day put me in the mood for some funny writing. Before it was too emo and Debbie Downier to be the right tone for the story. There’s no emo a little J. Timberlake can’t cure. Just saying.

3 thoughts on “Holy fucksticks!

  1. Isabel0329

    Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I wrote maaaaaaybe 1500 words all weekend. So it’s safe to say the average 5000 word chapter won’t get finished soon. But it’s a damn good start.

  2. Emmy

    Glad to hear you’re writing!! Although I owe you like a trazillion reviews already… So rush but don’t LOL! So then I can catch up! 🙂 Up music always better than down music… Unless you need that Bridget Jones type moment when you torment yourself with music (a speciality of mine!).. Generally my mantra these days is – if I couldn’t fuck to it then I won’t listen to it.. That keeps the tempo and Emmy up! I’m one of those birds that can get caught up in a song & if its melancholic then bad for moi!~ I get the impression you might be too…?


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