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Introductions from Lexi and the Story of Meeting Isabel

Hello Undercover Kinkster world! My name is Lexi, and I am a friend of Isabel’s. Until recently, I was completely unaware of this whole side of her … I have a feeling that she was hesitant to share it with me. I completely understand why. With the way that we met and the way that she knows I am, I do not blame her at all. We met after being randomly paired for a group we were both involved with and from that very first day, she was like my sister. She sent me cards wishing me good luck and for all holidays. She baked for me and celebrated birthdays with me. She even bought me alcohol back when I was underage! I mean, of course Isabel would never consider doing such a thing! [Note from Isabel – I have no idea what she’s talking about ….. ] Isabel was always very shy and would only make dirty jokes around the closest of her friends. I got to see some of that, but not a lot. In fact, when it comes to that sort of stuff, I was the wild one! Sadly, Isabel graduated two semesters after I met her, and went off to law school. I have been lucky enough to remain in relatively good contact with her, even while halfway around the world! I mean, she even picked me up at the airport as a surprise when I spent a summer abroad!

As often happens, we did begin to drift apart a bit. Work and classes had both of us so busy, and the distance became difficult. However, I have always counted her as one of my closest friends. Apparently though, I did not know a huge part of her. When she first sent me the link to her blog, I was only semi-surprised at some of the content. She has been writing what I consider racy stories for a while and would even send me the links when I was traveling. However, I did not realize that she had actually immersed herself into this world. I do not have much experience with anything like this, so it caught me by surprise. I am very touched that she has shared this side with me, and I am so proud of her for finding that side of her and that she has found a way to be happy. That is truly all that matters. For some, a kinky lifestyle is not just something they enjoy – it’s who they truly are inside. It is all about what is comfortable for the individual. There are also varying degrees of kinkiness that people can handle. Which is where I come in!

I do not have much sexual experience at all. Both of the men that I have had sex with have been very missionary position, in the dark type of guys. Nothing wild and crazy. I always thought I wanted something a little bit more exciting, but my experiences gave me nothing to go off of. I am a practicing Catholic and do a lot with my Church and with all of that, oddly enough, kinky pre-marital sex is not usually part of our discussions. Who would have thought? But if there is one thing I have learned from Isabel, it is that I need to make my own decisions based on what feels right for me.

Recently, I met a guy. When it all comes down to it, he is kind of a jerk and who knows what will happen with it, but I am learning from him. He was an ex’s best friend, and right after that guy and I broke it off, Kinkster and I started … well, fooling around is probably the best way to put it. I am not the type to do that normally, but I’ve been doing lots of new things. Since being involved with Kinkster, I have been in two sex toy shops, fooled around in an office in the basement of my school, on the top of a parking garage, and on the road … while he was driving and I was completely naked in the passenger seat. For me, this is wild stuff. He has introduced me to a whole new world, and I’ve just barely stepped inside it.

This is where Isabel comes in again: she has made me a wonderful offer. I will be contributing some stories to her blog and she will introduce me even further into a world I know little about. I do not know where to start, and I have no idea what she has in store for me. That is part of the fun. A lot of it will be a surprise. This is all new for me, so all of you will get to read about my adventures (and misadventures, knowing my luck) with toys and the like. Based on some of the stuff Isabel has described to me, I know nothing. So, for those of you who are thinking about all of this stuff, but are a little intimidated by it – welcome to my world! We can go through this adventure together and hopefully find the right mix that works for us. And for those who are more experienced, enjoy the entertainment.



Rebirth and Renew!

With the resurgence of my internet presence, I have decided to renew and rebrand my blog. While I still will include personal ramblings and my day to day life (how could I not?), I plan to use this blog from now on to detail my struggles with integrating and incorporating kink into my daily vanilla life. I have some great plans for this blog and I really look forward to bringing my readers some amazing things soon.

What makes me an “undercover kinkster?” I’m living in a buttoned up, black and white world when all I want to do is be free and live in shades of grey. My friends are shocked and embarrassed when I mention anything remotely kinky. “Oh, I know you like it rough,” my one friend casually mentioned once. “I know you like to be dominated,” she mentioned another time. I blushed and changed the topic. Am I open to talking about it? Of course. Ask me anything and I will answer. I’m not thrilled with the condescending tones and judgmental looks. I’m not crazy, insane or otherwise mentally ill. I’m stable and intelligent. I’ve done my research and everything for me is based on the essential BDSM language: “safe, sane and consensual.” I would never look down on someone’s fetishes or kinks if all that are involved are of consenting age and go into it full aware of what they are doing. All I want is to be accepted for who I am and what I like.

In the several years I have been slowly integrating myself more and more into the world of kink, I have begun to refine what excites me. My list is too long to mention here, but I’m sure as time goes on you will get a feel of what goes on in my head.

Welcome and stay for awhile …. I’ll do my best to keep you interested and entertained.