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Review: Couture Collection bliss remote bullet vibe by Cal Exotics

Couture Collection bliss

I’ve mentioned before how I’ve long had a fantasy to have someone use a remote bullet vibrator with me. The thrill of not knowing when they’ll activate it. The allure of being discovered at any time. The sexiness of having my pussy filled and controlled by someone else. Yes, I like all of that.

But alas I have never found a remote bullet vibe that I have liked – until now. When I pulled the Couture Collection bliss Rechargeable Remote Bullet Vibe by Cal Exotics out of its packaging I anticipated that I’d be disappointed like my previous adventure into remote vibrators. But I promised I’d keep an open mind and hoped things would turn out better. I’m glad I did too.

Let’s start at the beginning. With the exception of a nylon retrieval strap and some kind of rubbery plastic buttons on the remote, everything on this toy is made from ABS plastic that’s been coated with a PU coating. This gives it a satiny soft finish whiles till having a hard exterior. The remote, egg and charging base is made from this plastic and coated to feel the same way. ABS plastic cannot be sterilized the same way silicone, steel, glass and other solid materials can be. That means if you intend to share this toy between partners in one session, I suggest you slip it inside a non-lubricated condom. That will ensure that no germs are transferred between or among partners.

Since I mentioned the charging station, I really found this to be quite a unique aspect of the remote bullet. While other remove bullets unscrew and use some type of battery, the bliss bullet is rechargeable. There is no external power and no points to specifically attach into the charging station. Plug the charging base into a standard wall socket by using the charging cord (mine came with a European wall plug and a US converter attachment) and then plugging that into a wall socket. Once the charging dock is powered, rest the egg in the charging cup (that’s what I’m calling it) and a tiny button at the base of the egg will light up indicating that the egg is charging. The light will be red while charging and green when fully charged.

I had a little bit of difficulty figuring how to turn the actual egg on with both the remote and little power button at the base of the egg. My best guess and the method that seemed to work best is that you should press the on/off button on the egg once and then the on/off button on the remote once as well. The remote has a little indicator light that will indicate when it’s on and when you’re flipping through the vibration modes. Turning the whole unit on was touchy for me and I often found myself frustrated and trying to match up both on/off settings.

Once on though, the egg bullet has seven vibration patterns. They are: (1) low vibration, (2) medium vibration, (3) fast vibration, (4) escalation, (5) pulsating, (6) fast pulsating and (7) escalating pulse. I’ve found in the past that a medium to fast vibration is my favorite, but I also enjoyed the pulsating vibration modes on this toy as well. Given that someone can be holding the remote and flipping the vibration on and off from up to 16 feet (or 5 meters for my metric-using friends) this would be a fun toy to use in a crowd. The remote itself operates on 433 MHz so make sure that nothing you’re around is operating on the same wavelength or you could be surprised. That’s what I suspect went wrong with my last remote bullet. I believe my television remotes were on the same frequency so when I flipped channels, the bullet also flipped out!

Optimally this egg is designed to be used internally in the vagina and remote obviously used externally by either someone else other than the egg user or the egg user them self. The egg can be used in or out of the water given that there are no battery compartments that are accessible by the user. There is a minute sliver of space around the power on/off button at the base of the egg and it is entirely possible though that a little bit of water could get in through that space, however small. So far I have not experienced any problems with it after having had this bullet for a few weeks now. That’s not to say it couldn’t happen though.

On the whole I liked the Couture Collection bliss remote bullet vibe by Cal Exotics much better than my last foray into remote bullets. Ultimately I would like someone to design a silicone outside egg that will be much easier to sterilize. This egg is definitely on the large size, probably similar to a grade large or extra large chicken egg. If your vagina has a small entrance and you find wider diameter toys uncomfortable, you will have to either warm up with a narrower toy to insert the egg or use it externally. After some difficultly, I managed to insert it, but it sure didn’t want to come back out. Be forewarned there.

The Couture Collection bliss (yes, lowercase) is very promising for couples use and anybody looking for some wireless remote control fun with a partner. Whether in a crowd, at a bar, or a movie theater, this could lead to a lot of fun and some seriously teased user. Watch out … you may find yourself ready to pounce when you ultimately can!

Review: Fun Factory Ellove

Fun Factory makes some of my favorite products around. I am absolutely in love with my Magnum dildo. Their products are simply in a league of their own when it comes to quality. Much like German-made BMWs are quality automobiles (the 650i is my favorite car), apparently German-made vibrators are similarly constructed.

The Fun Factory Ellove sold at Fascinations is a great vibrator for someone who love quality sex toys. Fascinations sells this vibrator in two colors – purple (like the picture) and a pale pink color. I received the purple color and I absolutely love it. It’s a deep, rich purple. Quite frankly, it reminds me of Barney the Dinosaur a bit. So I guess if you have a fetish for childrens’ entertainment characters you’ll be over the moon for this vibrator. That’s probably a little weird. Or a lot weird. To each his own though.

Okay, joking aside. Let’s start at the beginning. Fun Factory packaging is probably the best on the market. Seeing that Fun Factory toys are sold in just about every country that allows the sale of sex toys, the box has blurbs in several languages. The front of the box has a cut out so you can see the actual vibe in the clamshell inner packaging and the back of the box is a trifold held closed with tiny magnets.

The Ellove is a special vibe from Fun Factory known as a SmartVibe. The box indicates what makes this line special is that there is a “turbo booster” button that revs up the vibrations even higher than they go normally. The turbo booster button can be found on the bottom of the vibe by the up and down control buttons.

Turbo Booster button (bottom) and up and down controls (top)

What also sets the SmartVibes toys apart from other Fun Factory vibrators is the fact that they are ergonomically designed. The Ellove starts out with a slightly triangular head that has an angled flat surface. I suspect this is done for g-spot stimulation. I couldn’t really tell a difference when I used this, but it did seem to seek out my whole g-spot area rather than pinpoint it like other toys have done. The body of the vibrator then narrows slightly before widening out. It is at its widest point perhaps just slightly above the mid point of the whole vibrator.

I found the widest point to be a little girthy for easy thrusting. I’m more of a thruster when using a toy than I am girl who will insert a vibrator and let it sit there. While I like some size so that I can feel it, I don’t like overly girthy toys. The Ellove is probably easier to use for women who have a wider vaginal opening. Mine is fairly small and thus it’s harder to use thicker toys unless I’m really relaxed and warmed up first.

That being said, I really enjoyed the vibration patters the Ellove offers. To be honest I lost count of how many different vibration cycles and patters it has. There are several levels of straight vibration and then at least six that I could tell other vibration patterns. Most of them seemed to undulate. Working the controls to switch between patterns is fairly easy. Just press and hold the “+” sign on the base of the vibe and you will switch to the next pattern. To decrease the intensity of the vibrations use the “-” sign. The “-” also functions as the off button if you press and hold it for longer than you would if you wanted to switch between vibration patterns. I found the off button to be a little touchy and frequently had to hold it twice or three times to turn off the vibe. Throughout all of this you can  press the turbo booster button if you want a little extra power. You have to maintain pressure on it to keep the extra power.

The shaft of the vibrator is covered in silicone, making this an incredibly body safe toy to use. You can use this toy with water-based or higher end silicone lubricants such as Wet Synergy (my personal favorite.) The packaging for this toy also includes a sample sachet of Fun Factory’s Toy Fluid, a water based lubricant. This lube does include glycerin if you have sensitivities to that.

The Ellove takes four AAA batteries. The battery compartment can be accessed by slightly turning the end of the vibrator. They are inserted alternating end to end. I had a little trouble putting the cap back on and lining up the design right, but after a second or two got it on the right way. It’s difficult at first and intuitive the more you use it. The battery compartment has a little silicone gasket that prevents any water or other fluids from leaking into the batteries, making this toy waterproof. I wouldn’t keep it submerged for a long period of time, but it does stay usable if under water for a short period of time. To make it completely waterproof you have to line up the design on the cap perfectly with the body of the vibrator. Otherwise water can leak in.

Because there is no flared base on this vibrator, I do not suggest it for anal use. This is purely a vaginal and other exterior genital area toy. Do not insert this into your ass because it could possibly get lodged in there and require emergency medical attention to remove it.

To clean this toy, use warm water and an antibacterial soap. I suggest doing this before and after use because the silicone body of the vibrator tends to attract lint and other airborne particles. Prevent infection by always playing it safe. To prevent fuzzies from your towels from finding their way onto the silicone shaft, I recommend air drying. If any type of fluid does leak into the battery compartment, open it and let it air dry completely before using again.

The Fun Factory Ellove sold by Fascinations is overall a great introductory vibrator for someone new to sex toys. The quality of Fun Factory toys is unsurpassed. The shaft of this vibrator, designed to be ergonomic to the body, may be a bit girthy in sections for women with smaller vaginal openings. If you like thrusting your vibrator, this may not be the toy for you. The turbo boost button offers a quick extra little bit of power if you need a jolt of it to really get you to orgasm. This is a toy that you’ll have for quite some time if you love it.

Review: Rhythm “O” Triple Kiss by Cal Exotics

Anybody who knows me knows that I”m not a fan of rabbit style vibrators. Some women love them and swear by them, but to a large extent I can’t stand them. When I received the Rhythm “O” Triple Kiss vibrator by Cal Exotics I gave my usual sigh about rabbit vibes and hoped that this one would be different. I put my preconceived notions about rabbit vibes to the back of my mind and wanted to give this particular vibe my full attention without dragging my other opinions into this review.

The problem was that this rabbit style vibe is pretty much like every other rabbit style vibe I’ve ever experienced in person – sub par.

The body of the toy is made from a lilac of lavender colored plastic and has several buttons that control it. There’s an on/off button that controls the actual vibration power. A “7” button that cycles through the seven different vibration patterns the actual vibe produces. There is a “hot” button that randomly selects a function. There are also up and down arrow buttons that increase or decrease the beaded shaft rotation. The controls are fairly easy to use and unlike some toys you don’t have to cycle through all vibration patterns to turn it off. Always a plus in my book.

The vibration itself is quite a mixed bag. Only the actual bullet vibrates – not the shaft. I don’t think most rabbits with beads in the shaft actually do vibrate there but I’m mentioning it anyways. When vibrating the ears of the “rabbit” frantically move. They are quite long actually and don’t hit my clit in any way. I actually had to bend myself in a weird position and press the bullet onto my clit to get any type of stimulation. For me, it’s more of a tickling sensation than a pleasurable sensation. The actual vibration patterns are your fairly standard patterns. One soft, one more intense. Some alternating and some slowly crescendoing to a nice climax. The box that accompanies the vibe says there are 21 different patterns of shaft rotation and clitoral vibrations. I think this math comes from the 7 different vibe cycles and 3 general vibration intensities. Thus there are 21 different combinations of what you can achieve by changing which vibration and which rotation speed/pattern.

Used internally, the beads in the shaft rotate in a wave-like pattern. When I tested it out, honestly I didn’t feel much. Maybe I’ve lost sensation inside my vagina from all my toy testing. Maybe my PC muscles aren’t exactly all that weak. My vagina tends to clamp down on it and not really allow it to spin as freely as it does when outside the body. I didn’t really feel much from it inside of me other than a slight turning sensation.

One of my largest gripes about many rabbits with rotating beads in the shaft is the noise they make. Ugh. It’s more like a crunching noise than it is a nice noise. Crunching is definitely not a noise I want to be hearing when I’m “in the mood.” The shaft on this particular vibe doesn’t crunch as much as some other vibes I’ve heard, but the motor to turn the beads is really, really loud. This is definitely not a vibe to take to the mother-in-law’s house if you don’t want it to be heard. See? It’s quite loud.

Ahh, it drives me wild! I just can’t deal with that noise when I’m trying to masturbate. It’s a very mechanical noise. Obviously when it’s inside of you that noise is muffled by your vagina, but it’s such a weird noise to start with. I still heard it when the vibrator’s shaft was inside of me mostly because the motor is at the base of the toy (the external part) and the rotating beads still made enough noise to be audible.  

The Rhythm “O” Triple Kiss takes four AAA batteries. That’s quite a lot of batteries for a single vibrator, but they are easy to insert with a “EZ load battery pack” as the packaging indicates. Just screw off the end of the vibe and there’s a little white tray that you insert the batteries in and then slide back in, replacing the end cap. 

This toy is waterproof and can be used in wet environments but I wouldn’t submerge it for long periods of time. There is a gasket in the battery compartment that keeps water out of the batteries, but I’m not sure I’d trust it when submerging this toy. Heck, I rarely trust those gaskets if I want to submerge a toy. 
My biggest gripe about this rabbit? Ugh, the material. While the controls are made from ABS plastic, the actual shaft material (the clear stuff over the beads and bullet) is TPE. This material is not body safe and definitely not able to be fully sanitized. The packaging says it doesn’t smell, but mine definitely smelled. That fabulous sorta rubber, sorta plastic smell we all know well if we’ve bought more than a few sex toys. Oh yes, that smell. I’ve heard it goes away with time, but I have yet to experience the smell dissipating on this particular toy.
By no means should you use this toy anally … though I can’t imagine why you’d want to use a rabbit vibrator anally in the first place. Eeek, I don’t even want to know or visualize it.
A lot of women say they love rabbits. They swear by them for really amazing orgasms. Personally, they do nothing for me. Maybe it’s because I don’t have the right sized anatomy. Maybe it’s because I like a little more clitoral stimulation than most every rabbit vibe can provide. Maybe it’s the beads and their inevitable crunching noise. All I know is whenever someone tells me they’re considering purchasing a rabbit vibrator, I try to steer them in a different direction. There’s so many things I’ve found to be lacking in most every rabbit vibrator and I don’t want someone to spend money on something they may find to be lacking for them as well. 
Would I buy the Rhythm “O” Triple Kiss vibrator by Cal Exotics? Definitely not. Would I recommend it? Well, I think you know that answer as well. Good luck next time, Cal Exotics. 

Review: We-Vibe II

The We-Vibe II

Okay, I’ll be honest with you. This review was hard to write. Why? Not because the We-Vibe II  isn’t fantastic. Let’s get this right out there in the beginning – it’s absolutely amazing. I had trouble reviewing this vibrator because of it’s designed use as primarily a couples vibrator. Seeing as how I don’t have a partner to play with and test this toy, I can’t legitimately give it a true test of one of it’s main uses. But I’ll try my best to give it the most fair and thorough review I can without a partner. That’s a promise.

Let’s start off with product specifications. I know this looks huge in pictures, but when you get it you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how little it really is. It’s height is 2 1/4 inches and is roughly 1 1/8 inches wide. In the shape it’s shown in the picture above, it’s 3 1/4 inches. The We-Vibe website says unfolded it’s 11 inches, but you really shouldn’t have to unfold it so I wouldn’t concern yourself with that measurement. The total weight of the vibe is 2 ounces. It’s very light and you don’t feel it when it’s in place other than a pleasurable sensation.

The exterior of this vibe is made from 100% medical grade silicone. You’ve probably read before how I love toys that are silicone because they are very body safe. I won’t rehash everything I’ve said before, but needless to say I find this feature of the We-Vibe II to be great. The vibe is completely sealed and is therefor waterproof. Use it in the tub, shower, hot tub, pool, etc. You can’t get this thing wet inside unless you puncture the silicone cover.

But how do you charge it or power it if the cover doesn’t come off, you say? Well, this is another feature I love about this toy. The We-Vibe II is a rechargable sex toy. How very eco of it! At the tip of the top part of the vibe, right under the part of the vibe you press to turn it on and cycle through the nine vibration modes (I’ll get to that later) is a little dimply where you just press the charger into. It doesn’t penetrate the silicone and yet the vibe still charges. Fantastic! When you first get this toy, make sure to charge it for 16 hours minimum to get the longest battery life possible. This charging time will last you for two hours of continuous run time. Standby time lasts up to 60 days. 

 You can see the little inset dimple right at the
tip of the top half of the We-Vibe II. This is
where the power charger plugs in.

Back to those vibration patterns. Both sides of the rounded flattened pads vibrate on this toy. The top portion is intended to sit on your clit and stimulate that while the bottom portion is designed to be worn inside the vagina, thus giving added sensation to the inside of the vagina, g-spot and penis during sex. This is where the couples portion of the design comes in. Both partners receive stimulation from this toy, not just the woman. Now some guys may be freaked out at the prospect of having their dick vibrated during sex (my first sexual partner got so mad when I wanted to use toys that it actually was a huge turn off for me), but I can assure them the added sensation is simply amazing. I’ve had numerous testimonials from men that say any added sensation during vaginal sex makes for a more intense orgasm on their behalf. Since most women I’ve talked to need some kind of clitoral stimulation to orgasm from penetrative sex, this is an excellent option to provide that stimulation hands-free.

I could try to describe to you all the vibration patterns, but I’d probably fail. There are so many of them. Nine in fact. And trust me – they all feel different and they all feel good. Here is a graphic that the makers of this vibe provide on their website that visually describes the vibration patterns.


One feature I liked about the power button/vibration pattern button on this toy is that it’s well placed. When being worn, the power button will sit outside the vagina and can be easily accessed. It’s not as easily accessed in, say, missionary or modified missionary position given that it would be between you and your partner, but a simply stop and press of the button will quickly solve that problem. The little nub that indicates the power button doesn’t sit too high up so if you don’t have sensitive fingertips you may miss it by touch. You can see it when looking at it though. Another great feature to the power controls is that you don’t have to cycle through all patterns to turn this toy off if you want it off quickly. Just hold it down for a longer period of time than you would to switch patterns and it will turn off all together. It took about five seconds on average of me holding it to turn off.

The inside of the “paddles” I guess I will call them are textured with ridges. They are probably designed this way so that the toy grips your body and doesn’t slide out when being used during penetrative sex. I would think thrusting may jostle this around if it wasn’t textured in some way. The top paddle has softer ridges while the bottom paddle that sits inside your vagina has more pronounced ridges. When being worn, neither set of ridges are uncomfortable I think.

This is an instructional video that the makers of the We-Vibe II have uploaded to YouTube.

I’m a bit of a packaging snob and I was really pleased with the packaging on the We-Vibe. It’s super classy. Some sex toys come in boxes that are plastered with naked ladies that have huge, obviously medically-altered breasts. The box this toy comes in has no figures, no naked ladies, no busting tittays, nothing. It has the company logo with a cut out to see the actual toy on the front and information in six languages on the back. You won’t be ashamed to pick this box up in any adult store if you go to one. Matter of fact, the sales people will think you have excellent taste.

The We-Vibe comes with more goodies than most new cars come with. Hell, there’s about more paperwork than my car came with when I purchased it new. When you buy this vibrator you get the following items:

  • The We-Vibe II itself
  • Lilac satin drawstring pouch for storage and travel
  • Charger specific to your country
  • Instruction manual
  • “Your Invitation to Pleasure” pamphlet
  • Laminated card with vibration patterns visually presented like above
  • 90 Day Replacement Warranty

If you purchase the We-Vibe II from Good Vibrations you will also receive some really amazing exclusive goodies. To start off with, there’s a super cute little pin that has “I <3 My (picture of the We-Vibe II)" on a white background. Put it where you want. People who don't know what the We-Vibe II is or know a little about sex toys may not even know what the pin is about. This toy sure doesn't look like your standard sex toy (nor does it function like one.) Also included when you buy the We-Vibe from Good Vibrations is a package of sample products and fun extras. First let's talk about my favorite item - the Good Vibrations Illustrated Feel Good Magnets. They're magnets! With sex toys on them! One has a Hitachi, one some red anal beads and one a purple rabbit vibe. I mean come on, how cute is that?! They're illustrated sex toy magnets to put on your fridge or elsewhere if you don't want company seeing them. Also included is one latex condom in a round package. There's a GV Vanilla-Scented Wipe that can be used on both toys and genitals post-coitus, whether solo or with partners. There is some Please Cream Lubricant. It is a water-based, glycerine-free lubricant. A warning for those concerned - this lube does have parabens in it if you don't want to use them. Finally there is a little trial sachet of the JimmyJane Massage Lotion (multiple varieties). Nice extras, huh? So what is my final verdict of the We-Vibe II, available at Good Vibrations? Having not tested it with a partner, I can’t be sure of it’s use there. Other reviews I’ve read of this vibe from people who have used it with partners have been fairly glowing. As a solo vibe, I really like it. The vibration patterns are really numerous and as someone who likes fairly intense vibrations, I found this toy’s vibrations to be more than sufficient for me. It sat nicely on my clit and did a good job stimulating it. Because I have a vertical clit hood piercing, it did make a bit of noise with rattling on the stainless steel of my barbell, but given that most women don’t have this piercing I don’t foresee it as a problem.

This toy has excellent potential to be a great partnered sex toy and I can’t wait to use it with a sexual partner. As someone who needs clitoral stimulation to orgasm, I am excited at the possibility of not having to hold a vibe on my clit during sex to orgasm. If this vibrator will help me orgasm, it just may be my favorite vibe ever.

Review: Secret Buzz Remote Bullet Vibrator thru

Okay, everybody. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Well perhaps it’s not so secret if you know me. I’m kinky. I know right? Huge surprise!

My kinks are wide and varied and include some more vanilla things and even some deep dark secret fantasies I only share with my closest friends and loved ones. A kink I’ve carried with me for the longest time is to be controlled remotely by another person, a dominant person. Usually it involves some kind of toy inserted in me and them holding the remote, activating the toy whenever they please to see me squirm.

In my travels through Sex Toy Land, I’ve come across many remote control vibes claiming to be fantastic. They’ve espoused their own virtues about range, vibration strength and other fantastic features. There are two problems with most of them sadly: (1) they are out of my price range as a lowly student or (2) they fall short when it comes to features or have inherent design flaws.

I had such high hopes for the Secret Buzz Remote Bullet Vibrator sold through Good Vibrations. The idea that I could have a remote vibrator for someone to control me at a distance? Unffff, I love. But sadly, this vibe fell short and ended up falling into the second category of problems that usually befall remote controlled vibrators.

Let’s start off with the specs of this toy. The actual insertable portion of the vibe is the piece seen on the right side of the picture in this review. At the end of the black cap that seals the battery compartment is a black looped string/wire that makes the bullet itself be retrievable once inside your vagina. Though it’s near impossible to lose something in your vagina, you definitely don’t want to have to go to the ER to explain why you need help finding this. The actual shell of the egg is made of ABS plastic. It’s hard to the touch and has absolutely no give. This makes it … well, difficult to insert unless your vaginal opening is pretty stretched out. Let’s just say it took a lot of slow stretching and deep breaths to get this sucker inside me. Once inside my vagina I felt the thickness of it for sure. For an egg, this vibe is very thick. It’s 1 1/4″ in diameter, probably the side of most average dildos. I’m not complaining about the size once it’s inside you, but rather that initial insertion is difficult even with the slightly pointed head.

The ABS plastic is smooth to the touch and almost velvety. When the battery cap is screwed on tightly, there’s no large seams or scratchy parts that could otherwise irritate the inside of your vagina. There is a gasket that seals out any fluids and the string at the end of the egg doesn’t appear to have any place for bacterial to collect. I looked all over the packaging and inside the care manual and couldn’t find a mention of this vibrator being waterproof. This means that while you can run it under water to clean it, you shouldn’t submerge it for any period of time because water can get into the battery compartment and possibly give you a shock.

The remote that controls the egg is very easy to use. Once you install the 12V battery that comes included with the vibe into the backside of the remote, you can very easily figure out how to use it. There’s one little round power button in the lower right hand side of the front. The vibration pattern and intensity can be scrolled through with the heart shaped button, right being a + sign and left being a – sign. There are ten different vibration patterns to scroll through, ranging from the initial low steady vibration to a higher steady vibration. There are also alternating patterns with different vibration patterns. The remote itself has the same ABS plastic material for it’s shell. Smooth to the touch and easy to hold. The screen is easy to read and shows you the vibration pattern and what number it is. It also indicates when the battery in the remote is low.

Okay so we’ve talked about all the specs. Now I guess is when I have to tell you why I found this toy to be lacking. Let’s start with the fact that when I received this toy, the included AAA batteries were already corroded. Not an issue itself cause I have my own, but something that did kind of tick me off. Didn’t start me off on the right foot here.

Secondly, I think this toy has some serious problems with the remote linking. I could be across the room and not even holding the remote or have it on and the vibe would randomly turn on. Completely spontaneously without me even pressing buttons. Ummm … what? Okay fine, so I took the vibe and placed it away from the remote. It still turned on without me even touching it! Gah! I even woke up in the middle of the night one time wondering what the heck that noise was to find my vibe had turned itself on! That’s so not cool. It’s a remote toy and should only remotely turn on when I tell it to, not when it feels like. Plus it is a serious drain on battery life. I finally had to remove one of the batteries from the egg just to get some peace from the spontaneous vibrations.

Do I think this toy has potential? Yes! Maybe I just got a deficient one. Maybe mine’s broken. I don’t know. But it just seemed super weird to me that this toy would do this, especially at the price Good Vibes is selling it. I hope I just got a malfunctioning toy because there are so many things I would love if it worked properly. I had a friend suggest that something near me was on the same remote frequency and thus causing it to turn on and off. Well, I do live in an apartment building with closely positioned apartments so it’s entirely possible. But still, I’m not sure I’d like that if that was indeed the case. How can you be entirely sure what you’re clicking is what is being received? What if your next door neighbor wants to watch ESPN and you want to get your lady off? I don’t think the two should interact.

So what did I like about the Secret Buzz Remote Bullet Vibrator? I’m going to be extremely weird and say the packaging. It’s a black and white box with neon pink lettering. The large words are in French with everything subtitled in English. The packing is covered in black and white cartoon drawings, reminding me of the Housewives at Play series I love so much. They depict a woman pleasuring herself and presumably using this toy internally. The front cover opens up to the left and is magnetic. The inside has more of the same cartoons and is really pretty. This toy comes with an instruction book with every conceivable language inside.

The remote for this vibe takes a 12 volt battery and the vibe itself takes two AAA batteries. The battery life is heartbreakingly short compared to other vibes that take AAA batteries. The remote battery has an even shorter lifespan. ‘Tis very sad indeed. A mere two weeks after first installing the battery in the remote and it’s already flashing at me to replace it without having used it except maybe twice during that two week period.

The bottom line is that the Secret Buzz Remote Bullet Vibrator available at Good Vibrations is a fun toy in theory. I really want to find a remote toy that functions well and has all the features I like. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to be that toy for me. I had desperately hoped it would be and gave it many an opportunity, but I just don’t quite think it’s there yet. 

Review: Ophoria Bliss No. 12

I don’t like traditional stick vibrators. Usually I use a vibrating sex toy on my clit and that’s about it, and stick vibrators are bulky, cumbersome and rarely strong enough for me to enjoy.

With that in mind, I was expecting to not like the Ophoria Bliss No.12 sold at Fascinations. Even with that being said, I’ve had my eye on Ophoria products for some time. Mostly because reviews say their materials are high grade and the construction is done very well.

My package from Fascinations arrived and I opened it to find a box full of pink crinkled paper filler. I’ve received a lot of packages from a lot of different adult toy companies and whenever I get something with special touches like that, it makes me want to return for more. Little touches like adding special packaging instead of just throwing the toy in the box to ship shows a company really values their customers. It’s a way of showing they care. Fascinations definitely has my vote for that.

The box the vibrator itself comes in is lovely too. The back of the box has product details in six languages and also shows pictures of what the five vibration modes run as. In the past I’ve said I would not get toys that are pink or packaging that’s pink, but I succumbed and gave into the pink for this toy. The packaging is a soft baby pink and not vulgar at all. No pictures of naked ladies, just soft designs and extensive details. A plus for Ophoria this time.

The Bliss No 12 vibe is a silicone vibrator, meaning the shaft of the actual vibrator is covered in a silicone sleeve. This sleeve is not removable and is very soft. It’s a harder silicone instead of being squishy. The material does have some give and the tip of the shaft is bendable slightly. There are ridges all along the silicone sleeved shaft and start out small and close together at the tip and progressively get larger and farther apart as you travel up the shaft. These ripples and ridges provide a pleasant sensation when inside you and also provide a great sensation when being rubbed on the clit for clitoral stimulation.

Generally stick vibrators don’t provide strong enough vibrations for me. I make no secret of my love of intense vibrations, seeking out the strongest and best non-Hitachi level vibrations I can find. This vibe on the other hand has some pretty intense vibrations for a traditional vibe style like this. The vibrations are concentrated at the tip of the shaft and get drastically softer as you get towards the battery cap. There are five vibration patterns: Mode 1, Mode 2, Mode 3,  Pulsing and Climax. Mode 1 is a gentle constant buzz while still being more intense than some cheaper vibes on the market. Mode 2 is a slightly more intense constant buzz. Mode 3 is a very intense constant buzz and holy heck is amazingly strong for this style vibrator. I loved that level. Pulsing is quick burst then little buzz followed very shortly by another quick burst. Climax is a short strong burst followed by a few seconds of somewhat medium intensity vibrations. The vibrations cycle through in that pattern.

To cycle through the vibration patters, there is a power and control button at the base of the vibe. You have to press it rather hard to get it to turn on and I like that. Unless you’re pressing right on it, I don’t see this vibe accidentally turning on. Another thing I found good about the power/control button is that you don’t need to cycle through all the patterns to turn it off. Just hold the button down constant and it will turn off. This helps if you have to turn it off in a rush. I hate vibes that make you cycle though all patterns if there is more than one to turn it off in a rush. Well done, Ophoria. Little details like that are well thought out and helpful.

The shaft width of this vibrator is somewhat sizable. It’s pretty girthy even for a size lover like me. Because of this, it may not be pleasurable to a vibrator newbie. I would suggest it for someone who prefers larger diameter vibrators or someone who has a little more experience using toys.  

This vibe is not waterproof cause there is no seal between the battery compartment and any potential water it may come in contact with. The packaging indicates it’s splash proof instead. I hadn’t considered that phrase before, but I like it. A little water on the shaft isn’t going to hurt it, but don’t submerge it or use it for an extended period of time in water.

I know I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. Make sure you clean your toys thoroughly and store them properly as well. Don’t let silicone toys touch other silicone toys otherwise they will melt together. Use only water-based lubricants as well for the same reason. If you share toys, make sure to use a new condom when switching from partner to partner. Because this toy doesn’t have a flared base, I would not recommend it for anal use. It could potentially get lost, which would result in a very embarrassing trip to the emergency room.

Overall I really liked the Ophoria Bliss No.12 vibrator from Fascinations. I went in with the mindset I wouldn’t like it and was very pleasantly surprised. It’s a quality product with surprisingly strong vibrations. The material is body safe and silky smooth to the touch. As long as you treat your vibe properly and maintain it, I expect this toy would last you a very long time. You can buy the Ophoria Bliss No. 12 at Fascinations.

Review: Fun Factory Astrovibes Aries

Are you an Aries astrological sign looking for a cute, fun vibrator that is well crafted and made of 100% medical grade silicone? Then look no further than the Fun Factory Astrovibe Aries vibrator. While it does have some downsides, overall I found this toy to be enjoyable and am glad that I own it. Plus I get to make all the great “ram yourself” jokes now! That can’t be beat. Make sure to check out my review of this vibrator on Eden Fantasys‘s website. You can read the full review here. Use code “DZZ” at checkout to receive 15% off your entire order.