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Needles and piercings, oh my!

So on Friday I was browsing the my campus’ newspaper when I came upon a little ad for a local piercing studio that was having a Friday-only special for $10 off genital piercings. Immediately I got interested and thoughts started racing through my head.

When I was around 15 or so, I came upon this British magazine in Borders or some comparable bookstore. At the time I was obsessed with all things British so I purchased the random fashion magazine and immersed myself in the lingo and various articles.

And then I came upon one that changed my life, planted a seed in my head and created a life long obsession with all things pierced.

It was an article about clitoral hood piercings. One woman chronicled her choice to get one and the entire process of getting prepped, pierced and the subsequent aftercare. Though I have since lost both the article and the magazine, I can’t tell you how many times I must have read the article and longed to get one myself.

I did all the research over the last decade or so and investigated my choices. The vertical clitoral hood piercing looked the sexiest to me and attracted me the most. I made it a goal of mine to get one at some point in my life.

So needless to say when the ad popped up on my radar, I jumped on the opportunity. I decided earlier in March that I wanted to get my nipples pierced for my birthday at the end of March (which has since been postponed), and I decided I wanted to do my clit hood at some point this year too. All of this last week I was in the mood to do it. Nipples require a lot more healing time than clitoral hood, with the hood taking around four weeks total versus months for nipples.

I got off work early and decided to check out the place. Being a germaphobe I decided that if the place was grungy or I didn’t trust it, I wasn’t going to do it. I had enough cash so I had no problem with paying. But either way I was just going to check it out. Or at least that’s what I told myself.

I pulled up to the studio only a few blocks from my apartment and mustered some last minute courage. I’d either come out of there wimping out or pierced downstairs.

The studio inside was pretty nice for a campus tattoo/piercing parlor and fairly stylish almost. The dude who answered my questions was so tattooed and pierced I think he might have been more ink and steel than bone and skin. I told him what I wanted and he asked all the appropriate questions. The price was right and I felt confident he knew what he was doing. I filled out the paperwork showing I was of legal age and paid my money. He scurried around in the back getting things ready and I sat down, Twittering and texting with friends the entire time. Some were shocked I would do this, but all were supportive and many even excited for me. Of course, all of these friends are kinky. I think my vanilla friends would faint if I had told them.

Of course I was nervous but oddly not nervous about the piercing. I was more nervous about showing my pussy to a guy when I hadn’t shaved in about a week. It wasn’t a forest, but it wasn’t nice and bare like I prefer to show it off. I made small talk with the piercer while we waited for a chair to be available and made small talk with the tattoo guy who also worked there while my piercer had a smoke outside. Tattoo guy asked if he could watch me getting pierced cause he’d never actually seen a vertical hood done in person. Being the exhibitionist I am, I said yes. Hell, I’ve shown my bits off to more people in cyberspace so what the hell to one more in person.

When the time was right, I was shuffled back to a chair and my piercer got everything ready. He pulled out the privacy divider in case I didn’t want the other people in there catching sight of my pussy. I pulled up my skirt up and undies to the side. Tattoo dude stood and watched, occasionally taking pictures with my cell phone because I asked him to take pictures for posterity. Yes, I still have them. They’re pretty freaking cool.

My piercer lined everything up, prepped and I took a deep breath when I thought he was going for it. The pain was quick and stabbing but very brief. My wimpy self yelled out “Oh fuck me!” and before I knew it, I had a stainless steel curved barbell through my clitoral hood.

Looking down, I fingered the pretty little jewelry and instantly loved it! How could I not? It was the culmination of a decade’s worth of obsessing and promising myself. I had been fixated on it for so long that I loved the look and feel of it without hesitation.

My piercer explained the after care instructions thoroughly. I helped, chiming in when I knew things, after all I had been thinking about this for super long. He laughed and loved the fact I was so outwardly straight laced and yet I wanted to get all these things pierced (we also talked about me coming back for my nipples.) There I was with pearl studs in my ears and steel through my pussy. About as undercover as you can get!

I walked out of the piercing studio on a huge adrenaline high. Being an adrenaline junkie, it was such a high.

Two days later I still love it. It feels amazing and it looks even better. I can’t stop fingering the little balls (with clean hands of course.) I can only imagine how it will feel to be played with. And how amazing it will be when fully healed.

Sure, I’m in a bit of discomfort. Saturday I felt kind of like someone punched me in the pubic bone … hard … and today I’m sore mostly in the tissue between the balls, but nothing I can’t handle. Sex makes me more uncomfortable than this. What’s a few days of pain for a lifetime of having beautiful jewelry in my pussy?

And yes, I’ve already learned the perfect hip roll move in bed to have the lower ball rub right on my clit.

I can’t wait to sit in class and know that under my pants I have a genital piercing.

If you’re at all considering getting a female genital piercing, I urge you to do so. They’re beautiful and they definitely enhance how I feel about my own sexuality. It makes me feel so much more sexy. I don’t doubt it will do that for you too if you’re wanting a genital piercing.

But remember, do your research. There are many medical conditions that prevent people from getting pierced. Anatomy shape and size also plays a large part of it. Be sure that your piercing studio is using sanitized and clean materials. Each needle should be single use and insist that your needle is opened in front of you so you know you’re getting a fresh one. Follow the aftercare instructions and treat it nicely while it heals. If you follow some simple precautions, you’ll be pierced and jeweled in no time.

Happy piercings to everybody!

Rebirth and Renew!

With the resurgence of my internet presence, I have decided to renew and rebrand my blog. While I still will include personal ramblings and my day to day life (how could I not?), I plan to use this blog from now on to detail my struggles with integrating and incorporating kink into my daily vanilla life. I have some great plans for this blog and I really look forward to bringing my readers some amazing things soon.

What makes me an “undercover kinkster?” I’m living in a buttoned up, black and white world when all I want to do is be free and live in shades of grey. My friends are shocked and embarrassed when I mention anything remotely kinky. “Oh, I know you like it rough,” my one friend casually mentioned once. “I know you like to be dominated,” she mentioned another time. I blushed and changed the topic. Am I open to talking about it? Of course. Ask me anything and I will answer. I’m not thrilled with the condescending tones and judgmental looks. I’m not crazy, insane or otherwise mentally ill. I’m stable and intelligent. I’ve done my research and everything for me is based on the essential BDSM language: “safe, sane and consensual.” I would never look down on someone’s fetishes or kinks if all that are involved are of consenting age and go into it full aware of what they are doing. All I want is to be accepted for who I am and what I like.

In the several years I have been slowly integrating myself more and more into the world of kink, I have begun to refine what excites me. My list is too long to mention here, but I’m sure as time goes on you will get a feel of what goes on in my head.

Welcome and stay for awhile …. I’ll do my best to keep you interested and entertained.