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Review: Lia Dual Stimulator from Cal Exotics

I’m not a fan of rabbit style vibes. I’m going to say that right upfront. They don’t traditionally do anything for me. When Cal Exotics sent me the Lia Dual Stimulator to test out I was understandably less than thrilled. But like any good sex toy reviewer, I set my mind that I was not going to let any of my preconceived notions of rabbit style vibrators get in my way of doing this review.

The packaging on the Lia is pretty good as far as sex toys go. There aren’t any naked ladies with hugely fake boobs or guys with their packages hanging out. While it’s not as tasteful as some other toys I have in my collection that maintain a minimalistic approach to packaging, Cal Exotics got it right on this line. There are little blurbs about all the “amazing” features of this toy all over the box.

To start off with, the feature I find most attractive about this vibe is the fact the entire shaft is made of silicone. For too long Cal Exotics has used less than stellar materials in their toys and I’m glad they’ve finally heard the call for more body safe materials. The silicone they’ve used here is a silky material and soft to the touch. When you press it with your fingers, it compresses just enough to be both firm and yet have some give.

The backside of the shaft has some ridges that I find … well, troublesome. They didn’t help me when I was trying to thrust this toy initially. I know that a rabbit vibe is not designed to be thrusted and instead remain still while the dual vibes do the work. As someone who almost always needs thrusting to orgasm, this is one of my main points of contention with rabbit style vibes.

My other contention is that frequently the actual “rabbit” part of the vibe is not positioned right. Women do not have the same anatomy as each other and while the clitoral vibrator on rabbits are designed to work for a majority of women, it’s us outliers that get stuck with a less than fully functional toy. I found the clitoral vibe portion of this toy to be fairly good despite my initial reservations. The little clitoral stimulator has two “ears” at the end of it that oscillate when the toy is turned on and personally I think the sensation is more akin to tickling than it is to stimulating. The clitoral vibrator cannot be controlled separately from the main vibration patterns.

Speaking of those vibration patters, there are ten of them in total. Pretty much every variety of straight vibration all the way through pulsing and escalating patterns. I’ve never been one to really enjoy pulsating vibration patters but they do a good job with the variety and intensity. I was pleasantly surprised at that. The vibrations can be felt through a majority of the shaft, but are concentrated at the tip. The Lia takes two AA battery and with those AA battery the vibrations are moderately intense. 

The functions on this vibrator are very easy to control. There are two main buttons – one is a quick on/off button and the other is the button to control the vibration pattern. I love that there’s one button for on/off. Some vibrators make you scroll through all the different patterns before getting to turn it off. This one on/off button is a well placed touch and excellent addition.

The tip of the shaft has a “tickler” that is meant to add stimulation to your gspot and other areas inside your vagina. Okay, it felt good … sorta. I didn’t notice too much of a different pleasure wise and it kinda felt weird after awhile. Plus I fear bacterial could possibly accumulate in the recess if not cleaned properly.

Speaking of cleaning, this toy is technically waterproof. I question this though because the gasket between the battery compartment cover and the actual batteries is minuscule at best. I think you can rinse it off just fine, but I would have serious concerns about submerging this in water for any longer than absolutely necessary to clean it.

Make sure to use only water based lubricants with this toy because it’s made of silicone. Clean it thoroughly with antibacterial soap and warm to hot water before and after use. The silicone outer layer doesn’t collect a lot of lint or fibers, but it does collect some. Use a condom when sharing it with a partner in one session if you don’t want to have to stop and clean in between partners.

So overall, did I like the Lia Dual Stimulator by Cal Exotics: As far as rabbit style vibrators go, it’s pretty reasonable. Even with it’s pretty well thought out design features, it still doesn’t convince me that rabbit vibrators are for me.

Review: Ophoria Bliss No. 12

I don’t like traditional stick vibrators. Usually I use a vibrating sex toy on my clit and that’s about it, and stick vibrators are bulky, cumbersome and rarely strong enough for me to enjoy.

With that in mind, I was expecting to not like the Ophoria Bliss No.12 sold at Fascinations. Even with that being said, I’ve had my eye on Ophoria products for some time. Mostly because reviews say their materials are high grade and the construction is done very well.

My package from Fascinations arrived and I opened it to find a box full of pink crinkled paper filler. I’ve received a lot of packages from a lot of different adult toy companies and whenever I get something with special touches like that, it makes me want to return for more. Little touches like adding special packaging instead of just throwing the toy in the box to ship shows a company really values their customers. It’s a way of showing they care. Fascinations definitely has my vote for that.

The box the vibrator itself comes in is lovely too. The back of the box has product details in six languages and also shows pictures of what the five vibration modes run as. In the past I’ve said I would not get toys that are pink or packaging that’s pink, but I succumbed and gave into the pink for this toy. The packaging is a soft baby pink and not vulgar at all. No pictures of naked ladies, just soft designs and extensive details. A plus for Ophoria this time.

The Bliss No 12 vibe is a silicone vibrator, meaning the shaft of the actual vibrator is covered in a silicone sleeve. This sleeve is not removable and is very soft. It’s a harder silicone instead of being squishy. The material does have some give and the tip of the shaft is bendable slightly. There are ridges all along the silicone sleeved shaft and start out small and close together at the tip and progressively get larger and farther apart as you travel up the shaft. These ripples and ridges provide a pleasant sensation when inside you and also provide a great sensation when being rubbed on the clit for clitoral stimulation.

Generally stick vibrators don’t provide strong enough vibrations for me. I make no secret of my love of intense vibrations, seeking out the strongest and best non-Hitachi level vibrations I can find. This vibe on the other hand has some pretty intense vibrations for a traditional vibe style like this. The vibrations are concentrated at the tip of the shaft and get drastically softer as you get towards the battery cap. There are five vibration patterns: Mode 1, Mode 2, Mode 3,  Pulsing and Climax. Mode 1 is a gentle constant buzz while still being more intense than some cheaper vibes on the market. Mode 2 is a slightly more intense constant buzz. Mode 3 is a very intense constant buzz and holy heck is amazingly strong for this style vibrator. I loved that level. Pulsing is quick burst then little buzz followed very shortly by another quick burst. Climax is a short strong burst followed by a few seconds of somewhat medium intensity vibrations. The vibrations cycle through in that pattern.

To cycle through the vibration patters, there is a power and control button at the base of the vibe. You have to press it rather hard to get it to turn on and I like that. Unless you’re pressing right on it, I don’t see this vibe accidentally turning on. Another thing I found good about the power/control button is that you don’t need to cycle through all the patterns to turn it off. Just hold the button down constant and it will turn off. This helps if you have to turn it off in a rush. I hate vibes that make you cycle though all patterns if there is more than one to turn it off in a rush. Well done, Ophoria. Little details like that are well thought out and helpful.

The shaft width of this vibrator is somewhat sizable. It’s pretty girthy even for a size lover like me. Because of this, it may not be pleasurable to a vibrator newbie. I would suggest it for someone who prefers larger diameter vibrators or someone who has a little more experience using toys.  

This vibe is not waterproof cause there is no seal between the battery compartment and any potential water it may come in contact with. The packaging indicates it’s splash proof instead. I hadn’t considered that phrase before, but I like it. A little water on the shaft isn’t going to hurt it, but don’t submerge it or use it for an extended period of time in water.

I know I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. Make sure you clean your toys thoroughly and store them properly as well. Don’t let silicone toys touch other silicone toys otherwise they will melt together. Use only water-based lubricants as well for the same reason. If you share toys, make sure to use a new condom when switching from partner to partner. Because this toy doesn’t have a flared base, I would not recommend it for anal use. It could potentially get lost, which would result in a very embarrassing trip to the emergency room.

Overall I really liked the Ophoria Bliss No.12 vibrator from Fascinations. I went in with the mindset I wouldn’t like it and was very pleasantly surprised. It’s a quality product with surprisingly strong vibrations. The material is body safe and silky smooth to the touch. As long as you treat your vibe properly and maintain it, I expect this toy would last you a very long time. You can buy the Ophoria Bliss No. 12 at Fascinations.