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Review: Beginner Ball Gag by Tantus

For the longest time, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with ball gags. I have an extremely small mouth, one that is almost epically small in proportions. My dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons have commented how small it is in the past, saying that their instruments that would generally fit an adult don’t even come close to fitting in my mouth. On top of this less than useful trait, I also have a gag reflex that could …. well, choke a horse. I’m the girl who can’t brush her back teeth without almost vomiting all over the bathroom sink.

I have a couple of gags, found through extensive online searching for gags labeled in the reviews as “only fitting a small child.” Those are more traditional ball gags, with a round ball and neck strap. They work, but seem iffy about the standards of construction. This is why I was pleased to get an opportunity to try out the Beginner Ball Gag by Tantus and sold at Fascinations Fun. While my kink play may be advanced, my ball gag usage is still in the beginner range.

I’ve talked several times about the quality I love most about Tantus products – how they’re made from 100% body safe medical grade silicone. My other ball gags claim to be silicone, but any material claiming to be silicone and smelling simply isn’t silicone. High quality silicone, like the type Tantus uses in its products, shouldn’t have a smell. It shouldn’t retain smells and it shouldn’t stain, barring extraordinary circumstances. It’s also easy to clean. Simply pop off the leather head straps (I’ll talk more about those later) and put the gag itself into the dishwasher, in boiling water for five minutes or in a 10% bleach solution. For ordinary use, I wash my silicone toys with antibacterial soap and hot water before and after use to make sure nothing has clung to the surface in storage.

How the ball gag comes out of package

This particular ball gag comes with the straps and gag separated, probably because you should always clean your toys before using them the first time. The gag itself is bright red, that classic color used for gags and prized by fetishists. There are other colors gags get produced in, and this one itself comes in black and pink, but red is simply the most classic color for a ball gag. My bet is a majority of ball gags sold are red.

The part of the gag that goes in your mouth measures just about 2 1/2 inches tall. The base doesn’t go in your mouth, but instead is used to both anchor the straps onto the gag and provide extra comfort. An added bonus is that the base provides an additional barrier to sound and muffles any little noises that may leak out from around the gag. There’s no danger your submissive will make any noise when they’re wearing this gag. The diameter of the ball is just over 1 1/2 inches. For me that’s a pretty sizable ball, but my bet is that a majority of people with average sized mouths can fit this with no problems. I have to stretch my jaw and bite down really hard on the neck of the gag for it to stay in my mouth. Thanks to the aforementioned intense gag reflex, I’ve had problems keeping it in my mouth for more than a minute tops, but I’m working on that and hoping to suppress it more in the future.

Fully assembled ball gag

Inserting the straps into the gag for use is very simple. The head strap has a Velcro closure for the back of the head, and there are snaps that connect the front two straps to the gag through the two little slots on the sides of the gag’s base. The snaps themselves are made from metal and rather difficult to snap together, but I pressed one side against my desk and used that as leverage. That worked perfectly. Maybe I’m just a weakling when it comes to snaps. The snaps are a bronze colored metal. The straps are made from leather and have that great leather smell that I love. Hello, leather fetish! That being said, the straps must be removed for any cleaning or any time water may come in contact with them. I don’t suggest getting a lot of body fluids or lubricants on the straps either but simple drool shouldn’t affect it too much. Isn’t that what ball gags are for anyways? Drool and silence. Very hot in my mind.
Because the straps have a Velcro closure in the back, they are highly adjustable to any head shape and size. Depending where you want to put this on your head, it is easy to adjust and fit to every person who may use this gag.

I think my only issue with this gag is purely visual. The bottom of the gag is perfectly flat from whatever it was molded from. While this isn’t a huge issue, it’s more aesthetic than anything for me. When worn, you can see the bottom of the gag and where it was cut from the mold. The Tantus logo is molded into the upper side of the base so maybe the logo would look better on the bottom side, adding a little visual interest to the bottom. I like that the flat part provides a canvas onto which you could carve something, write something or otherwise decorate it yourself, but if you don’t do that … well, it looks kind of unfinished and plain.

Overall, the Beginner Ball Gag by Tantus sold at Fascinations Fun is a highly functional ball gag for those who are both just getting into using ball gags and those more experienced with them. It is easy to wear, easy to use, easy to clean and easy to care for. Tantus’s body safe materials make for a great product and while the base leaves something to be desired visually, it is a perfect option for someone looking to experiment with ball gags in a non-threatening manner.

Review: Tantus Mark O2 Dildo

There are dildos and then there are Tantus dildos. Tantus makes product in a class of their own and I never hesitate to recommend products they make. From dildos to anal plugs to dildos that double as vibrators to cock rings, they make it all and make it well.

The Tantus Mark dildo sold through Babeland is a relatively new addition to the Tantus line up and boy, am I glad they created it. While realistic dildos and even semi-realistic dildos aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, they have recently become an interest of mine. I have purple dildos, blue dildos, black and white dildos, and seemingly every color under the sun except skin colored dildos. Okay, okay. I admit, I wasn’t really ever a realistic dildo fan. If I wanted something penis-like, I’d just find a penis. See how warped my mind was?

Mark is made from Tantus’s special 100% medical-grade silicone called O2. This is my first foray into the O2 material and so far I am loving it. What’s so special about it is that the inner core of the dildo is firm, but still flexible. The outer skin is squishy and relatively lifelike. It bends however you need it to bend, and Mark has a slight curve to it anyways. Mark’s cousin Adam has a much more severe bend to it, likely intended to precisely stimulate g-spot areas. Mark does a pretty dang good job at hitting g-spots as it is so I’m not sure the severe bend of Adam is always necessary.

Mark’s head is squishy and I can say I’ve spent long periods of time just sitting pressing my fingers into the head of this dildo. It feels like the firmer inner core doesn’t extend all the way to the tip of Mark, much like in a real penis. The shaft of the dildo has a slight penis-like texture, with veins and ripples. You don’t necessarily feel it inside of you I think, but I appreciate the texture. It makes it feel more like that mythical penis thing (of which I haven’t partaken of in awhile) and less like a piece of silicone. The shaft has an almost matte finish while the head has a shiny finish and is sculpted to look like a real (though not defined) penis head, even down to the urethra slit at the tip. Watch out for that little slit cause lube and other materials can collect in it if you’re not very diligent about cleaning.

The base of this dildo is something I’m quite fond of. Tantus has recently redone how they pour their dildos I think and it’s lead to a much firmer base than shaft. The absolute bottom of this dildo is almost rock solid. This makes it easy to stand vertical on a flat surface, but since it’s not concave in any way there’s little to no suction.

Mark works perfectly in most any strap-on harness if you’re looking to this dildo has a strap-on compatible dildo. I would suggest a metal cock ring be used with it instead of rubber just to be on the safe side with materials. 100% medical grade silicone will not melt or deform, but I’m always wary of mixing my materials after having invested as much money in these items as I have. As opposed to my VixSkin Johnny from Vixen Creations that has realistic balls, the Tantus Mark has no balls and thus is compatible with most any strap-on harness out there. You don’t need to worry about containing the balls or having to hook the harness around them.

Like most any other realistic or semi-realistic feeling silicone dildo on the market, Mark is a lint magnet. Oh man is he. Just sitting in my drawer for a week it has collected little lint and dust particles all over it. You can solve this by storing this dildo in the plastic clamshell packaging it comes in or in a plastic bag. That being said, I highly recommend washing it before use, as I would any other toy, to ensure that you’re using a clean, lint-free toy for your sexy times.

I know I’ve mentioned how much I like 100% medical grade silicone toys before for their easy sterilization and cleaning, but it bears repeating again. Wash with antibacterial soap and warm to hot water and pat dry with a soft towel or air dry for optimal lint-free times. It can also be sterilized completely by boiling for 3-5 minutes. Tantus uses only body safe 100% medical grade silicone that is non-porous, phthalate free and hypo-allergenic. You can’t go wrong with a Tantus silicone toy in terms of body-safe properties.

The Tantus Mark dildo available at Babeland is an excellent addition to my dildo collection and is perfect for those times when I want something a little thicker than the Vixen Creations Mistress but thinner than VixSkin Johnny. I highly recommend this dildo in all colors for someone who wants a semi-realistic, easy to care for, average thickness, strap-on compatible dildo.

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Review: Tantus Silk Large

Tantus Silk Large in Purple Haze

Oh Tantus. If there are two companies in the sex toy manufacturing world that are near and dear to my heart, they are Tantus and Njoy. It is hard not to enjoy their products. They are well thought out, well designed and well manufactured.

I have long admired the Tantus Silk Large in Purple Haze sold by Fascinations Fun has long been a dildo I have admired and lusted after. It seems so basic in it’s construction and design, yet so many have recommended the Silk line of Tantus dildos as first time dildos. There’s a reason for this. Actually there are several reasons.

First off – It’s 100% body safe medical grade silicone. Tantus has the best quality silicone I’ve found on the market. Boil it, bleach it, sterilize it. Other than lighting it directly on fire or using silicone lube on it, there’s not much you can do to destroy these things. As to the fire thing, I’ve heard rumors you can hold an open flame to quality silicone and it will not melt. I’ve just been too chicken to do this with my own toys. Silicone can be shared among partners, though I do suggest using a condom for easy and quick swapping. Also condoms make anal to vaginal play more possible without the risk of a dreaded infection.

Why else do I love this dildo? The shape and size. This is the largest of the Silk line dildos, with the smallest being little more than a thick thumb’s diameter. I have previously recommended the Silk Small to friends who are interested in pegging but don’t want to put something too thick up their butt their first time out. The Large dildo is a hair over 6 1/4 inches insertable with a diameter of 1 1/4 at the shaft’s base and oh-so-slightly tapering out at the tip. You can feel the slight taper as you stroke the length of this shaft as you would a penis. The shaft curves in a way that will hit your g-spot and stimulate the area nicely. The blunt end is good because it will not poke at your g-spot like other toys I’ve tried will, instead making contact and stimulating the whole area. My g-spot needs more pinpoint stimulation, but I enjoyed the blunt bulbous end of the Silk very much so. The head of the dildo is not lifelike or designed to mimic a penis in any way so those who prefer their toys to be gender nonspecific will enjoy that. No scary, veiny, overly realistic cocks here.

Third, this makes a fantastic option when used in conjunction with a strap-on harness. The flared base and diameter make the Silk easily fit into most standard cock rings that come with harnesses. I found it worked in both my Latigo Leather harness and my Spareparts Joque harness. As a woman, having the ability to slide a dildo into a harness and strap it on is very empowering. I could literally sit all day and play with my new found cock, just stroking it and waving it around. Cock envy is fantastic. That being said, the flared base is rather small compared to other dildos I use as strap-on compatible dildos.  Unless the ring you’ve put your dildo in with your harness sits very snuggly around the base, there is a possibility that the Silk Large could wobble around or slide loose (assuming you let it.) The base of the Silk Large is a very flat 2 1/4 inches across. The flat surface helps it stand up with using the toy vertically on another flat surface and gives a mild suction, but not compared to other dildos that are specifically designed with a suction cup base.

While I do love the silicone material Tantus uses to make their products, I’ve found them to be extreme lint magnets. They attract most anything, whether dust, hair, or lint from whatever I’m storing it in. Storing silicone toys together is also difficult as I’ve found they do the melty thing when pressed together for long periods of time.

New Packaging Fail

Recently Tantus did a redesign of their packaging for most, if not all of their toys. When I first started purchasing Tantus toys, they arrived in plastic bags with a cardboard label folded in half and stapled over the bag’s edge. There was minimal packaging and very little you could injure yourself on with the exception of the small staples perhaps. Tantus has since transitioned to plastic clamshell packging that inserts into more plastic boxes with interlocking flaps at the top. Their new packaging is shown here at left with Deuce 2 also by Tantus.  Maybe I’m just inept at opening packing (my hands and fingertips hold the scars of many scissor / plastic fights) but I’ve found that the new packaging is hard to get open and on a several occasions  I’ve sliced into skin doing so. Additionally it’s a lot of extra packaging I now need to dispose of somehow. The clamshell insert is nice because you can store your dildo that way but the box,  besides being a information conveying device, does little but take up space and add to landfills. If I was a Tantus marketing employee I would see if there’s a different way to package items that will take less materials and lead to less injuries.

Packaging aside, the Tantus Silk Large in Purple Haze sold at Fascinations Fun makes for an excellent dildo for beginners looking for something easy to use but still effective. It’s not realistic like other dildos on the market and can be used in a harness for strap-on play. Be careful to make sure the harness ring fits snug against the base. The silicone is easily cleaned and the purple shimmer iridescence to it is very pretty to the eye. The color reminds me of a nail polish color I had as a small child.

Review: Tantus Dipper

Tantus makes many of my favorite and most lusted-for products. Based in California, they use only the highest medical grade silicone for their toys. This is one of my favorite features on any toy, and Tantus toys are no different.

Tantus also makes some of my favorite anal toys around. The Tantus Dipper sold at is a toy I’ve been looking at for quite some time. My love of anal toys is no secret around here and the thought of a Tantus-designed toy that was specifically for my butt made me drool.

One thing I find amusing about the design of the Dipper is how similar it looks to those honey pot dippers. That’s probably where it got it’s name though. All the designers and marketing people were sitting around the conference room table and somebody said, “Hey it looks like a honey dipper. Let’s call it that.” Or maybe not. I don’t know. I just like to think I’m funny.

When you get the Dipper in your hands the first thing you’re acutely aware of is the ridges in the insertable, pointed part of the toy. These are some serious ridges and definitely not for the anal newbie. In fact, I’d bet that most anal virgins and newbies are terrified of this thing just looking at it. Rightfully so too. The total length of the toy is just under 5 1/2 inches and the ridged insertable portion is roughly 2 3/4 inches.

I used some good quality silicone/water-based hybrid lubricant on the ridged, insertable portion. My preferred and favorite hybrid lubricant is Wet Synergy. I made sure that the ridged part was well coated and slowly attempted insertion. The pointy tip of the toy makes it easy to pinpoint where you want to put it, but right after you get past the pointy tip you really get tested. I suggest that your butt is really, really warmed up before using this toy. Either that or be an advanced anal player. This thing does not go in with one attempt thanks to the ridges. With some slow breathing, good lube and clitoral stimulation (aids in relaxation for me) I was able to finally pop the full insertable portion into my butt. At it’s widest point, the Dipper’s ridged part is 1 1/2 inches.

The round end can also be used for insertion, but I found it works better as a handle than anything. Due to having no real easy way to insert a purely round end, the pointy tip of the ridged section makes for easier insertion. Easy being relative here.

Once inserted I found there wasn’t much I could do with this. The taper in the middle of the insertable, ridged end is not as slow as the taper closer to the end so I couldn’t thrust this toy at all like I usually like to. The smooth neck will allow your anal sphincter to relax around it. I was able to thrust this a little thanks to that smooth portion, but I felt like I was more ramming my asshole from the inside than anything.

Like I mentioned before, the ridges are really something else. This takes a really brave soul to attempt using this toy. You feel each and every one of those ridges as you work this inside your ass. No doubt about that. I mean, I liked that I could feel it, but if the ridges were slightly less pronounced I feel this would have a wider appeal and probably get more use from me in the future. Plus I would love if the smooth neck was a bit longer as well. I like to thrust my anal toys, as if I’m being fucked in the ass. Static use anal toys are better suited for butt plugs in my opinion. Something more as a warm up or decoration.

Did I like the Tantus Dipper sold at Yes, I did. The great medical grade silicone is firm and yet easy to clean. You can boil it or put it in a 10% bleach solution if you’re worried about bacteria. The pointed end makes it easy to find where you want to put it, but the ridges are challenging at best and painful at worst. Take some time and ease into this toy and you may find that you love it. I know I’ll be using it again even with the ridges. What can I say, I like a little bit of pain mixed with my pleasure.