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So you say you’re an Undercover Kinkster? Prove it!

Story Submissions from the “Tell me your best Undercover Kinkster Moment” Contest
Entry #1 from Miss Kay
You see, Jor and I started dating long back when we were living with our respective parents during high school. Now, when you live with your own parents – and he with his – it can be difficult to ever find a place to have sex. Instead of attempting to deal with my parents (or his), we would tell them we were going to each others houses and sneak off into the woods a couple miles away. There, we would have our own sexy fun. Now, of course, this could be a pain (in the winter, it was freakin’ frigid, and in the summer, the mosquitos were ridiculous – We owned a Jeep), but the time that takes the cake was the time we parked in front of the nearby lake to look at the beauty of the lake. Of course, beauty = romance = sex, so we ended up going at it. Suddenly, something felt really wrong. I looked up and started screaming. You see, our rocking of the Jeep had caused it to roll forward and was slowly heading down a slope towards the lake. (Silly us – not putting on the parking brake) Of couse, he jolted, and got the car braked, but it was downright scary. And hilarious. And the end of the sexy time. 🙂
Entry #2 from Vincent
This year I had to go get my car smogged for the state of California. I found a smog center right around the corner that was empty and pulled in. The tech was a tall heavy set tattooed man wearing shorts, a tshirt and a beanie. His six gauge spacers in both ears. We start talking as he does my smog test; discussing the usually guy stuff. Cars. Women. The Job market. So then he finishes the smog test and hands me back my Keys. Looking me in the eye he says. “So I noticed the set of cuffs on your key chain?”
“Yes” I replied, panicking about how to explain them away. Most people don’t handle my keys and few have ever noticed the small set of minicuffs that dangle from them.
“So are you a cop?” He then asks.

 “Noooo.” I reply hesitantly.
“Well I have been working on cars for a while dude. 90% of people with cuffs on their key chains are cops.”
I’m thinking but I’m not a cop. Then he continues…..
“The other ten percent it means something completely different and they get an extra 15% discount”
*WHEW* I breathed a sigh of relief and then smiled thinking about how awesome the kink community can be sometimes.
Entry #3 from Imp
My “Undercover Kinkster” moment happened just about a month ago, when I went to South Lake Tahoe, NV, with the Boyfriend and his family for a week. The Boyfriend’s parents are highly conservative and still believe (and mandate) that he will remain a virgin until marriage. Unfortunately for them (and fortunately for me), that is not the case–but they don’t know that, and for now it has to stay that way. Anyway, we were all staying in the same suite and the Boyfriend was pretty paranoid about being found out, so I essentially spent the whole week suffering from forced celibacy, apart from some self-love using the Boyfriend’s vibrating razor. Hardly satisfactory.

On one cold, blustery day of the week we decided to actually visit the lake itself to walk around and take pictures. Finally the Boyfriend and I were on our own. However, I didn’t expect much of anything to happen because he had never before expressed an interest in public sex, to my regret. To my surprise, he whispered in my ear, “Do you want to have sex?” I nodded enthusiastically and followed him behind some large boulders. We struggled for a few minutes to find a comfortable position, trying not to laugh too loudly so we wouldn’t be found. Finally he sat on a rock and I leaned over another rock to suck his cock. It was freezing cold and the wind was lashing my face, so my nose was stuffy and I had to keep coming up for air, exposing his wet member to the wind. The Boyfriend stopped me, turned me around, and pulled down my jeans and the long underwear I had underneath (I know, sexy, right?) down to my Sorrel snow boots, and pulled me back onto his cock. It felt amazing and I was exhilarated to be doing it outside, one of my favorite fantasies. The contrast between warm sex and frigid atmosphere was tantalizing, and after nearly a week of no sex and no masturbation, the Boyfriend didn’t last long. He pulled out and came onto a rock. I stared at it as I pulled my pants up, smiling and thinking of it freezing over. We grinned at each other, made sure everything looked normal, and walked back to the main path to reunite with his family.

Entry #4 from Asha Marie
Back in high school out of all my friends that I socialized with I was the only one who every had sex at the time. When people look at me they see a “goody good” someone that never got in trouble or did anything wrong. Little did they know.

I remember a my two girlfriends were over, a guy friend that we had know for ever and my boyfriend. My three friends were on my bed watching some movie on the DVD. While me and boyfriend were having sex on the other mattress that was on the floor. I remember my girlfriend in the middle of the movie asking if we were having sex. I was like no. However she know better.
 Entry #4 from Willful
Ok, I’ve done some kinky things, but my favorite was when Daddy and I were down in Florida visiting His dad and His dad’s gf, Rena. Rena was driving the minivan, and His dad was riding shotgun. We were in the middle seat, and my little guy was fast asleep in the back. I, as usual, was feeling very frisky and kept stroking Daddy’s cock through His pants, getting it rock hard. He gripped the hair at the back of my neck, pulled my face next to His, and whispered in my ear “suck it”. I looked at His with fear for a moment. His parents were *right there*, less than a foot away from us, and were engaged in light late night conversation. Yet, I know better than to disobey Daddy. I cautiously and discreetly unzipped His fly and freed His cock. Precum was already glistening in the darkness of the car. I snuggled down, to make it look like I was just going to curl up His lap to sleep, and gently wraped my mouth around His cock and started to suckle at it. His hands still wrapped in my hair, Daddy guided my mouth up and down His cock. God it was such a rush, and I was so turned on. We continued, Daddy holding the conversation as needed. Sometimes His cock would push really hard down into my throat, and I remembered trying my best to gag silently on it… not to gasp… not to make those loud slurpy sucky noises… wow.

Yeah, that was probably the riskiest time I ever had… and we weren’t caught!

 Entry #5 from True
So, the hubby and I were supposed to move everything Saturday. The sooner the better since cigarette smoke was coming into our old apartment. That meant I had to pack up all of my naughty stuff and fast. Some of it I put in a locking case, others I wrapped in my lingerie drawer, others that needed to be recycled went in a box, all the lube and such got stuck in a cubby, and everything had to be taped up and labeled discreetly because my parents were helping us move. Hubby and I took most of the questionable stuff over in the dead of night (IE the wrapped up Liberator Wedge/Ramp, Luv-U-Lounge, etc). I taped up everything else really well, making sure nothing was visible and putting duct tape crosses on the boxes that contained naughtiness. Well, I had stuff sort of stuffed next to the bed. I got that cleaned up, or so I thought. Later that day while we were cleaning the old apartment, hubby came in with a wad of paper. It was instructions for inserting batteries into a vibrator! It had been in the bedroom when my parents were helping us clean! I really hope they didn’t see that! O.O; So embarrassing….
Winners will be posted soon! It was a great contest and thanks to everybody for the awesome submissions.