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Review: Epiphany Baton by Crystal Delights

There are simply no toys in the world like the Crystal Delights toys. Hands down. Not even going to entertain an argument here. The quality is beyond amazing and the look of them is out of this world. You already have heard about my extreme love of the Crystal Delights Crystal Clear Anal Plug. Since receiving that plug I’ve worn it numerous times, both in private and in public. I’ve showed it to many people. Nobody can believe how beautiful it is when they see it in person.

Epiphany Baton by Crystal Delights

Imagine my shock when Shellie offered to send me yet another of the beautiful glass toys Crystal Delights is becoming known for. Not just any toy though – an unreleased one! Ahh! I just about went crazy with lust when I saw the picture too. What was this little kinkster getting? The beyond gorgeous Pink Epiphany Baton.

Like its already-in-use cousin the Crystal Delights Anal Plug, the Epiphany Baton is from Pyrex glass and truly one of a kind. Each piece is handmade and done so to exacting specifications. The quality of these toys is beyond reproach.

My absolute favorite part about this and all Crystal Delights toys is the crystals themselves. They are Swarovski crystals and easily rival huge diamonds. The gem in this particular piece is a huge pink gem. It is a shade I can’t really describe – you just have to see it in person. The intensity of the pink is beautiful.

Gem in the base of the baton

This baton measures in at approximately 11 inches in total length. That sounds like it’s super long, but of that length only about 6 3/4 inches is insertable. The other portion is the handle itself, not meant for insertion into the body. In those proportions it’s much easier to understand. At first glance this toy looks huge, but when you really get it in your hands and use it, it feels much better.

The total length is approximately 11 inches

The insertable shaft of the baton is a slightly pink color, not exactly matching the intense pink of the gem in the handle base. The shaft is also bent and intended so for g-spot stimulation. The insertable shaft also has a raised swirl of ridges from the head of the toy to the end of the insertable portion. These also aid in stimulation. I found the ridges themselves to be a bit on the large side for me. When I’m trusting a toy in my vagina I prefer to have a smoother thrust than something with texture. This is a personal preference only because I find it’s easier to thrust and doesn’t cause me discomfort. This toy was a bit on the uncomfortable side because of this, but someone who likes ridges will be pleasantly surprised I think. The insertable shaft is approximately 1 1/4 inches in diameter, making for a thicker and girthier toy than some may be used to.

This is no toy for the weak! It takes guts to use this baton.This thing is pretty weighty and I can see someone with less arm strength than me possibly getting tired while using it. Glass is no lightweight material and having something this large will inevitably lead to it being weighty. I guess the upside to this is that if you really needed to in an emergency, you could use this as a weapon and defend yourself from an attacker. I’m not exactly sure what situation you’d be in where you’d have this ready and available to defend yourself, but I’m sure it might come up in the far reaches in a crazy twist of the universe.

The bulbous head at the end of the shaft is quite large, almost 1 1/2 inches in diameter. This will stimulate your whole g-spot area. The tip is slightly pointy and judging from this people who prefer their toys to have a more blunt end may find this tip to be too pointy. I didn’t have a problem with the point.

Top: Epiphony Baton. Bottom: Ribbed Twister

Within the a few days of receiving this Epiphany Wand, I also received the Ribbed Twister by SSA Glass from Eden Fantasys. Comparing the two, the differences are very apparent. The Epiphany Baton is thicker, longer and the head is bigger. The handle is also thicker in diameter. While the Epiphany Baton has a more drastic angle for g-spot penetration, the Ribbed Twister is only slightly curved in comparison. Having used both of them, I feel that they both have their place in my toy box. The Epiphany Baton is more for vaginal penetration or possibly anal penetration if you like thicker anal dildos and can handle the angle. I’ve used the Ribbed Twister for both vaginal and anal penetration and have found it to work for both much better because of it’s smaller diameter. The narrower head on the Ribbed Twister also makes for easier anal insertion at first than the Epiphany Baton.

Included with every Crystal Delights toy is a sample sachet of some variety of lube (my plug came with Boy Butter while this came with Lucky water-based lubricant), two ultra thin latex Life Styles condoms and a card with two glass charms. They all come hand wrapped in pink glittery tissue paper and stored in some kind of padded bag. Shellie has told me that she is having bags for the Epiphany Baton specially made and that the bag I received will not be the bag is ultimately sold with. I look forward to seeing what that bag is.

Glass is one of my favorite sex toy materials because of the ease with which you can use it. There’s no chance that any type of lube will interact with it so go ahead and go crazy with silicone, water or oil-based lubricants. They warm up and cool down remarkably well and clean up just as easily. To warm your glass toys, the safest way is to run it under warm water for a few moments. Making the water too hot will increase your chance of burning your sensitive bits – not a good thing. I’ve cooled glass toys in the past by three methods: (1) running it under cold water, (2) placing it in the fridge for a short while and (3) placing it in the freezer for an even shorter amount of time. Test the temperature on a non-genital portion of your body first so as to avoid both burns and the glass freezing to your skin ala A Christmas Story.

Remember to store your glass toys in a safe place and don’t play catch on a concrete floor with them. If you drop them, they will either crack or shatter. This stuff is not indestructible though it is indescribable. The love and care that Crystal Delights puts in all their glass toys is very apparent when you get one. They are quality pieces of art and pieces I’m very proud to have in my toy collection. I promote them wherever I go and encourage you to check out all the Crystal Delights toys available for sale at Virtually Adult.

You will not be disappointed if you purchase the Epiphany Baton once it is released. It’s beautiful, functional, and above all else – sparkly. 

Review: Aluminum Mini by Cal Exotics

For longer than I can honestly recall, I’ve been interested in the beauty of anal plugs. I just couldn’t ever get enough of looking at them. But one problem – I was ardently anti anything anal. Being involved with my first dominant man  made me open up to the idea of anal and finally after him saying that all his girls are anal sluts, I finally purchased my first plug with his prompting. By the next weekend I’d already upgraded to a larger one. Since then I’ve been in love with all things anal and definitely have a very soft spot for all things anal plug.

On top of my rather long anal toy wishlist always has been a jeweled plug. I simply cannot explain how gorgeous I think they look. The little jewel nestled between two butt cheeks, sparkling and tempting the looker into coming closer and touching. And if the sparkle was attached to a metal plug? Even better! I love weight to my plugs and often times the weightier, the better.

One downside to my love of these jeweled plugs is the outrageous price often attached to these lovely creatures. Some metal jeweled plugs can run upwards of $100 and on my budget, that kind of price tag is simply out of the question. That’s more than I spend on my cable and internet bill in a month! So when I stumbled upon‘s Crazy Thursday sale for the Cal Exotics Aluminum Mini at an astounding price of $25.99 (30% off regular price) I couldn’t resist. This was a deal simply too good to pass up.

One thing I love about Eden Fantasys is the great customer service you receive as a customer there. They really look out for your wallet, offering great sales, discounts, every day $5.95 USPS Priority Shipping, and fast shipping. I placed my order on Thursday and received it on Monday. How can that be beat?

But anyway, back to the plug. The packaging that the plug comes nestled in is quite different than most. The tip display cover comes off and the seamless aluminum plug is nestled in a bed of black satin-like material with padding underneath. Makes it seem like what you’re getting is rare and precious. Okay, well sort of.

I picked up the plug and I was impressed with the weight for the size of it. At 3 inches long and 1.25 inches at it’s widest point, this plug weighs 3.20 ounces. For something rather little that’s a good weight. Makes me think this plug is solid aluminum. And as someone who likes my ass toys weighty, I won’t deny the thought of walking around with this made me very wet.

Turning the plug around in my hand, the blue stone on the end is clearly not actually a gemstone. At best it’s plastic. Later I found out it’s one of those plastic gems you can buy at any craft store to glue on. How did I find this out? A few days after receiving it, I picked it up again and wiggled it around in my hands and the gem popped right out the end! Granted, this is nothing a little super glue couldn’t fix, but I’m not exactly thrilled with the fact the gem fell right out. If I had been wearing this plug and the gem had done this, I may have not found it. I’m just happy I caught it so I can glue it back on. To say I was a bit displeased with this was a bit of an understatement.

The plug is made of aluminum which is smooth, non-porous, phthalates free and also latex free. Because of this it is good for people with specific material allergies or those who want something you can use with silicone lubes for longer lasting lubrication. Actually, any type of lubricant could be used with this, but what I used was water-based as it is a majority of my lube.

After my initial examination, I couldn’t wait to try it out. I dropped my shorts and dabbed on a little of my favorite lube, Wet Original Water-based, and reached around to slide it in my butt. I consider myself an medium to advanced anal toy user and I’ve had a wide variety of toy sizes in my butt. Normally I use a little clitoral stimulation to aid in the insertion of anal toys but the small size of this plug was such that it slid right in when I relaxed and inserted it. Someone just starting out with anal play may not find this ease of insertion to be true for them, but I certainly was a bit disappointed. I like a bit of a struggle to put something in my backdoor.

When it properly nestled inside of me, I could barely feel the weight. Sure, I felt the fullness and a bit of stretching, but suddenly I was thinking that maybe I should have gone for the bigger 4 inch version of this plug than the smaller 3 inch one I selected.

The narrow neck made sure it sat properly in my bum and didn’t feel uncomfortable. The base isn’t very wide though so I am concerned that with longer term wearing the gem end may slip inside me and because of this I probably wouldn’t wear it for long periods of time. After looking in the mirror and admiring my pretty bum with its sparkly jewel decoration, I went over and sat down to test how comfortable it was to sit. The pointed tip of the plug led to some poking inside of me. Most likely I would wear this toy if I was up and about, not sitting for more than a few moments because of the pointy tip and the small base which could get sucked inside my bum during sitting.

As for cleaning this plug, one thing I like is that it is very easy. After wearing I immediately wash it with anti-bacterial soap and warm water. If I’m not putting it away immediately I let it air dry but most of the time I wipe it off with a clean towel and return it to my toy drawer. Eden Fantasys’ website indicates you can wash aluminum in the top rack of your dishwasher as well, but this might be best done if the jewel pops out or after you’ve more firmly affixed it with stronger holding super glue.

I’m excited about the possibility of experimenting with temperature play with this aluminum plug as aluminum makes for great temperature retention. I’m thinking about cooling it down in the fridge or freezer for a short period of time and then inserting it for a completely different sensation. I’ve done it before with my glass plug and enjoyed it immensely.

Overall? I like the concept of this toy. The finishing details aren’t the greatest to be perfectly honest. The low quality of the gemstone combined with the fact it popped out right away gives me pause as to the overall quality of the plug. The pointy tip is not that comfortable and I’m concerned about longer term wearing thanks to the super narrow base and that pointy tip. It’s a cute plug though and the downsides to it definitely don’t detract me from the overall fact that it’s a metal plug with a pretty sparkly “gem” in the base. It’s like jewelry for your asshole! What more could you ask for?

If you’re interested in buying the Aluminum Mini by Cal Exotics, you can find it on Eden Fantasys‘ website here. Remember to enter code “DZZ” in the affiliate code box at checkout for 15% off your entire purchase!