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Review – MySpare Pete Packer Underwear Brief

Pete Packer Underwear Briefs by MySpare

I have a new obsession. Okay admittedly, I’ve had these for a few months now, but I’m still just as obsessed with them as the day I got them.

What are they? The Pete Packer Underwear Brief from MySpare and sold at Babeland are literally a revolution in packing technology and gear. We’ve come a long way since the days of socks in underwear and other ways we devised to gender bend.

I have several other harnesses, among them two MySpare products – the Joque and Theo. I also have several leather harnesses (my favorite of which is the La Femme harness by Stockroom). Specifically for packing I have two packing straps from Aslan Leather (two sizes of the Mr Right Packing Strap). I’ve tried them all. The problem I’ve had with them all up until now was that I felt like I needed to wear underwear over the harnesses so the actual packer didn’t get damaged during from rubbing up against my clothing.

Packer cocks are very delicate by nature and as such tend to tear easily. Because they’re made to simulate a flaccid penis, they need to feel as soft as possible. Babeland’s Softpack is made from Elastomer. I love them for their softness and realistic feel, but I am super protective of them. I keep them stored in plastic baggies so no lint, dirty or other materials that could stain the Elastomer gets in contact with the material while the toy is being stored. If I’m that careful in storing them, do you think I’d be less careful when I wore them?

The Pete Packer solves all these issues. Any packer you choose to wear is kept safely behind the nylon/spandex blend the underwear is made out of. If I were to stand in front of you with these briefs on naked from the waist down, you wouldn’t know I didn’t have a bio cock. That’s what’s so great about the Pete Packer line! As such these are great briefs for trans people and those who simply want to experiment with gender play.

Front and back of the Pete Packer Underwear Briefs (shown with Fleshlight Mr Limpy inserted)
Modeling the Pete Packer Briefs

I’m a small person, 4’10” and 106 pounds. As such, I got the Medium size Pete Packer Briefs just to be on the safe side. I prefer to not wear underwear that is too tight and these turned out just perfectly. The 88% nylon and 12% Spandex jersey blend these briefs are made from fit me perfectly. Size Medium will comfortably fit a 32-34″ waist. Babeland has provided this handy guide to determine what size you would wear:

– Small: 28″ to 30″ waist
– Medium: 32″ to 34″ waist
– Large: 36″ to 38″ waist
– XL: 40″ to 42″ waist
– XXL  (special order only): 44″ to 46″ waist
– XXXL (special order only): 48″ to 50″ waist

In my opinion, order up a size from what you think you might wear. I’m tiny of course and as such you’d think I would wear a small. But au contraire! You would be wrong. I have bigger hips so medium sizes in things usually fit me pretty comfortably. 

For me, the wonder to these packer briefs doesn’t come in the material, fit or anything like that. It comes in the pouch where you keep the packer safe and secure at all times. Having packed a few times under clothing. There is nothing so frightening as shifting your body around only to feel your packer slip out from where you put it. The fear that it will fall out somehow is always there. That was one of my biggest gripes about the Aslan Mr Right Packing Strap. The packer never felt secure and I always felt like it was going to slide right out the top. With the Pete Packer Briefs, the packer stays secure right where you put it.

Inside of the Pete Packer Underwear Briefs

When you look inside the packer underwear, those of you familiar with Spareparts (or MySpare) harnesses will see the familiar fold over flap. This flap is the part that actually sits against your body. While you’re wearing the Packer Briefs, no part of the actual packer touches your body.

Inside  the pouch where you keep the packer

Once you pull back the flap though, you’ll see exactly how you’re going to keep your packer cock safe and secure. First thing you’ll see is a little stretchy piece sewn on. I’ll be honest with you – I haven’t used the little stretchy thing. My packers just don’t fit it. My best guess is that this strap will keep the actual shaft of the packer in place if you don’t want to pull the shaft through the second inner hole (which goes through to the second chamber of the brief front. I think this is what my father would term as “belts and suspenders.” It makes sure that the packer stays inside the inner pouch if you’re not putting it through the hole.

The second hole is pretty small, I tend to think. I took a scissor and made a little snip in it (probably not a good idea since nylon and spandex seems to fray, but there was no other way I could get my relatively slender packing cock through there. I was worried that trying to pull it back out from that super tiny shaft hole would end up tearing the packer. Do this with yours or not, I’m sure that most packer cocks will comfortably sit inside the inner hole.

That inner hole opens up into a second compartment. This is generally where I pull my packer cock into and leave it. For me, I don’t use any stand-to-pee devices or pull out my packer cock from this second compartment like a bio man would pull his penis out (to pee or otherwise display) so having this second pouch have exterior access is neither good nor bad. Obviously though if you wanted to do this, having exterior access to this second outer pouch is excellent. It’s just what you would find in men’s oriented underwear. You can reach in and find whatever your fishing for, be it packer cock or bio cock. The space is generous enough to accommodate several sizes of packer cock, starting from the smallest up through I would say a large size. Having something larger than the Babeland Large Softpack in this space seems to me like it would be excessive, but some people prefer a bigger bulge to a smaller bulge.

Wearing this packer for me is eye opening. I’ve always loved wearing my strap-ons and waiving them around in the air. It makes me feel powerful and “toppy” in a way that nothing else can. When I pack, I cannot stop rubbing my cock. I’ll slip my hand down my pants and just rub away. Before the Pete Packer Underwear Briefs, I was always concerned that this rubbing action would lead to miniature tears in the packer elastomer material and one day lead to the degradation of my packer cocks. With this now, I can rub the outside while still knowing that my packer is safe and secure behind one if not two layers of nylon/Spandex material.

One note here I’ve been dying to ask biological men since I got this packer – how do you walk with a bulge between your legs? Seriously! It’s been killing me. I feel front heavy almost. Like I keep rubbing up against my cock when my legs hit it. No wonder the urban myth keeps getting perpetuated that men think of sex every seven seconds. Having a cock like this makes me believe that myth is actually true.

The care for directions found inside the initial flap in the pouch area

The Pete Packer Underwear Briefs by MySpare can be washed by hand or in a washing machine in cold water on the delicate cycle. Use only mild soap; never bleach or fabric softener. When drying, make sure to line or flat dry these so they don’t deform or melt (after all they are Spandex!) These underwear are made in the USA and are patent pending.

So what do I think of the Pete Packer Underwear Brief from MySpare, available at Babeland? I absolutely freaking love them. I’m not kidding here at all. If you’ve ever considered gender play or are a trans person in need of a safe, secure way to carry around your packers in a day to day pair of underwear, these are what you’re looking for. They are comfortable and yet stylish. The Spandex/nylon blend forms to your body and provides all day comfort but the double pouch area is the best way I’ve found yet to wear a packer all day. There’s no risk that your packer will fall out from where you’ve tucked it if you use the Pete Packer undies. Spareparts is a company I love for harnesses and they have not let me down here in their new line of packing underwear. Bottom line – get these! You will absolutely not be disappointed!

Review: Icicles No 23 Double End Dong

Icicles No 23

There are some toys I’ve always wanted in my life based on certain experiences I’ve had. Anal toys came from my first dominant insisting he preferred submissives who liked anal. Paddles came from years of playfully swatting myself with rulers. Double dongs came from watching lesbian porn in my formative years. My first foray into double dongs was an abysmal failure. It was a clear jelly piece of horror, smelly and made from totally body-unsafe material. I never used it and ended up throwing it out with the trash months after purchasing it.

Not so with the Icicles No 23 Double Dong made by Pipedream and sold at Fascinations Fun. Sure the experience is different with a glass dong than a jelly one, but what you’re compromising on with flexibility you’re making up for in handcrafted beautiful glass.

We all know of my love of glass toys and oftentimes how beautiful they can be. This piece is no different. It’s made from what I suspect to be Pyrex instead of what Pipedream says is glass. Most “glass” toys nowadays are made with Pyrex because it resists chips and breaking better than standard glass. That being said, I’m going to take Pipedream’s word and call it glass from here on out.

As I’ve previously talked about in reviews, glass is a wonderful material for sex toys because it is so versatile. For those that enjoy temperature play, it can be easily warmed up or cooled down for different sensations. Pipedream and Fascinations both suggest using a microwave for warming up glass, but be careful about this method. Anybody who has ever microwaved a glass food storage container can tell you how scalding hot glass can get in the microwave. I suggest running glass toys under warm water as a safer alternative where you can gradually raise the temperature of your toy in a more controlled manner. If you are going to microwave it, I suggest super short bursts of time. Five to fifteen seconds tops and then test it with your hand before you do anything like holding a scalding hot pink dong to any sensitive genitals. Second degree burns on your labia does not make for a happy toy enthusiast.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, cool temperatures provide an entirely different sensation. I prefer the cooler end of the spectrum in terms of temperature play, sometimes putting a glass or metal toy in the freezer for ten minutes before starting toy time. Where warm water will provide a controlled temperature raise, cold water will help in the opposite direction. I know many people who shudder at the idea of cold toys in their genital region and if you don’t know which you prefer, try both and decide for yourself. It’s simply a matter of preference and trial and error. Just remember to cool and warm your toys in a controlled, safe manner and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Icicles No 23 by Pipedream

The Icicles No 23 is a pleasant shade of translucent pink, reminiscent of the Epiphany Baton by Crystal Delights. Where I liked the pink before because it was color coordinated with a huge pink Swarovski crystal, the pink here seems …. predictable. Having looked at many, many sex toys in my years of sex toy shopping and reviewing, I can say that there is a distinct overkill use of pink and a lack of other colors on the market. I understand why manufacturers use pink as their go-to color. Women are the largest purchaser of sex toys and it’s gender stereotyping to assume all women like pink. I personally think this double dong would have looked spectacular in a blue color for example, but it is what it is. Set against a black background (like on the packaging for the No 23) the pink is actually very pretty.

Total length of No 23 is approximately 13 inches

This is a big dong, no doubt about that. The weight is somewhere between the nJoy Fun Wand and Pure Wand by my estimation. My entirely imprecise bathroom scale tells me it’s approximately one pound of solid glass. The dong itself is just shy of 13 inches in total length from tip to tip. If you’re going to be using this with just one person and depending on where you’re going to be inserting it, expect maybe half to be insertable. When I used this, I lubed up more than I realistically should have and ended up slipping a little bit when lube slid down the shaft of it. Rule of thumb – be realistic about the amount of lube you use.

Both ends of No 23 are designed to look like a cock head

Each side of No 23 is tipped with what are arguably penis heads. From the tiny urethra-like indentation at the very tip to the glans corona around soft spongy glans head. The glass has been shaped into a scoop shape and then has three little ridges under it. Those wanting a more gender-neutral dong should consider other toys. This is definitely intended to remind users of a penis, no doubt about that. On my No 23, one glans corona (the very ring of the cock head for the less medical terminology-aware) is slightly larger than the other. This tells me either the mold was crafted with slight differences or the item is actually hand blown (pun intended!) and this has resulted in minor differences between the sides. There really is no practical effect though. If yours arrives with similar differences, I doubt a less eagle-eyed user would notice.

In use the pronounced cock head is actually quite stimulating. I’m someone who prefers strong g-spot stimulation to orgasm and the ridged, protruding head hits my g-spot at an excellent angle. I like toys that take some time to make me orgasm in comparison to my trusty Pure Wand that takes all of 30 seconds to a minute tops. It’s a nice alternative. Glass is one of those materials that people either love or hate. “It’s too hard and not realistic feeling!” I’ve heard from the latter camp. Personally, I really enjoy the completely hard sensation. Combined with any lube of your choice, glass is a very slick material and has no friction.

I’ve referred to No 23 as my “penis scepter” and that’s definitely what this is. There’s no mistaking that No 23 is designed to look like a penis. If you’re looking for an alternative to jelly double dongs and don’t mind trading flexibility for a quality material, look into the Icicles No 23 Double Dong sold at Fascinations Fun. Sure, the pink color is a predictable choice, but you’ll find that on the whole you’ll love the idea of a glass double dong, solo or with someone! Use the extra length as a handle if you’re solo or if you’re with someone use it to penetrate two people at the same time. For those who enjoy showing off their glass toys, display it and wait for the questions to roll in. No 23 is a piece of art, no doubt about that.

Review: Sliquid Organics Lubricant

Sliquid Organics Lubricant

First off, let me apologize for the huge time lapse in posting. With the end of law school comes only the beginning of the biggest challenge known to law students – the bar exam. I will do my best to keep making regular or even semi-regular postings, but until August 1 I make no promises.

Second, I’m here to talk to you about lube. Not just any lube, but what is easily the best lube on the market for sexual health. Sliquid makes some of the purest, healthiest and greatest lubricants on the market and the Sliquid Organics Lubricant is the jewel in the crown of their line of products. Available at Fascinations Fun, Sliquid Organics is made from natural ingredients and is notable for what it doesn’t have – nasty glycerine and parabens.

Using lubricant during sex and sexual play is very important. The human body simply cannot produce enough lubricant on its own sometimes and supplementing it with outside lubricant can lead to a more enjoyable, longlasting and pleasurable sexual experience. Lubricant reduces friction which can cause tearing in areas of your body tearing should not occur. I would like to note that tearing produces open wounds and thus increases the likelihood of transmission of sexually transmitted infections. So between using condoms (which themselves decrease transmission rates) combined with lubricants and other safe sex methods can give peace of mind that you’re engaging in the safest sex under the circumstances, which to me is the sexiest sex of all. Showing you care for your partner(s) is the ultimate act of love for me.

I’ve used and tested a lot of lubricants in my time and I am just now getting to try Sliquid by testing this product. Dear gods, why did I wait until now?! The more I hear about parabens and the questionable health side effects of them, I’m more concerned about using products that contain them. On top of that glycerine is a common ingredient in many lubricants and is a form of sugar. Anybody with any sexual health knowledge will tell you introducing sugar and sugary products to your vagina could possibly lead to yeast infections, something no woman wants last time I checked. If your vagina smells like you have beer brewing inside it, that is not sexy in any way, shape or form.

Sliquid Organics is a water-based lubricant, something I’ve frequently talked about on this blog as being compatible with any type of toy you may use it with. Silicone lubes will cause silicone and rubber toys to “melt” and degrade over time. Plus silicone lubricants often contain those harsh ingredients I just talked about. Sliquid is also latex friendly, meaning you can use it with a majority of mainstream condoms. I have found that a lot of condoms out there are lubricated with sub par lubricants and those lubricants are unhealthy a majority of the time. I’ve had condoms leave residue on silicone toys, so I suspect many of them are lubricated with a variety of silicone lubricants. Your best bet is to get unlubricated condoms and use your own lube, such as Sliquid that you know will be healthy, organic and compatible with whatever you’re doing.

For those concerned with animals and animal testing, Sliquid is 100% vegan friendly and has not been tested on animals. You can have peace of mind that when you’re having sexy times, you’re having sexy times that didn’t hurt anybody (unless that’s what you are having sexy times for!) Sliquid is an American-based company that develops and produces their products in the USA, which creates jobs for Americans and leads to a stronger economy that will benefit everybody. Seriously, you’re stimulating the economy by stimulating yourself. It’s a win-win combination!

Sliquid is a lube that is taste free, scent free and feels silky smooth on the skin and sensitive parts. It absorbs just fast enough not to stain fabrics and just slow enough that you won’t have to reapply every two or three minutes you’re using it. Nothing ruins the mood like having to stop during sex and add more lubricant. If you were to rub Sliquid Organics into your skin like lotion, it would be smooth and soft.

Ingredient list: Purified water, plant cellulose (from cotton), aloe barbadensis*, natural tocopherols (Vitamin E), cyamopsis (guar conditioners), extracts of hibiscus*, flax*, green tea*, sunflower seed*, citric acid (citrus fruits), phenoxyethanol (rose ether). The items starred are certified organic. 

Sliquid Organics sold at Fascinations Fun is the best, safest and most health conscious lubricant I have tried to date and I would highly recommend it to anybody that is looking for a lubricant good for your body. Lubricant is not something you want to scrimp or pass on when it’s so vital to smooth and fun sexual encounters, whether by yourself or with partners. This lube doesn’t irritate skin and has none of the possible health risks associated with lubricants that contain parabens and glycerine.

Want an even better deal on something so vital to sexual health? Use code “GOFUN10” at checkout and you’ll get 10% off your entire order with  Fascinations Fun. You know you want to!

Review: Beginner Ball Gag by Tantus

For the longest time, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with ball gags. I have an extremely small mouth, one that is almost epically small in proportions. My dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons have commented how small it is in the past, saying that their instruments that would generally fit an adult don’t even come close to fitting in my mouth. On top of this less than useful trait, I also have a gag reflex that could …. well, choke a horse. I’m the girl who can’t brush her back teeth without almost vomiting all over the bathroom sink.

I have a couple of gags, found through extensive online searching for gags labeled in the reviews as “only fitting a small child.” Those are more traditional ball gags, with a round ball and neck strap. They work, but seem iffy about the standards of construction. This is why I was pleased to get an opportunity to try out the Beginner Ball Gag by Tantus and sold at Fascinations Fun. While my kink play may be advanced, my ball gag usage is still in the beginner range.

I’ve talked several times about the quality I love most about Tantus products – how they’re made from 100% body safe medical grade silicone. My other ball gags claim to be silicone, but any material claiming to be silicone and smelling simply isn’t silicone. High quality silicone, like the type Tantus uses in its products, shouldn’t have a smell. It shouldn’t retain smells and it shouldn’t stain, barring extraordinary circumstances. It’s also easy to clean. Simply pop off the leather head straps (I’ll talk more about those later) and put the gag itself into the dishwasher, in boiling water for five minutes or in a 10% bleach solution. For ordinary use, I wash my silicone toys with antibacterial soap and hot water before and after use to make sure nothing has clung to the surface in storage.

How the ball gag comes out of package

This particular ball gag comes with the straps and gag separated, probably because you should always clean your toys before using them the first time. The gag itself is bright red, that classic color used for gags and prized by fetishists. There are other colors gags get produced in, and this one itself comes in black and pink, but red is simply the most classic color for a ball gag. My bet is a majority of ball gags sold are red.

The part of the gag that goes in your mouth measures just about 2 1/2 inches tall. The base doesn’t go in your mouth, but instead is used to both anchor the straps onto the gag and provide extra comfort. An added bonus is that the base provides an additional barrier to sound and muffles any little noises that may leak out from around the gag. There’s no danger your submissive will make any noise when they’re wearing this gag. The diameter of the ball is just over 1 1/2 inches. For me that’s a pretty sizable ball, but my bet is that a majority of people with average sized mouths can fit this with no problems. I have to stretch my jaw and bite down really hard on the neck of the gag for it to stay in my mouth. Thanks to the aforementioned intense gag reflex, I’ve had problems keeping it in my mouth for more than a minute tops, but I’m working on that and hoping to suppress it more in the future.

Fully assembled ball gag

Inserting the straps into the gag for use is very simple. The head strap has a Velcro closure for the back of the head, and there are snaps that connect the front two straps to the gag through the two little slots on the sides of the gag’s base. The snaps themselves are made from metal and rather difficult to snap together, but I pressed one side against my desk and used that as leverage. That worked perfectly. Maybe I’m just a weakling when it comes to snaps. The snaps are a bronze colored metal. The straps are made from leather and have that great leather smell that I love. Hello, leather fetish! That being said, the straps must be removed for any cleaning or any time water may come in contact with them. I don’t suggest getting a lot of body fluids or lubricants on the straps either but simple drool shouldn’t affect it too much. Isn’t that what ball gags are for anyways? Drool and silence. Very hot in my mind.
Because the straps have a Velcro closure in the back, they are highly adjustable to any head shape and size. Depending where you want to put this on your head, it is easy to adjust and fit to every person who may use this gag.

I think my only issue with this gag is purely visual. The bottom of the gag is perfectly flat from whatever it was molded from. While this isn’t a huge issue, it’s more aesthetic than anything for me. When worn, you can see the bottom of the gag and where it was cut from the mold. The Tantus logo is molded into the upper side of the base so maybe the logo would look better on the bottom side, adding a little visual interest to the bottom. I like that the flat part provides a canvas onto which you could carve something, write something or otherwise decorate it yourself, but if you don’t do that … well, it looks kind of unfinished and plain.

Overall, the Beginner Ball Gag by Tantus sold at Fascinations Fun is a highly functional ball gag for those who are both just getting into using ball gags and those more experienced with them. It is easy to wear, easy to use, easy to clean and easy to care for. Tantus’s body safe materials make for a great product and while the base leaves something to be desired visually, it is a perfect option for someone looking to experiment with ball gags in a non-threatening manner.

Review: Ceramic Wand by Crystal Delights Toys

Crystal Delights Ceramic Wand

There are few things I like more in life than my Crystal Delights Small Anal Plug. You combine anal stimulation with glass and Swarovski crystals the size of chicken eggs and I’m absolutely down for most any combination of those things. I have long been a fan of Crystal Delights toys and everything they design and sell.

I guess that’s why I’m so confused about where I sit on their new ceramic gspot wand due to be released soon. I actually had to sit and ponder this for most of an afternoon why I’m so confused.

First off, let’s start with some product specifications. The total length is about eight inches total with an insertable length of about size and a half inches. The handle end flares to accommodate one of Crystal Delights’ signature massive Swarovski crystals. The crystal in the end of the version I received is an aurora borealis one, something that also is available in the butt plugs I love so much. The wand itself is made of ceramic and an overall blue color with swirls of green, yellow, white and orange throughout. The pattern is absolutely beautiful.

The business end of the wand curves up slightly and has a horizontal ridged pattern. I think this is where I got hung up, so to speak. Generally, I don’t like texture on my sex toys. Given the chance to pick from a smooth or textured toy, I will usually pick the smooth toy. For me, I prefer g-spot stimulation rather than vaginal wall stimulation. Put something at the end of the toy to make it bulbous, but don’t make my shaft bumpy.

Side view of the ridges on the insertable end

That being said, I do like the occasional texture and I went into testing this with an open mind. After all, the texture isn’t so much on the shaft as it is on the part that stimulates the g-spot area. Would that make a difference to me? After I lubed it up with some water-based lubricant (though you could hypothetically used lube that is water-based, silicone-based or any other base with this toy), I slid it inside me and went to town. Okay, not all together unpleasant, but not orgasmic either. The curve on this wand wasn’t extreme enough for me, I soon found. While I hesitate to compare it to my all time love, the Njoy Pure Wand, the curve just wasn’t hitting my g-spot in a place that I enjoyed. I fact, I would even go so far as to say it was a touch on the painful side. But I persevered and kept going for the sake of all the toy review readers out there. Pleasure soon overtook pain and while I did manage to squeak out an orgasm, it was a small and rather unfulfilling one. Okay, maybe it was just this one time. I attempted to change my mind about it the next night. No dice.

The aurora borealis crystal

So there I sat, holding the thing in my hands. Sure, it’s beyond beautiful. I began to ask myself though, “Do I like it because it’s beautiful or do I like it because it’s functional and gets me off?” I found myself falling back on the first option most every time I considered that question. Thus I had a quandary. At what point does beauty become more important in a sex toy than functionality and features? 

I’ve actually come to a crossroads in my views of sex toys, thanks to this toy. I’ve sat for many hours actually thinking about it. Crystals are nice and looks certainly add to the overall appeal, but at the end of the day if it doesn’t get me off like I want it to or do the job in general, I’m not going to go back to a toy. I have so many toys and only a few of them I go back to on a routine basis. So why do I go back to those select few? Because they’re functional. They get the job done. Sure, they’re probably pretty too, but that’s almost a side issue there.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because of the material. I love porcelain. I started believing I had a g-spot after I used a bent porcelain toy called the Dolphin for the first time a few years ago. The potential for temperature play and its slick texture in general are major upsides for me. I’m always wary of porcelain though because it easily chips and air bubbles can often times be found in the surface if it’s not been properly fired. That’s what happened to my the Dolphin. I dropped it on my hard tile floor in my apartment and WHAMO! huge chip out of the end of it, thankfully not the insertable end. Thinking of the possibility something similar would happen to this wand has me worried, though not because I’ll miss using it. More because I’ll miss looking at it.

Air bubbles! Oh no!

Speaking of those air bubbles, I did a very thorough inspection of the entire wand and alas found two air bubbles that formed sometime during production and then burst during firing. They are in the worst possible place too – in between the ridges on the insertable end. The reason this concerns me so much is the possibility for lube, vaginal secretions and ultimately bacterial to build up inside of these microscopic holes and lead to bad things. This means I will have to be extra careful when I clean this wand and make sure that all junk gets off it after use. I spoke with Shelly, the owner of Crystal Delights toys, and she assured me this was not normal for their new porcelain products and to send it back to her if I wanted to.

Included with the wand

I really wanted to like this wand. After reading MinxxGirl’s account of her testing I was downright excited that I’d get the same result. I’ve never squirted and it’s definitely something on my sexual to-do list. But like you’ve seen, my results weren’t anywhere close. In fact, I’m downright confused why I dislike this toy in general. It’s beautiful. It’s well-made. It’s packaged in specially made bags and comes with a sachet of lube and a card with a crystalized zipper pull. I should love it! But in all fairness to my vagina, I just can’t bring myself to be over the moon about it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the right person who loves texture and rubbing their g-spot more than impacting it (like I do with my Pure Wand) will absolutely adore this toy. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people. Until I become one of those people, I fear this gorgeous porcelain wand will sit in the bottom of my toy drawer.

Review: Tantus Mark O2 Dildo

There are dildos and then there are Tantus dildos. Tantus makes product in a class of their own and I never hesitate to recommend products they make. From dildos to anal plugs to dildos that double as vibrators to cock rings, they make it all and make it well.

The Tantus Mark dildo sold through Babeland is a relatively new addition to the Tantus line up and boy, am I glad they created it. While realistic dildos and even semi-realistic dildos aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, they have recently become an interest of mine. I have purple dildos, blue dildos, black and white dildos, and seemingly every color under the sun except skin colored dildos. Okay, okay. I admit, I wasn’t really ever a realistic dildo fan. If I wanted something penis-like, I’d just find a penis. See how warped my mind was?

Mark is made from Tantus’s special 100% medical-grade silicone called O2. This is my first foray into the O2 material and so far I am loving it. What’s so special about it is that the inner core of the dildo is firm, but still flexible. The outer skin is squishy and relatively lifelike. It bends however you need it to bend, and Mark has a slight curve to it anyways. Mark’s cousin Adam has a much more severe bend to it, likely intended to precisely stimulate g-spot areas. Mark does a pretty dang good job at hitting g-spots as it is so I’m not sure the severe bend of Adam is always necessary.

Mark’s head is squishy and I can say I’ve spent long periods of time just sitting pressing my fingers into the head of this dildo. It feels like the firmer inner core doesn’t extend all the way to the tip of Mark, much like in a real penis. The shaft of the dildo has a slight penis-like texture, with veins and ripples. You don’t necessarily feel it inside of you I think, but I appreciate the texture. It makes it feel more like that mythical penis thing (of which I haven’t partaken of in awhile) and less like a piece of silicone. The shaft has an almost matte finish while the head has a shiny finish and is sculpted to look like a real (though not defined) penis head, even down to the urethra slit at the tip. Watch out for that little slit cause lube and other materials can collect in it if you’re not very diligent about cleaning.

The base of this dildo is something I’m quite fond of. Tantus has recently redone how they pour their dildos I think and it’s lead to a much firmer base than shaft. The absolute bottom of this dildo is almost rock solid. This makes it easy to stand vertical on a flat surface, but since it’s not concave in any way there’s little to no suction.

Mark works perfectly in most any strap-on harness if you’re looking to this dildo has a strap-on compatible dildo. I would suggest a metal cock ring be used with it instead of rubber just to be on the safe side with materials. 100% medical grade silicone will not melt or deform, but I’m always wary of mixing my materials after having invested as much money in these items as I have. As opposed to my VixSkin Johnny from Vixen Creations that has realistic balls, the Tantus Mark has no balls and thus is compatible with most any strap-on harness out there. You don’t need to worry about containing the balls or having to hook the harness around them.

Like most any other realistic or semi-realistic feeling silicone dildo on the market, Mark is a lint magnet. Oh man is he. Just sitting in my drawer for a week it has collected little lint and dust particles all over it. You can solve this by storing this dildo in the plastic clamshell packaging it comes in or in a plastic bag. That being said, I highly recommend washing it before use, as I would any other toy, to ensure that you’re using a clean, lint-free toy for your sexy times.

I know I’ve mentioned how much I like 100% medical grade silicone toys before for their easy sterilization and cleaning, but it bears repeating again. Wash with antibacterial soap and warm to hot water and pat dry with a soft towel or air dry for optimal lint-free times. It can also be sterilized completely by boiling for 3-5 minutes. Tantus uses only body safe 100% medical grade silicone that is non-porous, phthalate free and hypo-allergenic. You can’t go wrong with a Tantus silicone toy in terms of body-safe properties.

The Tantus Mark dildo available at Babeland is an excellent addition to my dildo collection and is perfect for those times when I want something a little thicker than the Vixen Creations Mistress but thinner than VixSkin Johnny. I highly recommend this dildo in all colors for someone who wants a semi-realistic, easy to care for, average thickness, strap-on compatible dildo.

Want some special deals from Babeland? Check out the flyer below for coupon codes and discounts on all of your favorite sex toys and Babeland exclusives!

Review: Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to the Female Orgasms

One of my absolute heros in the world of sex education, advocacy, pornography has long been Tristan Taormino. If I ever have even 5% of the success she’s achieved, I will be a happy kinky girl. She’s long since been a woman I look up to in regards to how she comports herself and how she defines success in her own right. She makes quality products and advocates for education first and foremost.

Tristan has a long series of “Expert Guides” including Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men, Expert Guide to Advanced Felatio, Expert Guide to the G-Spot, and so many more. Her newest video is one of my particular favorites. The Expert Guide to the Female Orgasms is jam packed with great information about female anatomy, female stimulation and precisely what it takes for body-shaking, mind-numbing orgasms.

Tristan spends the first 10-15 minutes of the video going through anatomy with charts, a vulva puppet (my favorite and new lusted-after item!), and  explanations from adult performers, using all that to advocate for the most important part of orgasming – communication. She stresses above all else that you need to communicate to orgasm as fully as you can. Communicate with yourself, your partner, and what you choose to use to bring yourself to orgasm. This is something I’ve always agreed with, but only recently put into practice. She and the performers all stress that you need to know how your own body works and what your body likes before you introduce another person to the mix. As someone who has toys long before I had sexual partners, I totally agree. How can someone else expect to pleasure you if you haven’t learned what you like first?

The cast for this film is pretty much the greatest cast ever, at least in my mind. Katie St. Ives, Sean Michaels, Evanni Solei, Evan Stone, Jiz Lee, Madison Young, Dylan Ryan, Mr. Marcus, Adrianna Nicole and James Dean all share screen time with the goddess herself, Tristan. Tristan goes about getting performers for her videos in great ways. Picking who she has worked with in the past or wold like to work with and then asking them who they want to be in a scene with. This leads to explosive chemistry and beyond sexy times on screen.

Katie St. Ives and Sean Michaels’s scene was almost cute in nature. She’s a sprite of a thing and reminds me of myself in a way. Her chemistry with Sean was great and you can feel the attraction. He brings her to some body shaking orgasms in a variety of ways, through oral, toy play and ultimately sex in a couple of positions. Her body visibly changes when she gets super aroused, something Tristan mentions in the beginning of the movie. Bright red skin and lack of coherency are among the changes you see. It makes for great watching.

Okay, I admit. I wasn’t a fan of Evanni Solei and Evan Stone together. This isn’t to say this was any less of a scene, but I just didn’t connect with it like I did other scenes. Evanni is a very soft spoken woman and doesn’t make a whole lot of noise during sex. I’m someone who does and someone who enjoys watching a very vocal performer. I mean, her body definitely responds, but I’d like to hear a little more than just the occassional “ooooooh” so I know she’s enjoying it. Also, I don’t know about me, but still having pants on during a filmed sex scene just seems weird. I know it happens every day in the “real world” but to me it seems kind of strange in a sex movie, even an educational sex movie.

But Jiz Lee and Madison Young? The sound you hear is my brain exploding. Two of my absolute favorite performers and crushes. They are sexy creatures and hell if I was ever in the same room as either of them I’m pretty sure I would die of happiness and arousal. They’re intro scene to the actual sex is great to watch. They talk about their love of the Hitachi Magic Wand, which honestly is not my favorite toy. Blasphemy in the world of sex toys, but alas true. I like strong vibrations, but I don’t like a 747 jet engine vibrating on my sexy areas. Getting back to the scene though, both of them are super into it and super excited to be there. You can tell they are great friends as well as great sexual partners. Black gloves are brought out and Madison fingers Jizz for awhile in a variety of positions, pretty much diving right in and going from zero to sixty in no time. I love all the toys they bring out and seeing them in use. Toys are something I love seeing in porn, especially high quality toys. You would never see a jelly toy anywhere near a Tristan Taormino set I have a feeling! The Hitachi comes out and gets used on Madison after awhile, in combination with my favorite toy, the Njoy Pure Wand. It’s probably my favorite scene of the entire film.

Dylan Ryan is up next, partnered with Mr. Marcus. She talks about frequently throughout the film how she loves to have super strong almost pummeling on her cervix. Personally I dislike that, but I can see how some people would. I just don’t like feeling like I’ve been deep fucked with the large end of a baseball bat for days later. Marcus mentions in the beginning of the film how guys shouldn’t feel like they’re any less of a man or they’re not pleasing their partner if she wants to use a toy in bed. I completely agree. My first sexual partner absolutely hated when I used a vibrator in bed and it was a huge turn off. Sometimes people just need more stimulation than another human body can provide, as Tristan mentions in the beginning as well. I love the foreplay that Dylan and Marcus get into and it’s almost cute in a way. He is all about focusing on her and it shows. Her body shakes as he just fingers her deep and licks at her nipple. Then out comes the Njoy Eleven! I’ve seen Dylan use it in many films and she explains she loves it because of the weight and huge bulbous end. It plays right into her love of super deep cervix stimulation. They foray into sex and of course it is hot. Doggie and reverse cow girl while he’s sitting. She uses a Hitachi on her clit while she rides him and quite frankly I’ve never witnessed a more intense set of orgasms. It’s really amazing to watch. They’re both sweaty and happy and just keep going at it.

Adrianna Nicole and James Dean are the last scene in the movie. Oh James Dean, my sweet quirky porn star love. I look for stuff he’s in and he definitely delivers whenever I see him perform. He talks about how it’s more of a power play thing for him, that he loves to make a woman orgasm over and over again and it’s not necessarily about pleasing a woman. It’s a fun dynamic and one I subscribe too. They start off with some super intense oral, him licking her and getting her into it. He uses the Hitachi on her while she sucks him and for once, I actually enjoy watching a bit of a blow job scene, probably because it’s a combination oral and toy use. He lubes up a Njoy Pure Plug (medium or large from what I can tell) and slides it in her while he fingers her and she continues to suck him. Then starts the actual penetrative sex! One thing I love to watch about James is that he’s really big on eye connection while he’s having sex. I think that’s a huge component to really good sex. They just go at it for awhile and then take a break while she continues Hitachi use. Anal is up next and they switch to him behind her then ultimately he ends up on top of her. As someone who enjoys anal in those positions, this was particularly hot to watch. She is just really, insanely into the sex and damn, so is he. This was probably my second favorite of the scenes throughout the movie, thanks to intensity and the power play dynamic.

There are some great extras also included with the main film and they’re worth watching. There is a guide to safe sex. That is one of my favorite things about Tristan. She’s always advocated for the safest sex she can and makes that an important part of what she shows and talks about. Madison Young does a segment demonstrating how to do kegel exercises, which is one way of targeting your pelvic muscles and can lead to stronger orgasms and more control over them. There is a guide to vibrators that I enjoyed watching, even though I know a ton about sex toys already. I have to say I usually giggle a little when I watch a guy try to use a sex toy on a woman. They don’t always know how to do it just like women do it to themselves. There’s also a masturbation montage of just masturbation if that is what you’re interested in. Behind the scenes features of films are always a favorite of mine as well and this film is no different. It’s fun to see “porn stars” as real people for me, which obviously they are. They just happen to have sex on film as a job. There are also previews of other Tristan and Vivid projects. 

Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Female Orgasms is a film I highly recommend you purchase and own. Not only do you learn a lot about what makes a woman orgasm in terms of arousal, anatomy and needs, but it also has super, smoking hot sex and one of the greatest casts I’ve seen put together in a long time. There are great extras on the DVD and I feel this is a film you’ll go back and watch time and time again.

Review: Courtney Trouble’s Roulette Toronto

Courtney Trouble’s Roulette Toronto

I love porn. I love good queer indie porn. I like porn that not everybody may like. I like natural bodies, gender queer people, safe sex practices, lots of toy use and most importantly chemistry between the actors.

Courtney Trouble makes her special kind of porn even better in Roulette Toronto, available from Good Vibrations. There have been several in this series before, including Roulette Berlin, Roulette Dirty South and No Fauxxx Roulette. This time they’re up in Canada and have made the best of the people and places available to them.

Courtney herself stars in a scene with Judy Minx and does something special to my girly parts in the process. It’s a long, drawn out, but well done scene shot by April Flores, who later stars with Dylan Ryan. There’s fingering, toying, fucking, licking, and all together hotness all around. I have to say, I love when there’s lingerie that stays on throughout a scene and this movie delivers that for me. Judy is pretty freaking hot in this scene.

The one thing I didn’t like about this scene was the questionable lighting. It seemed like either it was over lit or under lit. Porn on a budget almost. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I love amateur stuff. Making it real and gritty. But there’s also something to be said about being able to see what’s going on. Maybe invest in a few more lights and not ones that are so harsh.

River Turner, Drew Deveaux and one of my perennial favorites Jiz Lee star in a scene where they’re all in a dance studio working out (rehearsing a dance I guess) and it quickly devolves into a pretty fantastic threesome right there on the floor of the dance studio. You don’t need a ton of toys when you have three amazingly sexual people and this is scene is an example of it. Fingers, tongues and hands make for great sex.

I think my favorite concept of the whole movie was April Flores calling for an escort and finding that Dylan Ryan was one who showed up. Women are sex work clients too and we often forget that when talking about the subject. The Njoy Eleven makes an appearance in this scene, the long lusted-after toy of my dreams. Of all the things I could fixate on, I found myself in love with Dylan’s earrings and high heels. Random, but they were fantastic. April Flores is a porn actor that absolutely knows how to do what she does and it shows. She enjoys it immensely and her chemistry with Dylan is beyond hot. Their friendship also shows in this scene. You can tell that even if the cameras weren’t there, they’d be cuddling and having fun together. Hell, they’d probably end up having the same great, hot sex too!

While I seriously had a hard time deciding which scene in this movie was my favorite (they were all great), I would probably have to say Lascivia Liberty and Scout’s scene on a hot pink bed in a hot pink bedroom was my favorite. There is just something so freaking hot for me about a gender bending sex session that gets me going. The mix of harnesses, work boots, lingerie and high heels? Yes please! There are so many fun positions and toys used in this scene. First and foremost is a strap-on harness. I’ve recently become enamored with everything to do with harnesses and can first hand tell you how sexually empowering it is to use one, even if not to have sex. The possibility of switching between and among genders so easily makes for absolutely great sex.

The bonus scene with Dia Zerva and Wordman is probably my second favorite scene. Dia is one of my favorites from and I find myself looking for her feature length performances more after seeing her there. Watching her pole dance made me want to get up and shimmy my little bum all over some one’s face and crotch only to be rewarded with hot sex and more of that fantastic Njoy Eleven action. There’s inherent dom/sub tones to this scene, something I love when watching porn. Dia’s necklace is collar-like and reminds me that I would like something similar in the future. I know I’ve talked about how I don’t like to watch blowjobs in porn most of the time, but I found myself actually liking the blowjob Dia gives Wordman and really getting turned on by it. That was a shocker to me!

The music throughout this movie is fresh and moves the plot along. It doesn’t overpower the natural noises from the sex and sits comfortably along side it. I mentioned the lighting issue before and while this was a bit of a downer for me in Courtney and Judy’s scene and April and Dylan’s scene, overall the lighting in the other scenes was excellent.

Roulette Toronto by Courtney trouble and sold through Good Vibrations is a movie that will be going on my porn shelf and probably be brought out often. The combination of great chemistry among the actors, hot sex, great toy use and examples of safe sex make this a movie that I would recommend. Queer porn isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure. Queer porn is designed though to be accessible for everyone. There’s real people, real bodies and real sex. There’s something for everyone.

The trailer for Roulette: Toronto:

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Review: Spareparts Theo Harness

Spareparts Theo (L) and Joque (R)

I love harnesses. End of story. Harnesses are hot. Harnesses are sexy. The ability to change genders, change equipment and change the way you have sex? Yes please! I’ve tried everything from the top of the line down to the bottom of the line when it comes to harnesses. But Spareparts harnesses? Well, that’s like comparing a Cadillac to a Pinto.

In my adventures in strap-on play, I have learned there is absolutely nothing on the market like a Spareparts harness. They are in a class of their own. When Spareparts offered me the chance to try out the Theo harness, I just about jumped through the roof. I absolutely am in love with my Joque harness and have had my eyes on the Theo for a long time as well. So how did the two compare?

While Theo has its upsides, I think I’ll stick with the Joque quite frankly. Let’s start at the top and see if I can persuade you why. All pictures in this review are click-able for larger pictures if you can’t see things clearly.

Spareparts Theo harness front view. Notice no jock strap-style straps.

The Theo harness is not like most strap-on harnesses. Most harnesses are a two strap, jock strap style harness. There’s a front portion that sits on the pubic mound and has the O-ring that holds the actual dildo. There’s a waistband and there’s two straps that go around the back, like a mens’ jock strap for sports would. I really like the feel of the straps hitting my butt crease (as I call it) but it does get a bit awkward, so I thought Theo would be a nice change. Theo is more situated like a thong style harness. 

(Top) The adjustable snaps on the crotch
(Bottom) Back Velcro-ed pocket

 The part that goes between your legs is highly adjustable. There are ten different snaps for the crotch strap, meaning it will fit people with short torsos to long torsos. This is a really great feature because for me, I rarely find that wearables fit me height wise in this area. I’m a very tiny woman and have an incredibly short torso. If you need this particularly short, the extra floppy tab will slip under a piece of stretchy fabric on the t-back portion of back piece. Additionally in the back, there is also a Velcro closure pocket that is approximately the size and shape of a condom. I’ve seen promotional pictures that would suggest this is one of the reasons it was designed like this. Not sure I’d actually put a condom here as I have other places to store them on my person, but if you’re lacking for a place, I guess it would be useful. You could also store a little mini vibe here for easy hands free storage, but it won’t do you much good as stimulation. Speaking of which, you can use this harness in water, but don’t use a vibe with it that’s not waterproof as well.

The waistband can be made huge!

The best thing I feel about all Spareparts harnesses is the overall adjustability of them. The crotch piece goes bigger or smaller. The waistband has Velcro closure tabs almost on either side, allowing the waistband to adjust from 20″ to 50″ based on how wide your hips are. The Theo Large adjusts from a 35″ to 65″ waist size. These harnesses will fit just about 95% of the population. Additionally you can pull extra tightening straps on the side to make things a little snugger once you’ve secured your Velcro waist tabs, which can be a bit cumbersome and awkward. My method I’ve established is to fold one side in and hold it in with a hand and use my free hand to press the hook side of the Velcro down onto the loop (soft side). Repeat on the other side for a snug fit. It takes a few practice runs and some twisting at the waist to really get the system down. You’ll get it eventually.

Foldover pouch

The front pouch of all Spareparts harnesses is really unique. It’s a fold over pouch that allows you to use traditional flat base dildos as well as double dildos. The O-ring is covered in fabric, so there’s no need to worry about if it’s metal or silicone and something rubbing against or interacting with your dildos. The downside to it being covered in fabric is that it’s rather awkward to insert your dildos through the hole. You have to stretch and work the O-ring down over the dildo. It stretches pretty well and will accommodate a variety of sizes, but you have to tug at it. I usually use my Vixen Creations Mistress (a more slender dildo) but it also fits my Fun Factory Magnum (a girthier dildo) as well.

Front O-ring will fit a Fun Factory Magnum dild

All Spareparts harnesses come in a stretchy protective traveling back which doubles as a storage bag. It keeps things off your harness and keeps your harness from snagging on anything. This harness is completely washable, which is something I love compared with other harnesses. My leather harnesses are nice, but ultimately how are you going to clean them? This stretchy Lycra material can be handwashed with mild detergent or thrown in your washing machine with the rest of your clothes (but probably not your delicates thanks to the Velcro.) Get body fluids on it? Just wash it. Not so with other harnesses.

You can use water or sillicone-based lubricants with Theo’s material, but I’d stay away from oil-based as they’ll stain the material. You can even use these harnesses in wet environments because there’s no danger to any of the parts. It’s just material and Velcro. 

Theo’s padded back piece

So why would I stick with my Joque? It’s hard to really nail down for me, but wearing this kind of felt like I was wearing a puffy diaper. The back portion that sits against your back is really padded thick and while that is good for comfort, it also adds bulk compared to Joque’s open back thanks to the two strap design. The design of my Stockroom Femme harness has a padded back piece, but given that the Femme is leather, the back piece isn’t as bulky. I’m sure there’s some way to take down the bulkiness of the padding while still maintaining the comfort feature that I can tell Spareparts has tried to integrate here.

Weird side loop

There’s this random side loop that sticks out. I have absolutely no idea why this is on there. You can unsnap it and take it off, but frankly why put it on there? It’s not big enough to look a “back up” dildo through and unless you’re looking for a finger hold (in which case why not put one on the other side as well?) it just adds bulk and if you’re wearing this harness under clothing will definitely show. Who wants a random lump on the side of their hips unless they’re packing something fun?

The O-ring that isn’t interchangeable has always been a sore spot for me and Spareparts. I love the overall design of the crotch piece, but the O-ring just … it’s cumbersome to use. The adjustability of the strap that goes between your legs is awesome, but it is thick and really makes you feel like you’re waddling around with a load between your legs and I’m not talking about a good load.

Theo’s front logo

Spareparts recently redesigned their harnesses to include better snaps and hardwear. It also redid the front logo portion from a huge white sewed on patch to printing the logo right on the waistband. Other than that, I can’t really tell much of a difference between the aesthetics of the old style Joque compared to the new style Theo.

Having the option between using the Joque or the Theo, I’d probably pick the Joque. There’s less bulk and makes me feel less like I took a dump in my pants. Not having the bulky back piece really helps to minimize weight as well. Just comparing the two by holding them, Theo feels weightier. There may not be much of a difference overall, but the extra fabric and padding mentally makes it feel heavier.

Is there a time and a place for Theo compared with Joque? Of course. Those who don’t like two strap-style harnesses have the option of a well made, easy to clean, highly adjustable harness now. Everything in Spareparts’s line is beyond brilliant, but I would suggest taking a little of the bulk out of Theo and it would be my ideal harness.

Review: JimmyJane Little Afterglow Sampler Set

JimmyJane Little Afterglow Sampler Set

Candles are one of the simple indulgences I have in my life. The flickering light, the sweet smells, the hypnotic qualities about them. I simply love candles. That being said, I’m fairly picky about candles, much like I’m picky about most things.

The JimmyJane Little Afterglow Sampler Set sold through Babeland is pretty much the most awesome set of candles you’ll ever have. You have a veritable candle buffet before you at the price of just two of the JimmyJane candles.

What makes the JimmyJane Afterglow candles so awesome? Because they’re not just candles. They’re also massage oils. Wait …. massage oils?  But the box clearly shows candles. When the candles burn down, you don’t just get the great smell of whatever candle you choose, you also get a massage oil left over in the flame’s wake. More on this later.

The JimmyJane name & logo sits in the lower right corner of the box.

 The set arrives to you in a beautiful white box, tied with a luxurious hot pink satin ribbon. The packaging alone makes it a perfect gift idea. You’d barely have to wrap it to gift it to someone. There is no external indication this set of candles is from a sex toy manufacturer. No naked girls, no big boobs, no overly showy packaging. That is one of the signs of a premium product from a premium manufacturer, something I consider JimmyJane to be. The perfectly snowy white box has a grey ink blot designed into it and of course the JimmyJame name and logo.

Packaging on the Afterglow Sampler Set

When you untie the ribbon and open the top, you find a large card describing the scents included in this set. They are as follows:

Wit Group

  • Explore – Cucumber Water
  • Provoke – Grapefruit

Charm Group

  • Connect – Pink Lotus
  • Flirt – Dark Vanilla

Kink Group

  • Seduce – Truffle & Gardenia
  • Intrigue – Bourbon 
The card insert included with the Afterglow Set

 You can mix and match scents according to what mood you want to set. The reverse side of the insert includes an “Experience Guide” that gives you instructions how to use the candles and suggestions for combination of scent. It also has a nice little coupon for the JimmyJane website as well.

The Pink Lotus candle has been lit

To use these candles as massage oils, burn the candle as you would normally and then extinguish the flame. What’s left behind is warm massage oil. I would suggest waiting a few moments directly after extinguishing the flame just to let the oil cool slightly. The ceramic candle container is shaped in a way that makes pouring the oil out of the candle very easy to do. The included instruction booklet (in more languages than most UN meetings have) gives the tip to start with a quarter-sized amount of oil so that things don’t get too messy.

The oil itself is incredibly luxurious. Rubbed into the skin, it softens your skin and leaves behind whatever gorgeous smell you’ve chosen to use long after you wash off the actual oil. The oil remains slippery until it’s absorbed into your skin or until you wash it off. I literally was smelling my arm for about five hours after I tested this candle. My friends were laughing at me cause I was talking on the phone with them and sniffing my arm at the same time.

For those with allergies, the Afterglow candles have no paraffin, dyes, phthalatates, parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals and animal products. The wick is lead-free. JimmyJane doesn’t use animals to test their massage products as well.

My favorite scents were Pink Lotus, Cucumber Water, and Truffle and Gardenia. I wasn’t such a fan of the Bourbon candle honestly. I think with time and use I may enjoy that particular scent more, but I am considering giving it to a friend who will enjoy it more.

JimmyJane is a leader in ultra luxurious sex toys and candles and I have been lusting after the Afterglow candles for so long. Without a doubt these lived up to the hype. I understand why so many people say glowing things about them just as candles, much less massage oils.

The JimmyJane Little Afterglow Sampler Set sold at Babeland is a wonderful gift idea for the candle and massage oil lover in your life. Get the kit and give the candles away individually. Give it as a set. Get the whole thing for yourself. The variety of scents, the luxurious massage oil and the options are amazing.