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Want to know who won the Undercover Kinkster contest?

“Tell me your best Undercover Kinkster moment” Contest Winners and Results
First off, I really want to thank everybody who entered the contest. The story entries were great and it was amazing to see so many comments and entries. I’m sorry announcing the winners has been delayed. Thanks to my mistake listing my wrong email address some entries were sent to the wrong address and I waited for people to resend them before posting. 
So who won the story contest? After reading all of the entries several times over and considering the spirit of what an “undercover kinkster” is in my mind, Vincent was the winner by a nose … or should I say a keychain. But after thinking about it, I couldn’t just stop there. Willful was a close second and therefore I am awarding her the second place prize in the story contest!
As for the other prizes? I drew lots and matched them with comment numbers. Here’s a run down of who won what.
1. Vincent -> Lelo Ella 
2. Willful -> $25 Eden Fantasys Gift Certificate code
3. Kay -> Collection of Wet Lubes and Wet Ultimate Pleasure Gels
4. Kay -> Screaming O vibrating cock ring
5. Imp -> Victoria’s Secret sparkling body powder and applicator
7. True -> Gift set of all Sex Tarts flavored water-based lubes (pillow packs)

For winners 3-7, please email me at missisabel0329 [at] gmail [dot] com with a shipping address I can send your prizes to and I will ship them out as fast as I can. 
Congratulations to everybody who won and super big thanks to everybody who entered. I’m hoping to do more contests in the future so keep reading and stay tuned for future posts. 
Don’t forget to always stay true to your Undercover Kinskter selves!

“Tell me your best Undercover Kinkster moment!” Contest

“Tell Me Your Best Undercover Kinkster Moment” Contest!

I am excited to announce my first ever (and hopefully first overall) contest that I’m holding here on Diary of an Undercover Kinkster. There are some great prizes and the opportunity to win lots of different things. The best part is there won’t be just one winner – there will be many!

In the spirit of furthering and promoting the ideals of being an “undercover kinkster,” I thought I would theme this contest as well. I want to know what your biggest undercover kinkster moment has been in your life. It can be anything. As big or as little, as momentous or insignificant, as public or private as you want. I want to know your stories. Did you wear a butt plug to dinner and suck off or finger your significant other under the table? Or did you send dirty pictures to someone on your phone from work in the bathroom? Did you have sex in the bathroom of your grandparent’s house at the family reunion while everybody was out back having lemonade? Are you pierced or tattooed in such a way nobody but someone who has you naked would know? What one defining moment is your biggest undercover kinkster moment? I want to know!


(1) $25 Eden Fantasys gift certificate code

(2) One Lelo Ella in black

(3) Various Wet Personal Lubricants products including Wet Ultimate Pleasure Gels

(4) Screaming O vibrating cock ring

(5) Victoria’s Secret sparkling body powder and applicator

(6) Gift set of all Sex Tarts flavored water-based lubes (pillow packs)

I would like to thank Wet Lubes for sponsoring prizes #3 and 5. Check them out at their website for great products, coupons, contests and other information.


There are multiple ways to enter and multiple ways to win. Each way is considered one entry, but number 1 is mandatory. Without this entry, you will not be entered into the contest and not eligible to win. Also please don’t enter if you don’t feel comfortable giving me a postal address to which I can send your prize as well. United States residents only sadly. Postage outside the US is just too expensive for me. All entries must be submitted by April 30, 2010 at 11:59 pm Central time to qualify.

One winner will be chosen from the submitted undercover kinkster stories and the remaining winners from the other methods of entering. The drawing will be random and even I will not be able to tell you ahead of time who will win. One of the larger prizes will go to the winner of the undercover kinkster story portion of the contest. Make your stories good because I will be choosing what I consider to be the best from that bunch for the prize.

Additionally, I will be posting the stories in one big post when the contest is over, so please specify if you would prefer to be anonymous or have your name/handle attached to your story when you submit it.

Ways to Enter

1. (Mandatory Entry!) Submit your best “undercover kinkster” moment story to me via email. You can email me at missisabel0329 (at) gmail (dot) com. Please put the subject line “Undercover Kinkster contest” so I know what I’m getting.

2. Tweet about the contest using the phrase: “Tell @MissIsabel0329 your best undercover kinkster moment and win! #Undercoverkinkster #contest” Please only tweet once a day. Tweeting more than once a day will be considered spamming and I will not count that day’s entry. Make sure to comment here with a link to your tweets so I know where to find them.

3. Blog about the contest. Talk about it however you want, but make sure to include the address to this blog post. Make sure to comment here with a link to your blog post so I know where to find it. You can only do this once.

4. Talk about this on Facebook/Myspace/whatever social network you use. Once a day maximum. Make sure to comment here with a link to each posting so I know where to find it.

5. Comment on my Eden Fantasys reviews or follow me on Eden Fantasys. Please make sure to comment here with a link telling me about your comment or following me.

6. Follow my blog through Google Connect. Make sure to comment here that you’re following the blog now.

7. Follow my Twitter account. Make sure to comment here that you’re following my Twitter account or I won’t know that’s why you’re following me.

Please comment once for each separate entry.

Got all that? Numerous ways to enter this great contest!

Any questions? Post them here or email me. I will do my best to answer them in a prompt and timely fashion and in a way that is fair to everybody. Remember, you MUST submit an “undercover kinkster” moment story to be entered. Also remember don’t enter unless you feel comfortable sharing a mailing address with me so I can send you your prize if you should win.

Go forth and show me your undercover kinkster sides!