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Review – MySpare Pete Packer Underwear Brief

Pete Packer Underwear Briefs by MySpare

I have a new obsession. Okay admittedly, I’ve had these for a few months now, but I’m still just as obsessed with them as the day I got them.

What are they? The Pete Packer Underwear Brief from MySpare and sold at Babeland are literally a revolution in packing technology and gear. We’ve come a long way since the days of socks in underwear and other ways we devised to gender bend.

I have several other harnesses, among them two MySpare products – the Joque and Theo. I also have several leather harnesses (my favorite of which is the La Femme harness by Stockroom). Specifically for packing I have two packing straps from Aslan Leather (two sizes of the Mr Right Packing Strap). I’ve tried them all. The problem I’ve had with them all up until now was that I felt like I needed to wear underwear over the harnesses so the actual packer didn’t get damaged during from rubbing up against my clothing.

Packer cocks are very delicate by nature and as such tend to tear easily. Because they’re made to simulate a flaccid penis, they need to feel as soft as possible. Babeland’s Softpack is made from Elastomer. I love them for their softness and realistic feel, but I am super protective of them. I keep them stored in plastic baggies so no lint, dirty or other materials that could stain the Elastomer gets in contact with the material while the toy is being stored. If I’m that careful in storing them, do you think I’d be less careful when I wore them?

The Pete Packer solves all these issues. Any packer you choose to wear is kept safely behind the nylon/spandex blend the underwear is made out of. If I were to stand in front of you with these briefs on naked from the waist down, you wouldn’t know I didn’t have a bio cock. That’s what’s so great about the Pete Packer line! As such these are great briefs for trans people and those who simply want to experiment with gender play.

Front and back of the Pete Packer Underwear Briefs (shown with Fleshlight Mr Limpy inserted)
Modeling the Pete Packer Briefs

I’m a small person, 4’10” and 106 pounds. As such, I got the Medium size Pete Packer Briefs just to be on the safe side. I prefer to not wear underwear that is too tight and these turned out just perfectly. The 88% nylon and 12% Spandex jersey blend these briefs are made from fit me perfectly. Size Medium will comfortably fit a 32-34″ waist. Babeland has provided this handy guide to determine what size you would wear:

– Small: 28″ to 30″ waist
– Medium: 32″ to 34″ waist
– Large: 36″ to 38″ waist
– XL: 40″ to 42″ waist
– XXL  (special order only): 44″ to 46″ waist
– XXXL (special order only): 48″ to 50″ waist

In my opinion, order up a size from what you think you might wear. I’m tiny of course and as such you’d think I would wear a small. But au contraire! You would be wrong. I have bigger hips so medium sizes in things usually fit me pretty comfortably. 

For me, the wonder to these packer briefs doesn’t come in the material, fit or anything like that. It comes in the pouch where you keep the packer safe and secure at all times. Having packed a few times under clothing. There is nothing so frightening as shifting your body around only to feel your packer slip out from where you put it. The fear that it will fall out somehow is always there. That was one of my biggest gripes about the Aslan Mr Right Packing Strap. The packer never felt secure and I always felt like it was going to slide right out the top. With the Pete Packer Briefs, the packer stays secure right where you put it.

Inside of the Pete Packer Underwear Briefs

When you look inside the packer underwear, those of you familiar with Spareparts (or MySpare) harnesses will see the familiar fold over flap. This flap is the part that actually sits against your body. While you’re wearing the Packer Briefs, no part of the actual packer touches your body.

Inside  the pouch where you keep the packer

Once you pull back the flap though, you’ll see exactly how you’re going to keep your packer cock safe and secure. First thing you’ll see is a little stretchy piece sewn on. I’ll be honest with you – I haven’t used the little stretchy thing. My packers just don’t fit it. My best guess is that this strap will keep the actual shaft of the packer in place if you don’t want to pull the shaft through the second inner hole (which goes through to the second chamber of the brief front. I think this is what my father would term as “belts and suspenders.” It makes sure that the packer stays inside the inner pouch if you’re not putting it through the hole.

The second hole is pretty small, I tend to think. I took a scissor and made a little snip in it (probably not a good idea since nylon and spandex seems to fray, but there was no other way I could get my relatively slender packing cock through there. I was worried that trying to pull it back out from that super tiny shaft hole would end up tearing the packer. Do this with yours or not, I’m sure that most packer cocks will comfortably sit inside the inner hole.

That inner hole opens up into a second compartment. This is generally where I pull my packer cock into and leave it. For me, I don’t use any stand-to-pee devices or pull out my packer cock from this second compartment like a bio man would pull his penis out (to pee or otherwise display) so having this second pouch have exterior access is neither good nor bad. Obviously though if you wanted to do this, having exterior access to this second outer pouch is excellent. It’s just what you would find in men’s oriented underwear. You can reach in and find whatever your fishing for, be it packer cock or bio cock. The space is generous enough to accommodate several sizes of packer cock, starting from the smallest up through I would say a large size. Having something larger than the Babeland Large Softpack in this space seems to me like it would be excessive, but some people prefer a bigger bulge to a smaller bulge.

Wearing this packer for me is eye opening. I’ve always loved wearing my strap-ons and waiving them around in the air. It makes me feel powerful and “toppy” in a way that nothing else can. When I pack, I cannot stop rubbing my cock. I’ll slip my hand down my pants and just rub away. Before the Pete Packer Underwear Briefs, I was always concerned that this rubbing action would lead to miniature tears in the packer elastomer material and one day lead to the degradation of my packer cocks. With this now, I can rub the outside while still knowing that my packer is safe and secure behind one if not two layers of nylon/Spandex material.

One note here I’ve been dying to ask biological men since I got this packer – how do you walk with a bulge between your legs? Seriously! It’s been killing me. I feel front heavy almost. Like I keep rubbing up against my cock when my legs hit it. No wonder the urban myth keeps getting perpetuated that men think of sex every seven seconds. Having a cock like this makes me believe that myth is actually true.

The care for directions found inside the initial flap in the pouch area

The Pete Packer Underwear Briefs by MySpare can be washed by hand or in a washing machine in cold water on the delicate cycle. Use only mild soap; never bleach or fabric softener. When drying, make sure to line or flat dry these so they don’t deform or melt (after all they are Spandex!) These underwear are made in the USA and are patent pending.

So what do I think of the Pete Packer Underwear Brief from MySpare, available at Babeland? I absolutely freaking love them. I’m not kidding here at all. If you’ve ever considered gender play or are a trans person in need of a safe, secure way to carry around your packers in a day to day pair of underwear, these are what you’re looking for. They are comfortable and yet stylish. The Spandex/nylon blend forms to your body and provides all day comfort but the double pouch area is the best way I’ve found yet to wear a packer all day. There’s no risk that your packer will fall out from where you’ve tucked it if you use the Pete Packer undies. Spareparts is a company I love for harnesses and they have not let me down here in their new line of packing underwear. Bottom line – get these! You will absolutely not be disappointed!

Review: Spareparts Theo Harness

Spareparts Theo (L) and Joque (R)

I love harnesses. End of story. Harnesses are hot. Harnesses are sexy. The ability to change genders, change equipment and change the way you have sex? Yes please! I’ve tried everything from the top of the line down to the bottom of the line when it comes to harnesses. But Spareparts harnesses? Well, that’s like comparing a Cadillac to a Pinto.

In my adventures in strap-on play, I have learned there is absolutely nothing on the market like a Spareparts harness. They are in a class of their own. When Spareparts offered me the chance to try out the Theo harness, I just about jumped through the roof. I absolutely am in love with my Joque harness and have had my eyes on the Theo for a long time as well. So how did the two compare?

While Theo has its upsides, I think I’ll stick with the Joque quite frankly. Let’s start at the top and see if I can persuade you why. All pictures in this review are click-able for larger pictures if you can’t see things clearly.

Spareparts Theo harness front view. Notice no jock strap-style straps.

The Theo harness is not like most strap-on harnesses. Most harnesses are a two strap, jock strap style harness. There’s a front portion that sits on the pubic mound and has the O-ring that holds the actual dildo. There’s a waistband and there’s two straps that go around the back, like a mens’ jock strap for sports would. I really like the feel of the straps hitting my butt crease (as I call it) but it does get a bit awkward, so I thought Theo would be a nice change. Theo is more situated like a thong style harness. 

(Top) The adjustable snaps on the crotch
(Bottom) Back Velcro-ed pocket

 The part that goes between your legs is highly adjustable. There are ten different snaps for the crotch strap, meaning it will fit people with short torsos to long torsos. This is a really great feature because for me, I rarely find that wearables fit me height wise in this area. I’m a very tiny woman and have an incredibly short torso. If you need this particularly short, the extra floppy tab will slip under a piece of stretchy fabric on the t-back portion of back piece. Additionally in the back, there is also a Velcro closure pocket that is approximately the size and shape of a condom. I’ve seen promotional pictures that would suggest this is one of the reasons it was designed like this. Not sure I’d actually put a condom here as I have other places to store them on my person, but if you’re lacking for a place, I guess it would be useful. You could also store a little mini vibe here for easy hands free storage, but it won’t do you much good as stimulation. Speaking of which, you can use this harness in water, but don’t use a vibe with it that’s not waterproof as well.

The waistband can be made huge!

The best thing I feel about all Spareparts harnesses is the overall adjustability of them. The crotch piece goes bigger or smaller. The waistband has Velcro closure tabs almost on either side, allowing the waistband to adjust from 20″ to 50″ based on how wide your hips are. The Theo Large adjusts from a 35″ to 65″ waist size. These harnesses will fit just about 95% of the population. Additionally you can pull extra tightening straps on the side to make things a little snugger once you’ve secured your Velcro waist tabs, which can be a bit cumbersome and awkward. My method I’ve established is to fold one side in and hold it in with a hand and use my free hand to press the hook side of the Velcro down onto the loop (soft side). Repeat on the other side for a snug fit. It takes a few practice runs and some twisting at the waist to really get the system down. You’ll get it eventually.

Foldover pouch

The front pouch of all Spareparts harnesses is really unique. It’s a fold over pouch that allows you to use traditional flat base dildos as well as double dildos. The O-ring is covered in fabric, so there’s no need to worry about if it’s metal or silicone and something rubbing against or interacting with your dildos. The downside to it being covered in fabric is that it’s rather awkward to insert your dildos through the hole. You have to stretch and work the O-ring down over the dildo. It stretches pretty well and will accommodate a variety of sizes, but you have to tug at it. I usually use my Vixen Creations Mistress (a more slender dildo) but it also fits my Fun Factory Magnum (a girthier dildo) as well.

Front O-ring will fit a Fun Factory Magnum dild

All Spareparts harnesses come in a stretchy protective traveling back which doubles as a storage bag. It keeps things off your harness and keeps your harness from snagging on anything. This harness is completely washable, which is something I love compared with other harnesses. My leather harnesses are nice, but ultimately how are you going to clean them? This stretchy Lycra material can be handwashed with mild detergent or thrown in your washing machine with the rest of your clothes (but probably not your delicates thanks to the Velcro.) Get body fluids on it? Just wash it. Not so with other harnesses.

You can use water or sillicone-based lubricants with Theo’s material, but I’d stay away from oil-based as they’ll stain the material. You can even use these harnesses in wet environments because there’s no danger to any of the parts. It’s just material and Velcro. 

Theo’s padded back piece

So why would I stick with my Joque? It’s hard to really nail down for me, but wearing this kind of felt like I was wearing a puffy diaper. The back portion that sits against your back is really padded thick and while that is good for comfort, it also adds bulk compared to Joque’s open back thanks to the two strap design. The design of my Stockroom Femme harness has a padded back piece, but given that the Femme is leather, the back piece isn’t as bulky. I’m sure there’s some way to take down the bulkiness of the padding while still maintaining the comfort feature that I can tell Spareparts has tried to integrate here.

Weird side loop

There’s this random side loop that sticks out. I have absolutely no idea why this is on there. You can unsnap it and take it off, but frankly why put it on there? It’s not big enough to look a “back up” dildo through and unless you’re looking for a finger hold (in which case why not put one on the other side as well?) it just adds bulk and if you’re wearing this harness under clothing will definitely show. Who wants a random lump on the side of their hips unless they’re packing something fun?

The O-ring that isn’t interchangeable has always been a sore spot for me and Spareparts. I love the overall design of the crotch piece, but the O-ring just … it’s cumbersome to use. The adjustability of the strap that goes between your legs is awesome, but it is thick and really makes you feel like you’re waddling around with a load between your legs and I’m not talking about a good load.

Theo’s front logo

Spareparts recently redesigned their harnesses to include better snaps and hardwear. It also redid the front logo portion from a huge white sewed on patch to printing the logo right on the waistband. Other than that, I can’t really tell much of a difference between the aesthetics of the old style Joque compared to the new style Theo.

Having the option between using the Joque or the Theo, I’d probably pick the Joque. There’s less bulk and makes me feel less like I took a dump in my pants. Not having the bulky back piece really helps to minimize weight as well. Just comparing the two by holding them, Theo feels weightier. There may not be much of a difference overall, but the extra fabric and padding mentally makes it feel heavier.

Is there a time and a place for Theo compared with Joque? Of course. Those who don’t like two strap-style harnesses have the option of a well made, easy to clean, highly adjustable harness now. Everything in Spareparts’s line is beyond brilliant, but I would suggest taking a little of the bulk out of Theo and it would be my ideal harness.

Review: Bikini Harness by Sportsheets

Spareparts Bikini Harness

“Hold on, honey. Take a breather while I adjust my crotch strap.” Wait, what? Okay, so that exchange never happened, but it sure could. At least with this harness.

The Sportsheets Bikini Harness sold at Fascinations Fun is a nifty different style for a strap-on harness. I also own a Latigo Leather harness (also by Sportsheets) and a Spareparts Joque harness for strap-on delights. Admittedly I haven’t used any of them to have sex yet, but in my mind there’s something to be said about always being prepared. Can you tell I was a Girl Scout? Plus there’s little that’s sexier for me than putting on my cock and just playing with it.

First off, I’d like to say how much I love Fascinations. Seriously. They have some of the coolest stuff, the best prices and the best discounts (for you thrifty sex toy users!) When I receive packages, they’re packed with care and arrive super quickly. If you haven’t checked out Fascinations yet, you’re definitely missing out.

Okay, enough pining over a sex toy company. Back to the actual harness. This harness is a bikini style harness as compared to a two strap harness. Wearing this harness is like wearing one big (heavy) g-string. Wearing a two strap harness like my Latigo or Joque is like wearing a … well, jock strap. There’s two straps that go from the crotch section to the back of the harness and those straps cut under your butt cheeks. Now us ladies (or other users of harnesses) can get a feel for what it’s like to play football, minus the padding and 300 pound defensive ends slamming into us. Personally, I like the feel of a two strap harness. They feel more secure. I can see how they’d be cumbersome to wear around as a packing harness and that’s where I like the idea of bikini style harness like this one. Heck, I don’t think you’d even have to wear undies.

Modeling the Bikini Harness over jeans.

Given that this is practically a g-string, the straps on this are going to be fairly slim. For me to feel secure with this on, I had to tighten the straps by pulling on the loose tab in the back (rather difficult when wearing) to the point that I had a bit of a muffin top spillover. Hence why you are not seeing me in this harness – I wasn’t too thrilled about the rollover action I was getting. Going back to the strap tightening, this is where I found the biggest flaw in the harness. It’s really difficult to adjust when you’re wearing it. You have to reach around back and pull the straps in a way that is not easy to do. Especially the crotch strap. You pull downward to tighten it. That being said, if you have really long, limber arms I doubt this would be a problem. It would also not be much of a problem if your partner would do it for you. Having no partner to help me and short arms, I kind of rotated my torso just so and sorta pulled as best I could. The straps are connected in the back by a rather heavy metal O-ring and I giggle when I wear it cause it’s like having a target on my ass.

The crotch panel of the harness is actually really nice. It’s made of soft padded fabric and is really comfortable. The O-ring that holds the dildo (in this case the included silicone dildo … more on that later!)  is sewn into the actual lining of the panel. There’s no changing it out for larger, thicker dildos. Not a huge deal but when I started trying other dildos in this harness, anything thicker than the included dildo wouldn’t fit that well. As it is the dildo that comes with this is a fairly snug fit. The dildo sits against your pubic bone because there’s no backing to the panel. It’s not a huge deal but I can see vigorous sex perhaps causing some chafing to occur when silicone dildo rubs against skin.

Detail of the crotch panel and dildo when worn over jeans. Notice how the dildo sits against your skin rather than against a panel. 

I did like that you can possibly launder this harness if you do it on the gentle cycle and if you throw it in with other clothes. Remember that the metal O-ring on the back is rather large and it’ll knock around against the inside of your washing machine if you won’t pad the machine with other clothes. Another alternative if you don’t want to risk that is washing this by hand, which I would think would be preferable and least risky in terms of ruined appliances.

Can we talk about the dildo now? Yes! Yes, we can talk about the dildo now. I freaking love this dildo. I’ve been less than thrilled before when toys are included in sets, mostly because there’s always a weak link. One of the pieces will inevitably be crappy. I was expecting this dildo to be sub par and end up on my throw-away pile. Oh hell no. I love this dildo. First off, it’s pure silicone. Like my other much-loved and adored Tantus and Fun Factory dildos. I’m talking perfect quality silicone that is purple, shimmery and just the right curve. The head of the dildo is slightly bulbous and the shaft is curved nicely to aid in g-spot stimulation. And boy howdy, it stimulated my g-spot. It’s juuuuuust thick enough for me to enjoy while not being overly thick. Like I said before, thicker dildos didn’t fit in the sewn-in O-ring on the harness panel so this dildo is medium sized in thickness.

Compared with my two strap harnesses, I really love this bikini style harness. The Spareparts Bikini Harness sold at Fascinations Fun is fun to wear, sexy to look at, and comes with a great body-safe silicone dildo. I wish the straps were easier to adjust, but I can overlook that and remember to do more yoga so I can be more flexible. The included dildo is fantastic and I hope to use this for sexy times when the time is right. There’s a place inside everybody where you just want to sit around a stroke a cock all day, and this is how I do it. Strap on and stroke up.