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Review – MySpare Pete Packer Underwear Brief

Pete Packer Underwear Briefs by MySpare

I have a new obsession. Okay admittedly, I’ve had these for a few months now, but I’m still just as obsessed with them as the day I got them.

What are they? The Pete Packer Underwear Brief from MySpare and sold at Babeland are literally a revolution in packing technology and gear. We’ve come a long way since the days of socks in underwear and other ways we devised to gender bend.

I have several other harnesses, among them two MySpare products – the Joque and Theo. I also have several leather harnesses (my favorite of which is the La Femme harness by Stockroom). Specifically for packing I have two packing straps from Aslan Leather (two sizes of the Mr Right Packing Strap). I’ve tried them all. The problem I’ve had with them all up until now was that I felt like I needed to wear underwear over the harnesses so the actual packer didn’t get damaged during from rubbing up against my clothing.

Packer cocks are very delicate by nature and as such tend to tear easily. Because they’re made to simulate a flaccid penis, they need to feel as soft as possible. Babeland’s Softpack is made from Elastomer. I love them for their softness and realistic feel, but I am super protective of them. I keep them stored in plastic baggies so no lint, dirty or other materials that could stain the Elastomer gets in contact with the material while the toy is being stored. If I’m that careful in storing them, do you think I’d be less careful when I wore them?

The Pete Packer solves all these issues. Any packer you choose to wear is kept safely behind the nylon/spandex blend the underwear is made out of. If I were to stand in front of you with these briefs on naked from the waist down, you wouldn’t know I didn’t have a bio cock. That’s what’s so great about the Pete Packer line! As such these are great briefs for trans people and those who simply want to experiment with gender play.

Front and back of the Pete Packer Underwear Briefs (shown with Fleshlight Mr Limpy inserted)
Modeling the Pete Packer Briefs

I’m a small person, 4’10” and 106 pounds. As such, I got the Medium size Pete Packer Briefs just to be on the safe side. I prefer to not wear underwear that is too tight and these turned out just perfectly. The 88% nylon and 12% Spandex jersey blend these briefs are made from fit me perfectly. Size Medium will comfortably fit a 32-34″ waist. Babeland has provided this handy guide to determine what size you would wear:

– Small: 28″ to 30″ waist
– Medium: 32″ to 34″ waist
– Large: 36″ to 38″ waist
– XL: 40″ to 42″ waist
– XXL  (special order only): 44″ to 46″ waist
– XXXL (special order only): 48″ to 50″ waist

In my opinion, order up a size from what you think you might wear. I’m tiny of course and as such you’d think I would wear a small. But au contraire! You would be wrong. I have bigger hips so medium sizes in things usually fit me pretty comfortably. 

For me, the wonder to these packer briefs doesn’t come in the material, fit or anything like that. It comes in the pouch where you keep the packer safe and secure at all times. Having packed a few times under clothing. There is nothing so frightening as shifting your body around only to feel your packer slip out from where you put it. The fear that it will fall out somehow is always there. That was one of my biggest gripes about the Aslan Mr Right Packing Strap. The packer never felt secure and I always felt like it was going to slide right out the top. With the Pete Packer Briefs, the packer stays secure right where you put it.

Inside of the Pete Packer Underwear Briefs

When you look inside the packer underwear, those of you familiar with Spareparts (or MySpare) harnesses will see the familiar fold over flap. This flap is the part that actually sits against your body. While you’re wearing the Packer Briefs, no part of the actual packer touches your body.

Inside  the pouch where you keep the packer

Once you pull back the flap though, you’ll see exactly how you’re going to keep your packer cock safe and secure. First thing you’ll see is a little stretchy piece sewn on. I’ll be honest with you – I haven’t used the little stretchy thing. My packers just don’t fit it. My best guess is that this strap will keep the actual shaft of the packer in place if you don’t want to pull the shaft through the second inner hole (which goes through to the second chamber of the brief front. I think this is what my father would term as “belts and suspenders.” It makes sure that the packer stays inside the inner pouch if you’re not putting it through the hole.

The second hole is pretty small, I tend to think. I took a scissor and made a little snip in it (probably not a good idea since nylon and spandex seems to fray, but there was no other way I could get my relatively slender packing cock through there. I was worried that trying to pull it back out from that super tiny shaft hole would end up tearing the packer. Do this with yours or not, I’m sure that most packer cocks will comfortably sit inside the inner hole.

That inner hole opens up into a second compartment. This is generally where I pull my packer cock into and leave it. For me, I don’t use any stand-to-pee devices or pull out my packer cock from this second compartment like a bio man would pull his penis out (to pee or otherwise display) so having this second pouch have exterior access is neither good nor bad. Obviously though if you wanted to do this, having exterior access to this second outer pouch is excellent. It’s just what you would find in men’s oriented underwear. You can reach in and find whatever your fishing for, be it packer cock or bio cock. The space is generous enough to accommodate several sizes of packer cock, starting from the smallest up through I would say a large size. Having something larger than the Babeland Large Softpack in this space seems to me like it would be excessive, but some people prefer a bigger bulge to a smaller bulge.

Wearing this packer for me is eye opening. I’ve always loved wearing my strap-ons and waiving them around in the air. It makes me feel powerful and “toppy” in a way that nothing else can. When I pack, I cannot stop rubbing my cock. I’ll slip my hand down my pants and just rub away. Before the Pete Packer Underwear Briefs, I was always concerned that this rubbing action would lead to miniature tears in the packer elastomer material and one day lead to the degradation of my packer cocks. With this now, I can rub the outside while still knowing that my packer is safe and secure behind one if not two layers of nylon/Spandex material.

One note here I’ve been dying to ask biological men since I got this packer – how do you walk with a bulge between your legs? Seriously! It’s been killing me. I feel front heavy almost. Like I keep rubbing up against my cock when my legs hit it. No wonder the urban myth keeps getting perpetuated that men think of sex every seven seconds. Having a cock like this makes me believe that myth is actually true.

The care for directions found inside the initial flap in the pouch area

The Pete Packer Underwear Briefs by MySpare can be washed by hand or in a washing machine in cold water on the delicate cycle. Use only mild soap; never bleach or fabric softener. When drying, make sure to line or flat dry these so they don’t deform or melt (after all they are Spandex!) These underwear are made in the USA and are patent pending.

So what do I think of the Pete Packer Underwear Brief from MySpare, available at Babeland? I absolutely freaking love them. I’m not kidding here at all. If you’ve ever considered gender play or are a trans person in need of a safe, secure way to carry around your packers in a day to day pair of underwear, these are what you’re looking for. They are comfortable and yet stylish. The Spandex/nylon blend forms to your body and provides all day comfort but the double pouch area is the best way I’ve found yet to wear a packer all day. There’s no risk that your packer will fall out from where you’ve tucked it if you use the Pete Packer undies. Spareparts is a company I love for harnesses and they have not let me down here in their new line of packing underwear. Bottom line – get these! You will absolutely not be disappointed!

Review: Courtney Trouble’s Roulette Toronto

Courtney Trouble’s Roulette Toronto

I love porn. I love good queer indie porn. I like porn that not everybody may like. I like natural bodies, gender queer people, safe sex practices, lots of toy use and most importantly chemistry between the actors.

Courtney Trouble makes her special kind of porn even better in Roulette Toronto, available from Good Vibrations. There have been several in this series before, including Roulette Berlin, Roulette Dirty South and No Fauxxx Roulette. This time they’re up in Canada and have made the best of the people and places available to them.

Courtney herself stars in a scene with Judy Minx and does something special to my girly parts in the process. It’s a long, drawn out, but well done scene shot by April Flores, who later stars with Dylan Ryan. There’s fingering, toying, fucking, licking, and all together hotness all around. I have to say, I love when there’s lingerie that stays on throughout a scene and this movie delivers that for me. Judy is pretty freaking hot in this scene.

The one thing I didn’t like about this scene was the questionable lighting. It seemed like either it was over lit or under lit. Porn on a budget almost. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I love amateur stuff. Making it real and gritty. But there’s also something to be said about being able to see what’s going on. Maybe invest in a few more lights and not ones that are so harsh.

River Turner, Drew Deveaux and one of my perennial favorites Jiz Lee star in a scene where they’re all in a dance studio working out (rehearsing a dance I guess) and it quickly devolves into a pretty fantastic threesome right there on the floor of the dance studio. You don’t need a ton of toys when you have three amazingly sexual people and this is scene is an example of it. Fingers, tongues and hands make for great sex.

I think my favorite concept of the whole movie was April Flores calling for an escort and finding that Dylan Ryan was one who showed up. Women are sex work clients too and we often forget that when talking about the subject. The Njoy Eleven makes an appearance in this scene, the long lusted-after toy of my dreams. Of all the things I could fixate on, I found myself in love with Dylan’s earrings and high heels. Random, but they were fantastic. April Flores is a porn actor that absolutely knows how to do what she does and it shows. She enjoys it immensely and her chemistry with Dylan is beyond hot. Their friendship also shows in this scene. You can tell that even if the cameras weren’t there, they’d be cuddling and having fun together. Hell, they’d probably end up having the same great, hot sex too!

While I seriously had a hard time deciding which scene in this movie was my favorite (they were all great), I would probably have to say Lascivia Liberty and Scout’s scene on a hot pink bed in a hot pink bedroom was my favorite. There is just something so freaking hot for me about a gender bending sex session that gets me going. The mix of harnesses, work boots, lingerie and high heels? Yes please! There are so many fun positions and toys used in this scene. First and foremost is a strap-on harness. I’ve recently become enamored with everything to do with harnesses and can first hand tell you how sexually empowering it is to use one, even if not to have sex. The possibility of switching between and among genders so easily makes for absolutely great sex.

The bonus scene with Dia Zerva and Wordman is probably my second favorite scene. Dia is one of my favorites from and I find myself looking for her feature length performances more after seeing her there. Watching her pole dance made me want to get up and shimmy my little bum all over some one’s face and crotch only to be rewarded with hot sex and more of that fantastic Njoy Eleven action. There’s inherent dom/sub tones to this scene, something I love when watching porn. Dia’s necklace is collar-like and reminds me that I would like something similar in the future. I know I’ve talked about how I don’t like to watch blowjobs in porn most of the time, but I found myself actually liking the blowjob Dia gives Wordman and really getting turned on by it. That was a shocker to me!

The music throughout this movie is fresh and moves the plot along. It doesn’t overpower the natural noises from the sex and sits comfortably along side it. I mentioned the lighting issue before and while this was a bit of a downer for me in Courtney and Judy’s scene and April and Dylan’s scene, overall the lighting in the other scenes was excellent.

Roulette Toronto by Courtney trouble and sold through Good Vibrations is a movie that will be going on my porn shelf and probably be brought out often. The combination of great chemistry among the actors, hot sex, great toy use and examples of safe sex make this a movie that I would recommend. Queer porn isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure. Queer porn is designed though to be accessible for everyone. There’s real people, real bodies and real sex. There’s something for everyone.

The trailer for Roulette: Toronto:

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Review: Seven Minutes in Heaven Vol. 2

Porn, much like human bodies, comes in all shapes and sizes. Having spent the last almost decade watching porn of all types, I’ve developed quite a discerning taste for what I like. Unnatural looking bodies, condom-free sex, male jewelry, hair scrunchies and faked female orgasms are just a few of the things on my list that make me press the “stop” button. A dude spewing his jizz all over a girl’s face is another. Ugh.

Having done extensive “research” on the subject, my recent trend in my porn watching habits is quite simple – real people, with real bodies, having real sex. Seven Minutes in Heaven 2: Tender Hearted sold at Babeland, quite possibly the most queer and gender-friendly sex store out there. The fact that it was nominated for a 2010 Feminist Porn Award tells you what caliber of work it is. It also tells you something I would like to impress upon my readers. Pornography and feminism are not incompatible concepts. To be truly liberated as a woman, it is important to enjoy your body and be in touch with it, whether that’s through sexual activity of some kind or not.

If you’re looking for plastic-fantastic, blond Barbies in your porn, look elsewhere. This is not the movie for you. Hell, this isn’t the movie for everybody in fact. For some, it might be too much. But like Goldilocks and Baby Bear’s porridge, it was just right for me. There are real people in this movie. Only one person that appeared on screen was someone I even recognized and she didn’t take her clothes off!

The basic concept of Seven Minutes in Heaven 2 is this – throw a bunch of hot, gender-bending people into an apartment with great sex toys, all the safe sex protection you could ever dream of, and let them go to town. Paired off by a basic “spin the bottle” of sorts, couples and eventually threesomes do what hot people do best. They have great, hot, real sex. I couldn’t tell who was what gender and honestly that was part of the appeal. In the end, it doesn’t really matter. Sure, if your Tab A doesn’t fit into another’s Slot B it’s a bit of a setback, but just strap on a fake cock and go to town. Some of my favorite toys ever make appearances in this movie. Some of my most recommended toys make appearances in this movie.

One thing that really got my attention and sealed my stamp of approval for this porn was the fact that I don’t think I can recall a porn with more safe sex examples. From black nitrile gloves to condoms over vibrators and even a demonstration of how to make a dental dam in a rush, my inner germaphobe and safe sex advocate rejoiced. In a day and age where AIDS and HIV has not been eradicated and only continued to proliferate, it’s important to show positive examples of safe sex. Using a condom or dental damn doesn’t decrease sensation. In my mind, using them shows your sexual partner that you care enough about them to make sure both them and you stay safe, regardless of health status. And to me, that’s just plain sexy. Caring is sexy.

Genders blend as couples get down and dirty in this movie. Fingers and tongues explore. Interesting locations make for interesting sex. I mean, I never would have thought of a clawfoot tub as a particular sexy location for sex in the positions shown in this movie, but now I don’t think I’ll look at one the same now. There’s no black or white when it comes to race here either. Everybody is sexy. Everybody gets action. While I do have some of the actors I preferred (the sexy Latina girl in the opening scene was freaking HOT!) they were all interesting and enjoyable to watch.

Want a preview? This is just an example and a quick scene of the actors playing “spin the bottle” to get things started.

See what I mean? Hotness. Want more of a taste? Here’s the trailer as found on director Courtney Trouble’s website. Follow the link to her website for more pictures taken on set during filming.

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So overall did I enjoy Seven Minutes in Heaven 2: Tender Hearted sold at Definitely. Is it a porn for everybody? No. The person who enjoys this movie will have an open mind, a love of safe sex and a soft spot for human bodies, no matter the color, shape, gender or orientation. Sex comes in all shapes, colors, sizes and appearances. My only gripe? Sorry, everybody. I just can’t do that much genital hair. A sad reality, but a true one. That little fact alone stuck in my heel like a bad glass sliver you can’t tweeze out and unfortunately prevented me from really getting into this porn.

As to Courtney Trouble and her brand of “gonzo” porn (which seems to me to be more like real porn)? I’m glad there’s someone out there making movies with real people having real sex in a real way. We’re not all porn stars and we’re all interested in things beyond our normal experiences.  Porn should reflect that as best it can. This movie certainly does.

Review: Soft Pack by Babeland

When I was in fifth grade I went through a period of time when all I wanted to be was a boy. I dressed like a boy, sounded like a boy and did my absolute best to be a boy. Of course fifth grade was also the year I got my period, so that dashed all my dreams of ever being a boy. I accepted the fact I had a vagina and moved on with my life. Being a sheltered child my whole life, I didn’t even understand the concept that a boy had a penis. Well, until they separated the boys from the girls for an hour long video about sex education the same year.

I didn’t get my hands on a cock until I was 22. I kid you not. I was a virgin until 22. Wow, I’ve come along way since then. While I may not have touched a lot of cocks in my day, I certainly know what a cock feels like.

Recently my childhood fantasies about being a boy have come back. I’ve found myself fascinated with the idea of genderbending. I’ve begun lusting after packing cocks and strap-on harnesses.

The Soft Pack from Babeland is quite possibly my favorite of the packing cocks out there. They are made from Real-feel Superskin, a material that feels very skin like and realistic. More on the materials later though. First, let’s talk about what I like about this packing cock.

First off, they come in a variety of sizes. I selected the medium for a good size cock. I already have the Mr. Limpy packing cock from Eden Fantasys so I wanted something a little bigger. The Medium Soft Pack is 5 3/4 inches in length and is quite the floppy cock. I can only imagine how this cock would be if it got hard. Wow, that’s something to imagine! The sizes of these range from the 3 1/2 inch Mini to the massive 7 inch Large. Whether you’re looking for a little bulge under your clothes or a rather sizable one, you’re sure to find something you like in the sizes available for the Soft Pack.

For a size comparison: 
Soft Pack Medium on the left and Mr. Limpy on the right

 Second, the look and feel is very lifelike. It’s squishy and not overly firm. In a kinky way I can act out my CBT (cock and ball torture) fantasies without having to worry about hurting an actual cock. Too much? While clearly the balls don’t have anything in them like real balls do, the balls are nicely sculpted. There is wrinkling and folding where you’d expect it to be. This cock clearly has been circumcised but that doesn’t deter me at all. I love to see the look of a pronounced cock head. The color of this is pretty lifelike as well. It’s a good Caucasian color. As someone who believes in diversity, I wish this came in a variety of skin tones, but as the Babeland product website says, manufacture availability has limited availability to only the Caucasian color. Sigh. Though I will say compared to Mr. Limpy the color is much better. Mr. Limpy is an almost sickening shade of pink. God, if I was that shade of pink I’d worry I had too much carbon dioxide in my blood.

But now … well, for the less positive things.

Let’s be honest. The medium size is freaking huge. It’s quite the dangly thing. I use my packing cocks with my Mr. Right Packing Strap to accommodate the balls and quite frankly the Medium Soft Pack weighs it down. The actual shaft part of the cock is so weighty that it pulls the top part of the flat backside away from the straps that hold the packing cock in place. I worry that too much vigorous movement or even too vigorous walking might snap the shaft clean off the balls. Even sitting on my desk it still lifted up and wanted to lean forward. See?

My biggest gripe? The material this packing cock is made of. Real-feel Superskin is a material designed to be lifelike, but it’s extremely hard to handle, store and care core. When the cock comes to you, it’s in a sealed plastic bag and you can see the inside of the bag is covered in a greasy, almost lube-like material. It kind of smells gross and made my hands feel even grosser. I just felt greasy all over. I tried to wash it away, but that didn’t work. It’s the actual material itself. The material also collects lint and dirt like nothing else. Even sliding my packing cock in the Mr. Right Packing Strap for the first time covered it in little black lint particles all over.

This material cannot be sanitized and is porous. While this packing cock isn’t designed for penetration of any kind, I highly recommend putting a condom on this toy if you want to use it in any kind of situation where bodily fluids could get on it. How do you clean it then? Antibacterial soap and water is best, followed by air drying to prevent more lint catching on it. This material cannot be used with silicone-based lubricants and doing so will melt the material. I’ve previously heard that you can throw a little cornstarch on this and similar materials to keep them in good shape. I didn’t test that but I hope to in the near future.

I honestly have trouble storing this packing cock as well. I get nervous about touching it to silicone toys in case they melt each other. Like I said previously it collects lint. I will probably be storing them in plastic storage bags.

I understand that to make the toy feel as lifelike as possible, it probably needs to be made of this material but I’m hoping that someday another material is developed that doesn’t need as much goop on it to be both manufactured and maintained. The greasy feel alone is enough to turn me off. But I’ll overlook that because I finally have what I wanted in fifth grade.

Even for a few minutes, I can pretend to be a boy.

Find the Soft Pack at  Babeland in prices ranging from $16 for the Mini to $22 for the Large.