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Review: Icicles No 23 Double End Dong

Icicles No 23

There are some toys I’ve always wanted in my life based on certain experiences I’ve had. Anal toys came from my first dominant insisting he preferred submissives who liked anal. Paddles came from years of playfully swatting myself with rulers. Double dongs came from watching lesbian porn in my formative years. My first foray into double dongs was an abysmal failure. It was a clear jelly piece of horror, smelly and made from totally body-unsafe material. I never used it and ended up throwing it out with the trash months after purchasing it.

Not so with the Icicles No 23 Double Dong made by Pipedream and sold at Fascinations Fun. Sure the experience is different with a glass dong than a jelly one, but what you’re compromising on with flexibility you’re making up for in handcrafted beautiful glass.

We all know of my love of glass toys and oftentimes how beautiful they can be. This piece is no different. It’s made from what I suspect to be Pyrex instead of what Pipedream says is glass. Most “glass” toys nowadays are made with Pyrex because it resists chips and breaking better than standard glass. That being said, I’m going to take Pipedream’s word and call it glass from here on out.

As I’ve previously talked about in reviews, glass is a wonderful material for sex toys because it is so versatile. For those that enjoy temperature play, it can be easily warmed up or cooled down for different sensations. Pipedream and Fascinations both suggest using a microwave for warming up glass, but be careful about this method. Anybody who has ever microwaved a glass food storage container can tell you how scalding hot glass can get in the microwave. I suggest running glass toys under warm water as a safer alternative where you can gradually raise the temperature of your toy in a more controlled manner. If you are going to microwave it, I suggest super short bursts of time. Five to fifteen seconds tops and then test it with your hand before you do anything like holding a scalding hot pink dong to any sensitive genitals. Second degree burns on your labia does not make for a happy toy enthusiast.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, cool temperatures provide an entirely different sensation. I prefer the cooler end of the spectrum in terms of temperature play, sometimes putting a glass or metal toy in the freezer for ten minutes before starting toy time. Where warm water will provide a controlled temperature raise, cold water will help in the opposite direction. I know many people who shudder at the idea of cold toys in their genital region and if you don’t know which you prefer, try both and decide for yourself. It’s simply a matter of preference and trial and error. Just remember to cool and warm your toys in a controlled, safe manner and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Icicles No 23 by Pipedream

The Icicles No 23 is a pleasant shade of translucent pink, reminiscent of the Epiphany Baton by Crystal Delights. Where I liked the pink before because it was color coordinated with a huge pink Swarovski crystal, the pink here seems …. predictable. Having looked at many, many sex toys in my years of sex toy shopping and reviewing, I can say that there is a distinct overkill use of pink and a lack of other colors on the market. I understand why manufacturers use pink as their go-to color. Women are the largest purchaser of sex toys and it’s gender stereotyping to assume all women like pink. I personally think this double dong would have looked spectacular in a blue color for example, but it is what it is. Set against a black background (like on the packaging for the No 23) the pink is actually very pretty.

Total length of No 23 is approximately 13 inches

This is a big dong, no doubt about that. The weight is somewhere between the nJoy Fun Wand and Pure Wand by my estimation. My entirely imprecise bathroom scale tells me it’s approximately one pound of solid glass. The dong itself is just shy of 13 inches in total length from tip to tip. If you’re going to be using this with just one person and depending on where you’re going to be inserting it, expect maybe half to be insertable. When I used this, I lubed up more than I realistically should have and ended up slipping a little bit when lube slid down the shaft of it. Rule of thumb – be realistic about the amount of lube you use.

Both ends of No 23 are designed to look like a cock head

Each side of No 23 is tipped with what are arguably penis heads. From the tiny urethra-like indentation at the very tip to the glans corona around soft spongy glans head. The glass has been shaped into a scoop shape and then has three little ridges under it. Those wanting a more gender-neutral dong should consider other toys. This is definitely intended to remind users of a penis, no doubt about that. On my No 23, one glans corona (the very ring of the cock head for the less medical terminology-aware) is slightly larger than the other. This tells me either the mold was crafted with slight differences or the item is actually hand blown (pun intended!) and this has resulted in minor differences between the sides. There really is no practical effect though. If yours arrives with similar differences, I doubt a less eagle-eyed user would notice.

In use the pronounced cock head is actually quite stimulating. I’m someone who prefers strong g-spot stimulation to orgasm and the ridged, protruding head hits my g-spot at an excellent angle. I like toys that take some time to make me orgasm in comparison to my trusty Pure Wand that takes all of 30 seconds to a minute tops. It’s a nice alternative. Glass is one of those materials that people either love or hate. “It’s too hard and not realistic feeling!” I’ve heard from the latter camp. Personally, I really enjoy the completely hard sensation. Combined with any lube of your choice, glass is a very slick material and has no friction.

I’ve referred to No 23 as my “penis scepter” and that’s definitely what this is. There’s no mistaking that No 23 is designed to look like a penis. If you’re looking for an alternative to jelly double dongs and don’t mind trading flexibility for a quality material, look into the Icicles No 23 Double Dong sold at Fascinations Fun. Sure, the pink color is a predictable choice, but you’ll find that on the whole you’ll love the idea of a glass double dong, solo or with someone! Use the extra length as a handle if you’re solo or if you’re with someone use it to penetrate two people at the same time. For those who enjoy showing off their glass toys, display it and wait for the questions to roll in. No 23 is a piece of art, no doubt about that.

Review: Sliquid Organics Lubricant

Sliquid Organics Lubricant

First off, let me apologize for the huge time lapse in posting. With the end of law school comes only the beginning of the biggest challenge known to law students – the bar exam. I will do my best to keep making regular or even semi-regular postings, but until August 1 I make no promises.

Second, I’m here to talk to you about lube. Not just any lube, but what is easily the best lube on the market for sexual health. Sliquid makes some of the purest, healthiest and greatest lubricants on the market and the Sliquid Organics Lubricant is the jewel in the crown of their line of products. Available at Fascinations Fun, Sliquid Organics is made from natural ingredients and is notable for what it doesn’t have – nasty glycerine and parabens.

Using lubricant during sex and sexual play is very important. The human body simply cannot produce enough lubricant on its own sometimes and supplementing it with outside lubricant can lead to a more enjoyable, longlasting and pleasurable sexual experience. Lubricant reduces friction which can cause tearing in areas of your body tearing should not occur. I would like to note that tearing produces open wounds and thus increases the likelihood of transmission of sexually transmitted infections. So between using condoms (which themselves decrease transmission rates) combined with lubricants and other safe sex methods can give peace of mind that you’re engaging in the safest sex under the circumstances, which to me is the sexiest sex of all. Showing you care for your partner(s) is the ultimate act of love for me.

I’ve used and tested a lot of lubricants in my time and I am just now getting to try Sliquid by testing this product. Dear gods, why did I wait until now?! The more I hear about parabens and the questionable health side effects of them, I’m more concerned about using products that contain them. On top of that glycerine is a common ingredient in many lubricants and is a form of sugar. Anybody with any sexual health knowledge will tell you introducing sugar and sugary products to your vagina could possibly lead to yeast infections, something no woman wants last time I checked. If your vagina smells like you have beer brewing inside it, that is not sexy in any way, shape or form.

Sliquid Organics is a water-based lubricant, something I’ve frequently talked about on this blog as being compatible with any type of toy you may use it with. Silicone lubes will cause silicone and rubber toys to “melt” and degrade over time. Plus silicone lubricants often contain those harsh ingredients I just talked about. Sliquid is also latex friendly, meaning you can use it with a majority of mainstream condoms. I have found that a lot of condoms out there are lubricated with sub par lubricants and those lubricants are unhealthy a majority of the time. I’ve had condoms leave residue on silicone toys, so I suspect many of them are lubricated with a variety of silicone lubricants. Your best bet is to get unlubricated condoms and use your own lube, such as Sliquid that you know will be healthy, organic and compatible with whatever you’re doing.

For those concerned with animals and animal testing, Sliquid is 100% vegan friendly and has not been tested on animals. You can have peace of mind that when you’re having sexy times, you’re having sexy times that didn’t hurt anybody (unless that’s what you are having sexy times for!) Sliquid is an American-based company that develops and produces their products in the USA, which creates jobs for Americans and leads to a stronger economy that will benefit everybody. Seriously, you’re stimulating the economy by stimulating yourself. It’s a win-win combination!

Sliquid is a lube that is taste free, scent free and feels silky smooth on the skin and sensitive parts. It absorbs just fast enough not to stain fabrics and just slow enough that you won’t have to reapply every two or three minutes you’re using it. Nothing ruins the mood like having to stop during sex and add more lubricant. If you were to rub Sliquid Organics into your skin like lotion, it would be smooth and soft.

Ingredient list: Purified water, plant cellulose (from cotton), aloe barbadensis*, natural tocopherols (Vitamin E), cyamopsis (guar conditioners), extracts of hibiscus*, flax*, green tea*, sunflower seed*, citric acid (citrus fruits), phenoxyethanol (rose ether). The items starred are certified organic. 

Sliquid Organics sold at Fascinations Fun is the best, safest and most health conscious lubricant I have tried to date and I would highly recommend it to anybody that is looking for a lubricant good for your body. Lubricant is not something you want to scrimp or pass on when it’s so vital to smooth and fun sexual encounters, whether by yourself or with partners. This lube doesn’t irritate skin and has none of the possible health risks associated with lubricants that contain parabens and glycerine.

Want an even better deal on something so vital to sexual health? Use code “GOFUN10” at checkout and you’ll get 10% off your entire order with  Fascinations Fun. You know you want to!

Review: Beginner Ball Gag by Tantus

For the longest time, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with ball gags. I have an extremely small mouth, one that is almost epically small in proportions. My dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons have commented how small it is in the past, saying that their instruments that would generally fit an adult don’t even come close to fitting in my mouth. On top of this less than useful trait, I also have a gag reflex that could …. well, choke a horse. I’m the girl who can’t brush her back teeth without almost vomiting all over the bathroom sink.

I have a couple of gags, found through extensive online searching for gags labeled in the reviews as “only fitting a small child.” Those are more traditional ball gags, with a round ball and neck strap. They work, but seem iffy about the standards of construction. This is why I was pleased to get an opportunity to try out the Beginner Ball Gag by Tantus and sold at Fascinations Fun. While my kink play may be advanced, my ball gag usage is still in the beginner range.

I’ve talked several times about the quality I love most about Tantus products – how they’re made from 100% body safe medical grade silicone. My other ball gags claim to be silicone, but any material claiming to be silicone and smelling simply isn’t silicone. High quality silicone, like the type Tantus uses in its products, shouldn’t have a smell. It shouldn’t retain smells and it shouldn’t stain, barring extraordinary circumstances. It’s also easy to clean. Simply pop off the leather head straps (I’ll talk more about those later) and put the gag itself into the dishwasher, in boiling water for five minutes or in a 10% bleach solution. For ordinary use, I wash my silicone toys with antibacterial soap and hot water before and after use to make sure nothing has clung to the surface in storage.

How the ball gag comes out of package

This particular ball gag comes with the straps and gag separated, probably because you should always clean your toys before using them the first time. The gag itself is bright red, that classic color used for gags and prized by fetishists. There are other colors gags get produced in, and this one itself comes in black and pink, but red is simply the most classic color for a ball gag. My bet is a majority of ball gags sold are red.

The part of the gag that goes in your mouth measures just about 2 1/2 inches tall. The base doesn’t go in your mouth, but instead is used to both anchor the straps onto the gag and provide extra comfort. An added bonus is that the base provides an additional barrier to sound and muffles any little noises that may leak out from around the gag. There’s no danger your submissive will make any noise when they’re wearing this gag. The diameter of the ball is just over 1 1/2 inches. For me that’s a pretty sizable ball, but my bet is that a majority of people with average sized mouths can fit this with no problems. I have to stretch my jaw and bite down really hard on the neck of the gag for it to stay in my mouth. Thanks to the aforementioned intense gag reflex, I’ve had problems keeping it in my mouth for more than a minute tops, but I’m working on that and hoping to suppress it more in the future.

Fully assembled ball gag

Inserting the straps into the gag for use is very simple. The head strap has a Velcro closure for the back of the head, and there are snaps that connect the front two straps to the gag through the two little slots on the sides of the gag’s base. The snaps themselves are made from metal and rather difficult to snap together, but I pressed one side against my desk and used that as leverage. That worked perfectly. Maybe I’m just a weakling when it comes to snaps. The snaps are a bronze colored metal. The straps are made from leather and have that great leather smell that I love. Hello, leather fetish! That being said, the straps must be removed for any cleaning or any time water may come in contact with them. I don’t suggest getting a lot of body fluids or lubricants on the straps either but simple drool shouldn’t affect it too much. Isn’t that what ball gags are for anyways? Drool and silence. Very hot in my mind.
Because the straps have a Velcro closure in the back, they are highly adjustable to any head shape and size. Depending where you want to put this on your head, it is easy to adjust and fit to every person who may use this gag.

I think my only issue with this gag is purely visual. The bottom of the gag is perfectly flat from whatever it was molded from. While this isn’t a huge issue, it’s more aesthetic than anything for me. When worn, you can see the bottom of the gag and where it was cut from the mold. The Tantus logo is molded into the upper side of the base so maybe the logo would look better on the bottom side, adding a little visual interest to the bottom. I like that the flat part provides a canvas onto which you could carve something, write something or otherwise decorate it yourself, but if you don’t do that … well, it looks kind of unfinished and plain.

Overall, the Beginner Ball Gag by Tantus sold at Fascinations Fun is a highly functional ball gag for those who are both just getting into using ball gags and those more experienced with them. It is easy to wear, easy to use, easy to clean and easy to care for. Tantus’s body safe materials make for a great product and while the base leaves something to be desired visually, it is a perfect option for someone looking to experiment with ball gags in a non-threatening manner.

Review: Bikini Harness by Sportsheets

Spareparts Bikini Harness

“Hold on, honey. Take a breather while I adjust my crotch strap.” Wait, what? Okay, so that exchange never happened, but it sure could. At least with this harness.

The Sportsheets Bikini Harness sold at Fascinations Fun is a nifty different style for a strap-on harness. I also own a Latigo Leather harness (also by Sportsheets) and a Spareparts Joque harness for strap-on delights. Admittedly I haven’t used any of them to have sex yet, but in my mind there’s something to be said about always being prepared. Can you tell I was a Girl Scout? Plus there’s little that’s sexier for me than putting on my cock and just playing with it.

First off, I’d like to say how much I love Fascinations. Seriously. They have some of the coolest stuff, the best prices and the best discounts (for you thrifty sex toy users!) When I receive packages, they’re packed with care and arrive super quickly. If you haven’t checked out Fascinations yet, you’re definitely missing out.

Okay, enough pining over a sex toy company. Back to the actual harness. This harness is a bikini style harness as compared to a two strap harness. Wearing this harness is like wearing one big (heavy) g-string. Wearing a two strap harness like my Latigo or Joque is like wearing a … well, jock strap. There’s two straps that go from the crotch section to the back of the harness and those straps cut under your butt cheeks. Now us ladies (or other users of harnesses) can get a feel for what it’s like to play football, minus the padding and 300 pound defensive ends slamming into us. Personally, I like the feel of a two strap harness. They feel more secure. I can see how they’d be cumbersome to wear around as a packing harness and that’s where I like the idea of bikini style harness like this one. Heck, I don’t think you’d even have to wear undies.

Modeling the Bikini Harness over jeans.

Given that this is practically a g-string, the straps on this are going to be fairly slim. For me to feel secure with this on, I had to tighten the straps by pulling on the loose tab in the back (rather difficult when wearing) to the point that I had a bit of a muffin top spillover. Hence why you are not seeing me in this harness – I wasn’t too thrilled about the rollover action I was getting. Going back to the strap tightening, this is where I found the biggest flaw in the harness. It’s really difficult to adjust when you’re wearing it. You have to reach around back and pull the straps in a way that is not easy to do. Especially the crotch strap. You pull downward to tighten it. That being said, if you have really long, limber arms I doubt this would be a problem. It would also not be much of a problem if your partner would do it for you. Having no partner to help me and short arms, I kind of rotated my torso just so and sorta pulled as best I could. The straps are connected in the back by a rather heavy metal O-ring and I giggle when I wear it cause it’s like having a target on my ass.

The crotch panel of the harness is actually really nice. It’s made of soft padded fabric and is really comfortable. The O-ring that holds the dildo (in this case the included silicone dildo … more on that later!)  is sewn into the actual lining of the panel. There’s no changing it out for larger, thicker dildos. Not a huge deal but when I started trying other dildos in this harness, anything thicker than the included dildo wouldn’t fit that well. As it is the dildo that comes with this is a fairly snug fit. The dildo sits against your pubic bone because there’s no backing to the panel. It’s not a huge deal but I can see vigorous sex perhaps causing some chafing to occur when silicone dildo rubs against skin.

Detail of the crotch panel and dildo when worn over jeans. Notice how the dildo sits against your skin rather than against a panel. 

I did like that you can possibly launder this harness if you do it on the gentle cycle and if you throw it in with other clothes. Remember that the metal O-ring on the back is rather large and it’ll knock around against the inside of your washing machine if you won’t pad the machine with other clothes. Another alternative if you don’t want to risk that is washing this by hand, which I would think would be preferable and least risky in terms of ruined appliances.

Can we talk about the dildo now? Yes! Yes, we can talk about the dildo now. I freaking love this dildo. I’ve been less than thrilled before when toys are included in sets, mostly because there’s always a weak link. One of the pieces will inevitably be crappy. I was expecting this dildo to be sub par and end up on my throw-away pile. Oh hell no. I love this dildo. First off, it’s pure silicone. Like my other much-loved and adored Tantus and Fun Factory dildos. I’m talking perfect quality silicone that is purple, shimmery and just the right curve. The head of the dildo is slightly bulbous and the shaft is curved nicely to aid in g-spot stimulation. And boy howdy, it stimulated my g-spot. It’s juuuuuust thick enough for me to enjoy while not being overly thick. Like I said before, thicker dildos didn’t fit in the sewn-in O-ring on the harness panel so this dildo is medium sized in thickness.

Compared with my two strap harnesses, I really love this bikini style harness. The Spareparts Bikini Harness sold at Fascinations Fun is fun to wear, sexy to look at, and comes with a great body-safe silicone dildo. I wish the straps were easier to adjust, but I can overlook that and remember to do more yoga so I can be more flexible. The included dildo is fantastic and I hope to use this for sexy times when the time is right. There’s a place inside everybody where you just want to sit around a stroke a cock all day, and this is how I do it. Strap on and stroke up.

Review: Tantus Silk Large

Tantus Silk Large in Purple Haze

Oh Tantus. If there are two companies in the sex toy manufacturing world that are near and dear to my heart, they are Tantus and Njoy. It is hard not to enjoy their products. They are well thought out, well designed and well manufactured.

I have long admired the Tantus Silk Large in Purple Haze sold by Fascinations Fun has long been a dildo I have admired and lusted after. It seems so basic in it’s construction and design, yet so many have recommended the Silk line of Tantus dildos as first time dildos. There’s a reason for this. Actually there are several reasons.

First off – It’s 100% body safe medical grade silicone. Tantus has the best quality silicone I’ve found on the market. Boil it, bleach it, sterilize it. Other than lighting it directly on fire or using silicone lube on it, there’s not much you can do to destroy these things. As to the fire thing, I’ve heard rumors you can hold an open flame to quality silicone and it will not melt. I’ve just been too chicken to do this with my own toys. Silicone can be shared among partners, though I do suggest using a condom for easy and quick swapping. Also condoms make anal to vaginal play more possible without the risk of a dreaded infection.

Why else do I love this dildo? The shape and size. This is the largest of the Silk line dildos, with the smallest being little more than a thick thumb’s diameter. I have previously recommended the Silk Small to friends who are interested in pegging but don’t want to put something too thick up their butt their first time out. The Large dildo is a hair over 6 1/4 inches insertable with a diameter of 1 1/4 at the shaft’s base and oh-so-slightly tapering out at the tip. You can feel the slight taper as you stroke the length of this shaft as you would a penis. The shaft curves in a way that will hit your g-spot and stimulate the area nicely. The blunt end is good because it will not poke at your g-spot like other toys I’ve tried will, instead making contact and stimulating the whole area. My g-spot needs more pinpoint stimulation, but I enjoyed the blunt bulbous end of the Silk very much so. The head of the dildo is not lifelike or designed to mimic a penis in any way so those who prefer their toys to be gender nonspecific will enjoy that. No scary, veiny, overly realistic cocks here.

Third, this makes a fantastic option when used in conjunction with a strap-on harness. The flared base and diameter make the Silk easily fit into most standard cock rings that come with harnesses. I found it worked in both my Latigo Leather harness and my Spareparts Joque harness. As a woman, having the ability to slide a dildo into a harness and strap it on is very empowering. I could literally sit all day and play with my new found cock, just stroking it and waving it around. Cock envy is fantastic. That being said, the flared base is rather small compared to other dildos I use as strap-on compatible dildos.  Unless the ring you’ve put your dildo in with your harness sits very snuggly around the base, there is a possibility that the Silk Large could wobble around or slide loose (assuming you let it.) The base of the Silk Large is a very flat 2 1/4 inches across. The flat surface helps it stand up with using the toy vertically on another flat surface and gives a mild suction, but not compared to other dildos that are specifically designed with a suction cup base.

While I do love the silicone material Tantus uses to make their products, I’ve found them to be extreme lint magnets. They attract most anything, whether dust, hair, or lint from whatever I’m storing it in. Storing silicone toys together is also difficult as I’ve found they do the melty thing when pressed together for long periods of time.

New Packaging Fail

Recently Tantus did a redesign of their packaging for most, if not all of their toys. When I first started purchasing Tantus toys, they arrived in plastic bags with a cardboard label folded in half and stapled over the bag’s edge. There was minimal packaging and very little you could injure yourself on with the exception of the small staples perhaps. Tantus has since transitioned to plastic clamshell packging that inserts into more plastic boxes with interlocking flaps at the top. Their new packaging is shown here at left with Deuce 2 also by Tantus.  Maybe I’m just inept at opening packing (my hands and fingertips hold the scars of many scissor / plastic fights) but I’ve found that the new packaging is hard to get open and on a several occasions  I’ve sliced into skin doing so. Additionally it’s a lot of extra packaging I now need to dispose of somehow. The clamshell insert is nice because you can store your dildo that way but the box,  besides being a information conveying device, does little but take up space and add to landfills. If I was a Tantus marketing employee I would see if there’s a different way to package items that will take less materials and lead to less injuries.

Packaging aside, the Tantus Silk Large in Purple Haze sold at Fascinations Fun makes for an excellent dildo for beginners looking for something easy to use but still effective. It’s not realistic like other dildos on the market and can be used in a harness for strap-on play. Be careful to make sure the harness ring fits snug against the base. The silicone is easily cleaned and the purple shimmer iridescence to it is very pretty to the eye. The color reminds me of a nail polish color I had as a small child.

Review: Tantus Dipper

Tantus makes many of my favorite and most lusted-for products. Based in California, they use only the highest medical grade silicone for their toys. This is one of my favorite features on any toy, and Tantus toys are no different.

Tantus also makes some of my favorite anal toys around. The Tantus Dipper sold at is a toy I’ve been looking at for quite some time. My love of anal toys is no secret around here and the thought of a Tantus-designed toy that was specifically for my butt made me drool.

One thing I find amusing about the design of the Dipper is how similar it looks to those honey pot dippers. That’s probably where it got it’s name though. All the designers and marketing people were sitting around the conference room table and somebody said, “Hey it looks like a honey dipper. Let’s call it that.” Or maybe not. I don’t know. I just like to think I’m funny.

When you get the Dipper in your hands the first thing you’re acutely aware of is the ridges in the insertable, pointed part of the toy. These are some serious ridges and definitely not for the anal newbie. In fact, I’d bet that most anal virgins and newbies are terrified of this thing just looking at it. Rightfully so too. The total length of the toy is just under 5 1/2 inches and the ridged insertable portion is roughly 2 3/4 inches.

I used some good quality silicone/water-based hybrid lubricant on the ridged, insertable portion. My preferred and favorite hybrid lubricant is Wet Synergy. I made sure that the ridged part was well coated and slowly attempted insertion. The pointy tip of the toy makes it easy to pinpoint where you want to put it, but right after you get past the pointy tip you really get tested. I suggest that your butt is really, really warmed up before using this toy. Either that or be an advanced anal player. This thing does not go in with one attempt thanks to the ridges. With some slow breathing, good lube and clitoral stimulation (aids in relaxation for me) I was able to finally pop the full insertable portion into my butt. At it’s widest point, the Dipper’s ridged part is 1 1/2 inches.

The round end can also be used for insertion, but I found it works better as a handle than anything. Due to having no real easy way to insert a purely round end, the pointy tip of the ridged section makes for easier insertion. Easy being relative here.

Once inserted I found there wasn’t much I could do with this. The taper in the middle of the insertable, ridged end is not as slow as the taper closer to the end so I couldn’t thrust this toy at all like I usually like to. The smooth neck will allow your anal sphincter to relax around it. I was able to thrust this a little thanks to that smooth portion, but I felt like I was more ramming my asshole from the inside than anything.

Like I mentioned before, the ridges are really something else. This takes a really brave soul to attempt using this toy. You feel each and every one of those ridges as you work this inside your ass. No doubt about that. I mean, I liked that I could feel it, but if the ridges were slightly less pronounced I feel this would have a wider appeal and probably get more use from me in the future. Plus I would love if the smooth neck was a bit longer as well. I like to thrust my anal toys, as if I’m being fucked in the ass. Static use anal toys are better suited for butt plugs in my opinion. Something more as a warm up or decoration.

Did I like the Tantus Dipper sold at Yes, I did. The great medical grade silicone is firm and yet easy to clean. You can boil it or put it in a 10% bleach solution if you’re worried about bacteria. The pointed end makes it easy to find where you want to put it, but the ridges are challenging at best and painful at worst. Take some time and ease into this toy and you may find that you love it. I know I’ll be using it again even with the ridges. What can I say, I like a little bit of pain mixed with my pleasure.

Review: Fun Factory Ellove

Fun Factory makes some of my favorite products around. I am absolutely in love with my Magnum dildo. Their products are simply in a league of their own when it comes to quality. Much like German-made BMWs are quality automobiles (the 650i is my favorite car), apparently German-made vibrators are similarly constructed.

The Fun Factory Ellove sold at Fascinations is a great vibrator for someone who love quality sex toys. Fascinations sells this vibrator in two colors – purple (like the picture) and a pale pink color. I received the purple color and I absolutely love it. It’s a deep, rich purple. Quite frankly, it reminds me of Barney the Dinosaur a bit. So I guess if you have a fetish for childrens’ entertainment characters you’ll be over the moon for this vibrator. That’s probably a little weird. Or a lot weird. To each his own though.

Okay, joking aside. Let’s start at the beginning. Fun Factory packaging is probably the best on the market. Seeing that Fun Factory toys are sold in just about every country that allows the sale of sex toys, the box has blurbs in several languages. The front of the box has a cut out so you can see the actual vibe in the clamshell inner packaging and the back of the box is a trifold held closed with tiny magnets.

The Ellove is a special vibe from Fun Factory known as a SmartVibe. The box indicates what makes this line special is that there is a “turbo booster” button that revs up the vibrations even higher than they go normally. The turbo booster button can be found on the bottom of the vibe by the up and down control buttons.

Turbo Booster button (bottom) and up and down controls (top)

What also sets the SmartVibes toys apart from other Fun Factory vibrators is the fact that they are ergonomically designed. The Ellove starts out with a slightly triangular head that has an angled flat surface. I suspect this is done for g-spot stimulation. I couldn’t really tell a difference when I used this, but it did seem to seek out my whole g-spot area rather than pinpoint it like other toys have done. The body of the vibrator then narrows slightly before widening out. It is at its widest point perhaps just slightly above the mid point of the whole vibrator.

I found the widest point to be a little girthy for easy thrusting. I’m more of a thruster when using a toy than I am girl who will insert a vibrator and let it sit there. While I like some size so that I can feel it, I don’t like overly girthy toys. The Ellove is probably easier to use for women who have a wider vaginal opening. Mine is fairly small and thus it’s harder to use thicker toys unless I’m really relaxed and warmed up first.

That being said, I really enjoyed the vibration patters the Ellove offers. To be honest I lost count of how many different vibration cycles and patters it has. There are several levels of straight vibration and then at least six that I could tell other vibration patterns. Most of them seemed to undulate. Working the controls to switch between patterns is fairly easy. Just press and hold the “+” sign on the base of the vibe and you will switch to the next pattern. To decrease the intensity of the vibrations use the “-” sign. The “-” also functions as the off button if you press and hold it for longer than you would if you wanted to switch between vibration patterns. I found the off button to be a little touchy and frequently had to hold it twice or three times to turn off the vibe. Throughout all of this you can  press the turbo booster button if you want a little extra power. You have to maintain pressure on it to keep the extra power.

The shaft of the vibrator is covered in silicone, making this an incredibly body safe toy to use. You can use this toy with water-based or higher end silicone lubricants such as Wet Synergy (my personal favorite.) The packaging for this toy also includes a sample sachet of Fun Factory’s Toy Fluid, a water based lubricant. This lube does include glycerin if you have sensitivities to that.

The Ellove takes four AAA batteries. The battery compartment can be accessed by slightly turning the end of the vibrator. They are inserted alternating end to end. I had a little trouble putting the cap back on and lining up the design right, but after a second or two got it on the right way. It’s difficult at first and intuitive the more you use it. The battery compartment has a little silicone gasket that prevents any water or other fluids from leaking into the batteries, making this toy waterproof. I wouldn’t keep it submerged for a long period of time, but it does stay usable if under water for a short period of time. To make it completely waterproof you have to line up the design on the cap perfectly with the body of the vibrator. Otherwise water can leak in.

Because there is no flared base on this vibrator, I do not suggest it for anal use. This is purely a vaginal and other exterior genital area toy. Do not insert this into your ass because it could possibly get lodged in there and require emergency medical attention to remove it.

To clean this toy, use warm water and an antibacterial soap. I suggest doing this before and after use because the silicone body of the vibrator tends to attract lint and other airborne particles. Prevent infection by always playing it safe. To prevent fuzzies from your towels from finding their way onto the silicone shaft, I recommend air drying. If any type of fluid does leak into the battery compartment, open it and let it air dry completely before using again.

The Fun Factory Ellove sold by Fascinations is overall a great introductory vibrator for someone new to sex toys. The quality of Fun Factory toys is unsurpassed. The shaft of this vibrator, designed to be ergonomic to the body, may be a bit girthy in sections for women with smaller vaginal openings. If you like thrusting your vibrator, this may not be the toy for you. The turbo boost button offers a quick extra little bit of power if you need a jolt of it to really get you to orgasm. This is a toy that you’ll have for quite some time if you love it.

Review: Flexi Felix by Fun Factory

Of all of the anal toys I have, I have never owned a proper set of anal beads. They have always fascinated me and sure, I’ve watched them being used in porn for as long as I’ve watched porn. But up until I found Flexi Felix by Fun Factory and sold through Fun Love I wasn’t sure I was willing to jump on the anal bead bandwagon.

I’ve always had one problem with anal beads – cleaning. Most anal beads are just plastic beads strung on polyester string with knots on either side of the beads to keep them in place. Dude, that goes up your ass. From the sounds of that construction, there’s no way you’re going to get those disinfected and cleaned.

The solution to this problem? Making sure the beads are able to be cleaned. Make them of silicone. These beads are made of 100% medical grade silicone. Fun Factory is known for making high quality toys and using only body safe materials. Their designs are cute and fun, but always have a functional use to them. In this case, Felix’s eyes are the handle to the beads. While what could be considered Felix’s eyebrows are a bit too flexible for my taste, the handles seem to be pretty stable. Pull or tug too much and you may find you’ve pulled Felix just a little too far for my taste. I worry about that honestly.

What’s nice is that you don’t have to pull very hard though. These beads graduate from a small comfortable size at the bottom of the “chain” to a larger size at the top. The beads/balls are not perfectly round, making for easy insertion and removal when the time comes to that. A little lube makes insertion easier.

Though honestly? Maneuvering myself and my arms into such a position to actually insert these anal beads is not exactly the sexiest thing ever. Perhaps it would be easier having a partner do this for me, but seeing as how I don’t have either of my partners with me at the moment I had to try this out myself solo. You kinda have to push each bead in and relax a bit as the beads get slightly larger the higher up you go on the set.

Since I couldn’t use Felix during sex (something I find super hot theoretically) I resorted to making it an all Fun Factory event and pulling out what I consider to be the best dildo I’ve ever used, my Fun Factory Magnum. A quick aside on this one: it’s a harness compatible dildo that is girthy and curved in all the right ways. It has a solid feel to it while still being made of medical grade silicone and therefore body safe and sanitizeable. If you’re ever looking for a great dildo, I highly highly recommend the Magnum even with the steep price.

After struggling for a few moments to get Felix into my ass, I lubed up the Magnum and slowly but surely got it inside my vagina. Okay yeah, I did feel a little more stretched out than the Magnum usually gets me. I have always found the sensation of double penetration quite pleasurable and the beads inside my butt with the dildo in my vagina was no different this time. That thin membrane of skin separating the two toys was extremely sensitive. But wow … Felix’s head was super awkward and in the way. It kind of hangs there out your ass and for as big as it is, it interfered with the base of the Magnum though the Magnum didn’t go anywhere near all the way inside me.

When I was close to orgasming from short and shallow thrusts of the Magnum, I gently pulled on Felix and out he came, minimally adding to my orgasm’s intensity. While it didn’t blow me out of the ballpark so to speak, it did make the whole experience somewhat better.

My take on anal beads? If you’re going to get them, make sure you can sterilize them. If it goes up your butt, you want to make it as clean as possible once you’re done with it. While I will need more practice to make this a good solo toy, I can only imagine what Felix will add to my partnered sex life. I fully intend to put Felix to good use when V is fucking me doggy style, having V pull Felix out of my ass right when I’m close to orgasm. Anal stimulation is one of the best ways for me to orgasm easily and I hope that Felix will help me to finally orgasm from partnered sex.

Flexi Felix from Fascinations Fun Love is a great set of anal beads and will definitely get you interested in anal play if you haven’t done any before. It’s cute and wiggly and offers all the great things Fun Factory is known for in their products.

Review: Ophoria Bliss No. 12

I don’t like traditional stick vibrators. Usually I use a vibrating sex toy on my clit and that’s about it, and stick vibrators are bulky, cumbersome and rarely strong enough for me to enjoy.

With that in mind, I was expecting to not like the Ophoria Bliss No.12 sold at Fascinations. Even with that being said, I’ve had my eye on Ophoria products for some time. Mostly because reviews say their materials are high grade and the construction is done very well.

My package from Fascinations arrived and I opened it to find a box full of pink crinkled paper filler. I’ve received a lot of packages from a lot of different adult toy companies and whenever I get something with special touches like that, it makes me want to return for more. Little touches like adding special packaging instead of just throwing the toy in the box to ship shows a company really values their customers. It’s a way of showing they care. Fascinations definitely has my vote for that.

The box the vibrator itself comes in is lovely too. The back of the box has product details in six languages and also shows pictures of what the five vibration modes run as. In the past I’ve said I would not get toys that are pink or packaging that’s pink, but I succumbed and gave into the pink for this toy. The packaging is a soft baby pink and not vulgar at all. No pictures of naked ladies, just soft designs and extensive details. A plus for Ophoria this time.

The Bliss No 12 vibe is a silicone vibrator, meaning the shaft of the actual vibrator is covered in a silicone sleeve. This sleeve is not removable and is very soft. It’s a harder silicone instead of being squishy. The material does have some give and the tip of the shaft is bendable slightly. There are ridges all along the silicone sleeved shaft and start out small and close together at the tip and progressively get larger and farther apart as you travel up the shaft. These ripples and ridges provide a pleasant sensation when inside you and also provide a great sensation when being rubbed on the clit for clitoral stimulation.

Generally stick vibrators don’t provide strong enough vibrations for me. I make no secret of my love of intense vibrations, seeking out the strongest and best non-Hitachi level vibrations I can find. This vibe on the other hand has some pretty intense vibrations for a traditional vibe style like this. The vibrations are concentrated at the tip of the shaft and get drastically softer as you get towards the battery cap. There are five vibration patterns: Mode 1, Mode 2, Mode 3,  Pulsing and Climax. Mode 1 is a gentle constant buzz while still being more intense than some cheaper vibes on the market. Mode 2 is a slightly more intense constant buzz. Mode 3 is a very intense constant buzz and holy heck is amazingly strong for this style vibrator. I loved that level. Pulsing is quick burst then little buzz followed very shortly by another quick burst. Climax is a short strong burst followed by a few seconds of somewhat medium intensity vibrations. The vibrations cycle through in that pattern.

To cycle through the vibration patters, there is a power and control button at the base of the vibe. You have to press it rather hard to get it to turn on and I like that. Unless you’re pressing right on it, I don’t see this vibe accidentally turning on. Another thing I found good about the power/control button is that you don’t need to cycle through all the patterns to turn it off. Just hold the button down constant and it will turn off. This helps if you have to turn it off in a rush. I hate vibes that make you cycle though all patterns if there is more than one to turn it off in a rush. Well done, Ophoria. Little details like that are well thought out and helpful.

The shaft width of this vibrator is somewhat sizable. It’s pretty girthy even for a size lover like me. Because of this, it may not be pleasurable to a vibrator newbie. I would suggest it for someone who prefers larger diameter vibrators or someone who has a little more experience using toys.  

This vibe is not waterproof cause there is no seal between the battery compartment and any potential water it may come in contact with. The packaging indicates it’s splash proof instead. I hadn’t considered that phrase before, but I like it. A little water on the shaft isn’t going to hurt it, but don’t submerge it or use it for an extended period of time in water.

I know I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. Make sure you clean your toys thoroughly and store them properly as well. Don’t let silicone toys touch other silicone toys otherwise they will melt together. Use only water-based lubricants as well for the same reason. If you share toys, make sure to use a new condom when switching from partner to partner. Because this toy doesn’t have a flared base, I would not recommend it for anal use. It could potentially get lost, which would result in a very embarrassing trip to the emergency room.

Overall I really liked the Ophoria Bliss No.12 vibrator from Fascinations. I went in with the mindset I wouldn’t like it and was very pleasantly surprised. It’s a quality product with surprisingly strong vibrations. The material is body safe and silky smooth to the touch. As long as you treat your vibe properly and maintain it, I expect this toy would last you a very long time. You can buy the Ophoria Bliss No. 12 at Fascinations.