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A Big First for This Kinkster

So this upcoming Friday I have plans to attend my first somewhat large scale play party. I’ve been invited by someone I’ve been talking to since I first joined and I am quite excited about it. Sure, I’ve had threesome experiences, but no experiences with more than three people in the same room.

I’m really excited about going to this party. I know several of the people in attendance and I’m salivating over the opportunity to have sex with them, either again or for the first time. There are people I’ve been hoping to meet that might come and that also is something I look forward to. There’s quite a difference between seeing pictures of someone and seeing them in the flesh. And feeling that flesh too.

I think this will really will be the most “difficult” thing I’ve ever done sexually. I tend to get really sore and raw from long sessions, mostly from not cumming so far from either oral or penetrative sex. Yes, that means the only way I’ve ever cum is from solo stimulation AKA masturbation. I love fucking for hours and hours but at a certain point my poor vagina gets sore and unusable. Adding external lubricants helps with that, but being a tiny girl with well endowed partners I’m going to get sore no matter what help I get.

I think I’m most excited about having a good outlet for my voyeurism and exhibitionism. I love watching and I love performing. So any experience where I can do both is a good experience for me. And of course watching and then being invited to participate also is pretty exciting as well. I have no doubt at some point during the evening that will occur as well.

Am I a little big nervous or worried? I would be inhuman if I say I wasn’t. After all this is the first time I’ve done this kind of thing. I don’t expect everything to go perfectly, but I’m sure hoping everything goes well.

I’ll make sure to report back how it goes. I’m sure I’ll have some very titillating stories to share here.