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My Desert Island Toy List

I have people ask me all the time: “What’s your favorite [insert category of sex toys]?” Over the years I’ve tried so many it would make most people’s heads spin. Hell, if you look at which toys are in my collection, the number really is quite staggering. I didn’t even realize I’d tried that many until I actually sat down and listed them all.

Sex toys come and go but I find myself gravitating back to the tried and true ones. These are the toys that will forever hold a dear place in my heart and bedside drawer.


 Pure Wand by nJoy
If I could write an ode to one toy and one toy alone, it would be the Pure Wand. For a long time before I wrangled up the funds for one, it had been spoken of with high esteem by sex toy reviewers and users alike. “It’s fabulous! You won’t regret it!” they all said. I always replied with a skeptical look and mindset. There really couldn’t be one single dildo that did everything for me, could there? I mean, after all … it’s huge! It weighs in at around three pounds of solid stainless steel. I could use this thing as a personal defense tool, for god’s sakes. 
The weight is what makes it so totally delicious and beyond reproach. I swear to you that from the very first time I used the Pure Wand, I was hooked. It has brought me more orgasms than all my other toys combined. Hands down. The small end is perfect for targeting the g-spot. That tiny end almost acts like a magnet. WHAM! G-spot stimulation! The larger end is great for all over, cervix-pounding thrusts. The two ends are perfectly counter balanced and this provides an ease of use that you would otherwise think would be lacking in such a hulking piece of beauty. The trick to using the half moon shape is to rock it in and follow the natural curve of the dildo. 
It’s incredibly cleanable, with no cracks or crevices that could collect gross germs or gunk. Use antibacterial soap, boil it or put it in the dishwasher. It comes in it’s own crown jewels-like case, nestled in a bed of pink satin. 
Read my full review of the nJoy Pure Wand here.
Magnum by Fun Factory
Okay, so maybe stainless steel isn’t your thing. No problemo. My other favorite dildo is by far the Magnum dildo by Fun Factory. It’s swirly, it’s silicone, it’s firm and it’s got a fantastic girth! Is that enough for you? 
Magnum is probably top most dildo on my dildo pile other than the Pure Wand. Sometimes, you just want thickness inside you! That’s what Magnum offers and more. What I like most about this dildo is that it’s definitely got some heft to it (I sense a theme!) There is nothing wimpy about this dildo. It’s not slender and it’s not for the faint of heart. This makes it a win in my book. Not to mention that it is harness-compatible! The flared base makes it great for anal use, though admittedly you’d have to be a pretty intense anal player to get the whole shaft of this beast into your bum. Owie. 
The shape is just asexual enough not to freak me out and just detailed enough in the right places to provide stimulation where my body craves it. From all the dildos I’ve tried, used and no longer use, I’ve noticed that I like curvy dildos. Some have the extreme curve of the Pure Wand and some have the more gentle curve of the Magnum. The broad head of the Magnum is great at stimulating the whole g-spot area while staying away from sharp, cervix-puncturing pokes. 
Once again, you can clean the Magnum in all the same ways you can clean the Pure Wand, a must for my germaphobic self.
Read my full review of the Magnum by Fun Factory here
 Mimi by Je Joue (pink) and/or Siri by Lelo (purple)
I tried my best to decide which one of these I liked more, but I simply couldn’t pick. It’s like asking me to decide among my pairs of shoes which I like the best. It simply can’t be decided. They both have their pros and cons and quite frankly, I wish that they would just combine already! Make sweet, cute, powerful, easily rechargeable and waterproof little love babies.
They’re both perfect in their own way. The Mimi is waterproof all over. I keep Mimi in my shower for a quick waterproof pick me up in the morning. It’s broad, flat head is great for clitoral vibrations. It has a billion different vibration patters, but I’ll be honest and say I really dislike vibration patterns. I prefer constant vibration to a pattern any day. Same goes for the Siri in terms of patterns. I know they’re there if I ever want to try them out, but I sure as hell don’t use them on a day to day basis.
Siri’s pointier head is great for super targeted vibrations and on the whole I would say I use Siri more than Mimi, but Mimi is clearly better for wet encounters because Siri’s buttons are the weak point in it’s chain. The charging port is at the back of the hard plastic part of the handle and the plug in is easily accessed by water and/or lube. Eeek! Mimi charges by magic … or as Je Joue says “a magnetic clip” that just magically holds onto the little electrodes that also double as on/off buttons at the non-business end. 
Both have tips that are silicone and cleanable, but Mimi is covered all over (with the exception of the very end with those buttons).  I’m gentle with when I clean these and only clean with soap and water. 
One thing you may notice is that I don’t have a stick vibrator or traditional style vibrator listed here. Why? Because I just don’t have a use for them. My vagina likes penetration, not vibration. My clitoris is the one who likes vibration, so why have all the extra bulk? It’s not necessary. I stick with tiny, discrete and out of the way vibrators. 
Anal Toys
Small Clear Plug by Crystal Delights
I have said it before and I will say it again until I’m hoarse in the face. The single best plug I’ve ever used in my entire life is the Small Clear Plug by Crystal Delights. End of story. There simply isn’t another plug or anal toy even like this plug. If there isn’t one of these in your toy collection if you are into anal, then you should drop everything and get one of these now. Hell, you should have had one of these since the day they came on the market. 
Why am I so in love with this plug? It has absolutely everything I have ever wanted in a plug and more. It sparkles like CRAZY. I like everything sparkly and there is nothing that sparkles like a huge Swarovski crystal in your ass. People have told me it looks like a freaking flashlight shining out of my bum. It is just that sparkly. Doesn’t every girl want something sparkly in her life? Tiffany, Cartier, Harry Winston. Pffft. They have nothing on these things. Forget putting a diamond on my finger; put a diamond in my butt! 
This plug has unparalleled comfort. I’ve worn it for upwards of five to six hours and could have easily worn it for much longer. Because it’s glass it does have a bit of a weight to it, but actually it’s a pleasant weight. I find that when I’m wearing it, I’m more aware of my sensuality. I feel owned and dominated even if I’m the one doing the dominating. There is something about anal that puts me in the most delicious headspace and this plug is number one in doing it for me. 
I could go on and on for hours and days about how amazing all of the Crystal Delights toys are (helloooooo … they have TAILS!) but this is the flagship in the line, in my mind. When Crystal Delights first came out they had two sizes – large and small. The large plug has a longer neck and looked uncomfortable to me. I’m so glad I went with the small and thus the shorter necked plug. It simply does everything for me. 
You simply won’t know how amazing these toys really are until you try them. That’s all there is. 
Read my full review of the Small Clear Plug by Crystal Delights here.
Natural Organics by Sliquid
Why do I have lube here? Because it’s lube! Everybody needs lube. Our bodies are not natural lubricant producers all the time. If you do any anal play at all and are even halfway concerned about your butt’s health, you must use lubricant. The ass doesn’t produce any natural lubricant on its own in the way a vagina does. No lube equals friction. Friction equals tearing. “Tearing” and “asshole” are two words that should never, ever go together. 
There are a million and one lubricants on the market and a million and one chemicals that manufacturers put in those lubricants. Some are more harmful to your body than others. Sliquid is an American company making super body-safe and organic lubricants that are bar none my favorite ones. I’ve tried tons and found that some dry out, some get sticky, and some … well, I don’t like to speak of some.
Sliquid makes a ton of different varieties, some water based and some silicone based. Some have flavors and some have no flavors. Some are warming and some are cooling. I like the plain old basic Natural Organics version that is water-based. It works with any toy material and any condom material. This lube has just ten ingredients and five of those are certified organic. My body likes those odds. 
There are so many other lubricants out there that claim to be body-safe and non toxic. This lube actually is both of those things. Why aren’t you using it already? 
So there you have it. Six simple products that have changed my life. I couldn’t live without them and I sure as hell never want to be without them if I’m ever stuck on a desert island. We’ll just imagine the whole electricity issue isn’t an issue at all. Need a new toy in your life? Get one of these. Need a toy that will last you a lifetime and will get you hooked? Get one of these. 
I know my life wouldn’t be the same without them!

Review: Ceramic Wand by Crystal Delights Toys

Crystal Delights Ceramic Wand

There are few things I like more in life than my Crystal Delights Small Anal Plug. You combine anal stimulation with glass and Swarovski crystals the size of chicken eggs and I’m absolutely down for most any combination of those things. I have long been a fan of Crystal Delights toys and everything they design and sell.

I guess that’s why I’m so confused about where I sit on their new ceramic gspot wand due to be released soon. I actually had to sit and ponder this for most of an afternoon why I’m so confused.

First off, let’s start with some product specifications. The total length is about eight inches total with an insertable length of about size and a half inches. The handle end flares to accommodate one of Crystal Delights’ signature massive Swarovski crystals. The crystal in the end of the version I received is an aurora borealis one, something that also is available in the butt plugs I love so much. The wand itself is made of ceramic and an overall blue color with swirls of green, yellow, white and orange throughout. The pattern is absolutely beautiful.

The business end of the wand curves up slightly and has a horizontal ridged pattern. I think this is where I got hung up, so to speak. Generally, I don’t like texture on my sex toys. Given the chance to pick from a smooth or textured toy, I will usually pick the smooth toy. For me, I prefer g-spot stimulation rather than vaginal wall stimulation. Put something at the end of the toy to make it bulbous, but don’t make my shaft bumpy.

Side view of the ridges on the insertable end

That being said, I do like the occasional texture and I went into testing this with an open mind. After all, the texture isn’t so much on the shaft as it is on the part that stimulates the g-spot area. Would that make a difference to me? After I lubed it up with some water-based lubricant (though you could hypothetically used lube that is water-based, silicone-based or any other base with this toy), I slid it inside me and went to town. Okay, not all together unpleasant, but not orgasmic either. The curve on this wand wasn’t extreme enough for me, I soon found. While I hesitate to compare it to my all time love, the Njoy Pure Wand, the curve just wasn’t hitting my g-spot in a place that I enjoyed. I fact, I would even go so far as to say it was a touch on the painful side. But I persevered and kept going for the sake of all the toy review readers out there. Pleasure soon overtook pain and while I did manage to squeak out an orgasm, it was a small and rather unfulfilling one. Okay, maybe it was just this one time. I attempted to change my mind about it the next night. No dice.

The aurora borealis crystal

So there I sat, holding the thing in my hands. Sure, it’s beyond beautiful. I began to ask myself though, “Do I like it because it’s beautiful or do I like it because it’s functional and gets me off?” I found myself falling back on the first option most every time I considered that question. Thus I had a quandary. At what point does beauty become more important in a sex toy than functionality and features? 

I’ve actually come to a crossroads in my views of sex toys, thanks to this toy. I’ve sat for many hours actually thinking about it. Crystals are nice and looks certainly add to the overall appeal, but at the end of the day if it doesn’t get me off like I want it to or do the job in general, I’m not going to go back to a toy. I have so many toys and only a few of them I go back to on a routine basis. So why do I go back to those select few? Because they’re functional. They get the job done. Sure, they’re probably pretty too, but that’s almost a side issue there.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because of the material. I love porcelain. I started believing I had a g-spot after I used a bent porcelain toy called the Dolphin for the first time a few years ago. The potential for temperature play and its slick texture in general are major upsides for me. I’m always wary of porcelain though because it easily chips and air bubbles can often times be found in the surface if it’s not been properly fired. That’s what happened to my the Dolphin. I dropped it on my hard tile floor in my apartment and WHAMO! huge chip out of the end of it, thankfully not the insertable end. Thinking of the possibility something similar would happen to this wand has me worried, though not because I’ll miss using it. More because I’ll miss looking at it.

Air bubbles! Oh no!

Speaking of those air bubbles, I did a very thorough inspection of the entire wand and alas found two air bubbles that formed sometime during production and then burst during firing. They are in the worst possible place too – in between the ridges on the insertable end. The reason this concerns me so much is the possibility for lube, vaginal secretions and ultimately bacterial to build up inside of these microscopic holes and lead to bad things. This means I will have to be extra careful when I clean this wand and make sure that all junk gets off it after use. I spoke with Shelly, the owner of Crystal Delights toys, and she assured me this was not normal for their new porcelain products and to send it back to her if I wanted to.

Included with the wand

I really wanted to like this wand. After reading MinxxGirl’s account of her testing I was downright excited that I’d get the same result. I’ve never squirted and it’s definitely something on my sexual to-do list. But like you’ve seen, my results weren’t anywhere close. In fact, I’m downright confused why I dislike this toy in general. It’s beautiful. It’s well-made. It’s packaged in specially made bags and comes with a sachet of lube and a card with a crystalized zipper pull. I should love it! But in all fairness to my vagina, I just can’t bring myself to be over the moon about it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the right person who loves texture and rubbing their g-spot more than impacting it (like I do with my Pure Wand) will absolutely adore this toy. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people. Until I become one of those people, I fear this gorgeous porcelain wand will sit in the bottom of my toy drawer.

Review: Epiphany Baton by Crystal Delights

There are simply no toys in the world like the Crystal Delights toys. Hands down. Not even going to entertain an argument here. The quality is beyond amazing and the look of them is out of this world. You already have heard about my extreme love of the Crystal Delights Crystal Clear Anal Plug. Since receiving that plug I’ve worn it numerous times, both in private and in public. I’ve showed it to many people. Nobody can believe how beautiful it is when they see it in person.

Epiphany Baton by Crystal Delights

Imagine my shock when Shellie offered to send me yet another of the beautiful glass toys Crystal Delights is becoming known for. Not just any toy though – an unreleased one! Ahh! I just about went crazy with lust when I saw the picture too. What was this little kinkster getting? The beyond gorgeous Pink Epiphany Baton.

Like its already-in-use cousin the Crystal Delights Anal Plug, the Epiphany Baton is from Pyrex glass and truly one of a kind. Each piece is handmade and done so to exacting specifications. The quality of these toys is beyond reproach.

My absolute favorite part about this and all Crystal Delights toys is the crystals themselves. They are Swarovski crystals and easily rival huge diamonds. The gem in this particular piece is a huge pink gem. It is a shade I can’t really describe – you just have to see it in person. The intensity of the pink is beautiful.

Gem in the base of the baton

This baton measures in at approximately 11 inches in total length. That sounds like it’s super long, but of that length only about 6 3/4 inches is insertable. The other portion is the handle itself, not meant for insertion into the body. In those proportions it’s much easier to understand. At first glance this toy looks huge, but when you really get it in your hands and use it, it feels much better.

The total length is approximately 11 inches

The insertable shaft of the baton is a slightly pink color, not exactly matching the intense pink of the gem in the handle base. The shaft is also bent and intended so for g-spot stimulation. The insertable shaft also has a raised swirl of ridges from the head of the toy to the end of the insertable portion. These also aid in stimulation. I found the ridges themselves to be a bit on the large side for me. When I’m trusting a toy in my vagina I prefer to have a smoother thrust than something with texture. This is a personal preference only because I find it’s easier to thrust and doesn’t cause me discomfort. This toy was a bit on the uncomfortable side because of this, but someone who likes ridges will be pleasantly surprised I think. The insertable shaft is approximately 1 1/4 inches in diameter, making for a thicker and girthier toy than some may be used to.

This is no toy for the weak! It takes guts to use this baton.This thing is pretty weighty and I can see someone with less arm strength than me possibly getting tired while using it. Glass is no lightweight material and having something this large will inevitably lead to it being weighty. I guess the upside to this is that if you really needed to in an emergency, you could use this as a weapon and defend yourself from an attacker. I’m not exactly sure what situation you’d be in where you’d have this ready and available to defend yourself, but I’m sure it might come up in the far reaches in a crazy twist of the universe.

The bulbous head at the end of the shaft is quite large, almost 1 1/2 inches in diameter. This will stimulate your whole g-spot area. The tip is slightly pointy and judging from this people who prefer their toys to have a more blunt end may find this tip to be too pointy. I didn’t have a problem with the point.

Top: Epiphony Baton. Bottom: Ribbed Twister

Within the a few days of receiving this Epiphany Wand, I also received the Ribbed Twister by SSA Glass from Eden Fantasys. Comparing the two, the differences are very apparent. The Epiphany Baton is thicker, longer and the head is bigger. The handle is also thicker in diameter. While the Epiphany Baton has a more drastic angle for g-spot penetration, the Ribbed Twister is only slightly curved in comparison. Having used both of them, I feel that they both have their place in my toy box. The Epiphany Baton is more for vaginal penetration or possibly anal penetration if you like thicker anal dildos and can handle the angle. I’ve used the Ribbed Twister for both vaginal and anal penetration and have found it to work for both much better because of it’s smaller diameter. The narrower head on the Ribbed Twister also makes for easier anal insertion at first than the Epiphany Baton.

Included with every Crystal Delights toy is a sample sachet of some variety of lube (my plug came with Boy Butter while this came with Lucky water-based lubricant), two ultra thin latex Life Styles condoms and a card with two glass charms. They all come hand wrapped in pink glittery tissue paper and stored in some kind of padded bag. Shellie has told me that she is having bags for the Epiphany Baton specially made and that the bag I received will not be the bag is ultimately sold with. I look forward to seeing what that bag is.

Glass is one of my favorite sex toy materials because of the ease with which you can use it. There’s no chance that any type of lube will interact with it so go ahead and go crazy with silicone, water or oil-based lubricants. They warm up and cool down remarkably well and clean up just as easily. To warm your glass toys, the safest way is to run it under warm water for a few moments. Making the water too hot will increase your chance of burning your sensitive bits – not a good thing. I’ve cooled glass toys in the past by three methods: (1) running it under cold water, (2) placing it in the fridge for a short while and (3) placing it in the freezer for an even shorter amount of time. Test the temperature on a non-genital portion of your body first so as to avoid both burns and the glass freezing to your skin ala A Christmas Story.

Remember to store your glass toys in a safe place and don’t play catch on a concrete floor with them. If you drop them, they will either crack or shatter. This stuff is not indestructible though it is indescribable. The love and care that Crystal Delights puts in all their glass toys is very apparent when you get one. They are quality pieces of art and pieces I’m very proud to have in my toy collection. I promote them wherever I go and encourage you to check out all the Crystal Delights toys available for sale at Virtually Adult.

You will not be disappointed if you purchase the Epiphany Baton once it is released. It’s beautiful, functional, and above all else – sparkly. 

Review: Crystal Delights Crystal Clear Glass Anal Plug (Small)

Okay so you know how I have a love of jeweled anal plugs? Unfortunately my last foray into that type of plug left me wanting more, left me wanting something of better quality and a prettier jewel. For ages I’ve lusted after the Crystal Delights glass anal plugs. After hearing some of the great things people have said about these plugs and seeing the beautiful selection of colors, these plugs have been on my wishlist for quite some time. The great people at Virtually Adult contacted me and offered to send me one after reading my lackluster experience with the Cal Exotics Aluminum Mini.

After the initial shock at the possibility of receiving one, I had to select what size and color I wanted. I browsed the selection available to me and decided that the smaller necked plug would be better for me because of my petite size. The color selection was harder. They’re all so pretty! But ultimately I decided on getting the clear one. Why is that? Because it looks like a giant diamond! How could I pass up having a giant diamond in my ass? So what does the gem look like? It looks absolutely gorgeous in person.

The package I received from Virtually Adult arrived at my doorstep and I quickly pulled off the packaging to get my hands on what I hoped would be a beautiful anal plug. The toy came wrapped in glittery tissue paper with a wonderful sticker on the seal. You can tell that someone put a lot of care in packaging your plug and that you’re getting something special. I gingerly unwrapped the paper and found the black storage sleeve the plug comes with. Elastic wraps secure the roll around the plug, keeping it safe and ensures that it won’t be damaged either in transport or while you own it.

I undid the elastics and unrolled the sleeve to find not only my new glass plug but also some free gifts that were included! I received a sample of water-based Boy Butter and two Lifestyles Ultra Thin condoms. Also included was a card about the Crystal Delights line of plugs with two glass charms attached to the card. I got blue glass hearts that are absolutely gorgeous.

But enough about my free gifts. What about my plug?! I swear from the moment I set my eyes on it I was in love. The plug itself is made from 100% handblown Pyrex glass. This type of glass has been shown to be safe for internal use. The glass is extremely clear and I looked all over it for flaws, chips or defects. I simply couldn’t find any. It’s flawless. The gem on the end of the stem is quite possibly the sparkliest thing I’ve ever seen at that size. It is a Swarovski crystal, the best that is on the market. It doesn’t even compare to the crappy plastic gem that was in the Cal Exotics Aluminum Mini. It’s like night and day comparing the two. Quite honestly, this looks like a giant diamond, no kidding.

One of my favorite aspects to this plug is that the glass is great for temperature play. I love playing with cold moreso than heat. While I don’t recommend this for an extended period of time, I pop my glass toys into the freezer for ten to fifteen minutes to cool them down. The general recommendation is that you should gradually raise or lower the temperature by using warm or cool water. Too rapid temperature shifts in either direction have the possibility of scalding or freezing skin when touched to it. The rare possibility is cracking the glass and that’s definitely not something you want.

The other feature I like about this plug is the weight. As I’ve mentioned before in regards to anal plugs, I like plugs with some weight. I like to be reminded that I’m plugged and filled. Even more so when I’m in a submissive position because it reminds me who is controlling my holes. This plug definitely delivers in the weight I like. Each small plug weighs in at approximately 5 ounces.

Because this plug is glass, it means you can use it with any type of lube. Water based, silicone based, or oil based. You can use anything with this plug. I suggest cleaning it immediately upon removing it with warm to hot water and antibacterial soap. You might be able to put it in the top rack of your dishwasher as well, but I have not tested this. I would be hesitant to do this only because of the gem even though the gem is very well secured into the plug.

So how did the plug feel inside me? Pretty much as I expected it would. I loved it. At it’s widest point, the plug is approximately 1 1/2 inch in diameter and has an insertable length of 2 3/4 inches. The flared base of the plug sits comfortably between the ass cheeks and I don’t feel that it would slip inside your ass. The stem is so narrow the your bum closes around it securely. I think with the longer version of this plug, the neck may slip in and out if you don’t clench your ass the entire time. I am much happier with this shorter necked version.

Because the diameter is fairly small on this plug in comparison to what plugs can be, it is fairly easy to put in. That being said, it’s probably not for anal play virgins. I love anal play and have slightly relaxed my ass to the point that I can slip plugs in with little to no relaxation ahead of time. What do I suggest with this plug? Go slow and use lube to get it in. If you are female, clitoral stimulation helps with relaxation and insertion I have found. Perhaps some play first and then try inserting plugs that are larger in diameter than the average finger.

One gripe I have is in regard to the black storage sleeve that comes with. To be honest, it stinks. Two days after it’s been sitting out on my desk and it still smells. It’s the typical fake leather and plastic smell I think. I love the sleeve but hate the smell it has. I’m really really hoping the smell goes away with time because the sleeve is fantastic for storing this plug. It keeps it safe and padded. There’s no damaging this delicate plug when it’s in the sleeve.

Overall I really can’t say enough good things about this plug. It’s beautiful, weighty, and looks like a ginormous diamond in your ass. It’s wonderfully decorative and I can imagine wearing this out to dinner with a partner under a dress, perhaps giving them a flash here and there during the night to tease them with the knowledge my ass is sparkling for them. The sheer knowledge that I’m wearing this is so erotic. Wearing any plug for me is definitely what I consider one of the best ways you can be an undercover kinkster. Nobody needs to know that you’re wearing a toy in your ass unless you tell them or show them.

The Crystal Delights Crystal Clear Glass Anal Plug (small) is sold through Virtually Adult. It comes in two different sizes, regular and small. Currently, these plugs are available in eight colors, but I suspect more may be added soon. The small size sells for $79.95 and the regular size sells for $89.95. This plug comes in a special dichroic gem plug for $129.95. Run, don’t walk to the Crystal Delights page on Virtually Adult. Once you see these plugs you’ll fall in love with them just like I did. You’ll simply have to add one to your anal toy collection!