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Good looks and great brains

I keep getting a lot of interesting looks this morning. I can’t quite decide why but I have a feeling. I’m wearing super short denim shorts and a white button up blouse with the sleeves rolled up. So maybe it’s those “oh wow…..” looks. Especially considering most of them are coming from guys.

I was sitting doing some work this morning before class and one of the women from the admissions office here at school came up to me to ask me about my Dell 10″ Inspiron mini laptop. After extolling its virtues and how I would recommend it in an instant compared to the other netbooks on the market, the woman complimented me. “Well, I wanted to ask you … because well … you know … you actually have a brain.” Big smile from me after that. So not only am I looking cute/sexy in my outfit today but I also can string together a coherent sentence.
This popped on my rotation this morning and I really liked it. I’ve never listened to it in its entirety before this morning and besides the great thrumming bass line, the lyrics are great.