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Review: Candy Bra + G-String Combo from

Holy sweet tooth, Batman! Diabetics better haul out the industrial barrel of insulin before you read this review. Just the mere idea of it may send you into sugar overload. Well, that or the idea of candy strings caressing your girly or manly bits. Either way you’re sure in for one heck of a sugar rush when you plunk down $20 on the Candy Bra + G-String Combo sold at

Candy Bra + G-String Combo

Sure, you could buy these items individually, but you and I both know a good deal on anything sexy is a fantastic deal. Buying these items separately would cost you an additional $4 and let’s be honest having the set is going to be more fun in the long run. Us ladies (and some gents I’m sure as well) have a thing about matching our lingerie and for me something I can eat and play dress up with is going to be no different.

These delicious delights of decadence will arrive at your door step in beautiful pink boxes. The boxes depict black shadowed outlines wearing the products on the front and have a list of ingredients and nutrition information on the back.

Packaging of products

The candy has been made in China and includes the following ingredients: dextrose, modified maize starch, anti-caking agent (magnesium salts of fatty acids), citric acid, flavorings, and colorings (Red 40, Yellow 5, Blue 1.) Though I don’t know why you’d actually consider looking at the nutrition information given that it’s just freaking sugar, 10 individual pieces of the candy will set you back 9 grams of sugar per serving.  There are approximately 28 servings in the candy bra and 14 servings in the candy g-string. With a serving size of 10 grams and doing the math, that means you’d eat 378 grams of sugar if you sat and ate every piece in both bra and g-string. I don’t think your body would like you very much if you did that.

All these are essentially glorified candy necklaces, just on a much larger scale. Ever get one of those out of the coin machines when you were a kid? Well, these are the adult version and personally I think they’re much hotter. After all, who doesn’t love a little pussy or nipple with their candy? I say we combine the things all the time. Except if you get yeast infections. Then that’s bad. Vagina + sugar = yeast infections, people. Very bad news! Needless to say these are for decorative and external use only. No insertion here, folks. Let me repeat that: DO NOT INSERT CANDY UP YOUR WHO-HA!

Actually wearing these items is rather awkward and cumbersome as they don’t exactly tie very well. The top is just like your standard triangle bra top, with straps to tie around your torso and neck. The “straps” on this don’t exactly tie that well but I don’t think they’re designed to stay on too long. Not exactly the object here. If you try to take them off they get pretty tangled easily and I had a heck of a time removing them once they were tied.

So what do they look like while being worn you ask? Yes, I shall even deliver here. Behold the wonder that is the candy bra top and g-string combo!

Candy Bra top

As you can see, the triangle pieces are pretty far apart. Someone with a narrower torso may find that this piece doesn’t fit on them at all given that the triangle parts are set so far apart. Personally I prefer my bikini tops to be more of a push up than a sag down but to each her own. I’m a 34C/D in bra size and comfortably fit this top. Sure, it’s a bit snug and doesn’t cover much in the way of breast tissue, but this once again is probably not what it’s designed for.

Candy G-String front view

(I’ll spare you with the back view because of some rather scary looking bruises I received from an intense flogging a few days ago. Details possibly to come on that as well, by the way.)

The candy g-string bottoms are …. unique. When you put them on the sensation of the little candy pieces rubbing on your pussy lips is almost akin to tickling for me and I giggled the entire time I wore it. I hope laughter is part of your sexual life because you’ll certainly be laughing when you’re wearing this. The actual crotch portion of the g-string is oddly strung so it almost pouches out. I would think you could also use this on a man, though I do believe they also sell a mens’ version of this bottom as well. So maybe this is for a woman who likes her g-strings a little pouchy, one with big pussy lips that need concealing, or a man with a rather small penis. Multi purpose diabetic coma inducing! That’s what you call bang for your buck.

Given that the string this is made from is stretchy (remember the old candy necklaces?) I imagine a wide variety of sizes would be able to fit in this, but like most things there’s a limit. I’m a size 8-10 in womens’ and found the string stretching already for me. You’re definitely better off being more slender with this item. As for the back, it’s actually quite large. I’m rather petite and need low-rise undies normally so the extra tiny triangle back of the g-string sat much higher than I’d normally desire for g-strings day to day.

The feedback I received wearing this candy undies combo was …. well, sweet! There’s nothing like a woman in candy to get the motor revving and I imagine you’ll find that this combo will get you both jacked up on sugar and get you jacked off.

But Undercover Kinskter, you say! What does it taste like? Before wearing it tastes like sweet, sweet candy. After wearing? It tastes like candy and cooch. And that’s the sweetest combination of all.

Buy the Candy Bra + G-String Combo from in October and Babeland will donate 10% to the Young Survival Coalition, an organization dedicated to aiding and supporting young woman facing breast cancer. You’ll also receive a Babeland Buzz vibrator for free with your purchase.