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Review: JimmyJane Little Afterglow Sampler Set

JimmyJane Little Afterglow Sampler Set

Candles are one of the simple indulgences I have in my life. The flickering light, the sweet smells, the hypnotic qualities about them. I simply love candles. That being said, I’m fairly picky about candles, much like I’m picky about most things.

The JimmyJane Little Afterglow Sampler Set sold through Babeland is pretty much the most awesome set of candles you’ll ever have. You have a veritable candle buffet before you at the price of just two of the JimmyJane candles.

What makes the JimmyJane Afterglow candles so awesome? Because they’re not just candles. They’re also massage oils. Wait …. massage oils?  But the box clearly shows candles. When the candles burn down, you don’t just get the great smell of whatever candle you choose, you also get a massage oil left over in the flame’s wake. More on this later.

The JimmyJane name & logo sits in the lower right corner of the box.

 The set arrives to you in a beautiful white box, tied with a luxurious hot pink satin ribbon. The packaging alone makes it a perfect gift idea. You’d barely have to wrap it to gift it to someone. There is no external indication this set of candles is from a sex toy manufacturer. No naked girls, no big boobs, no overly showy packaging. That is one of the signs of a premium product from a premium manufacturer, something I consider JimmyJane to be. The perfectly snowy white box has a grey ink blot designed into it and of course the JimmyJame name and logo.

Packaging on the Afterglow Sampler Set

When you untie the ribbon and open the top, you find a large card describing the scents included in this set. They are as follows:

Wit Group

  • Explore – Cucumber Water
  • Provoke – Grapefruit

Charm Group

  • Connect – Pink Lotus
  • Flirt – Dark Vanilla

Kink Group

  • Seduce – Truffle & Gardenia
  • Intrigue – Bourbon 
The card insert included with the Afterglow Set

 You can mix and match scents according to what mood you want to set. The reverse side of the insert includes an “Experience Guide” that gives you instructions how to use the candles and suggestions for combination of scent. It also has a nice little coupon for the JimmyJane website as well.

The Pink Lotus candle has been lit

To use these candles as massage oils, burn the candle as you would normally and then extinguish the flame. What’s left behind is warm massage oil. I would suggest waiting a few moments directly after extinguishing the flame just to let the oil cool slightly. The ceramic candle container is shaped in a way that makes pouring the oil out of the candle very easy to do. The included instruction booklet (in more languages than most UN meetings have) gives the tip to start with a quarter-sized amount of oil so that things don’t get too messy.

The oil itself is incredibly luxurious. Rubbed into the skin, it softens your skin and leaves behind whatever gorgeous smell you’ve chosen to use long after you wash off the actual oil. The oil remains slippery until it’s absorbed into your skin or until you wash it off. I literally was smelling my arm for about five hours after I tested this candle. My friends were laughing at me cause I was talking on the phone with them and sniffing my arm at the same time.

For those with allergies, the Afterglow candles have no paraffin, dyes, phthalatates, parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals and animal products. The wick is lead-free. JimmyJane doesn’t use animals to test their massage products as well.

My favorite scents were Pink Lotus, Cucumber Water, and Truffle and Gardenia. I wasn’t such a fan of the Bourbon candle honestly. I think with time and use I may enjoy that particular scent more, but I am considering giving it to a friend who will enjoy it more.

JimmyJane is a leader in ultra luxurious sex toys and candles and I have been lusting after the Afterglow candles for so long. Without a doubt these lived up to the hype. I understand why so many people say glowing things about them just as candles, much less massage oils.

The JimmyJane Little Afterglow Sampler Set sold at Babeland is a wonderful gift idea for the candle and massage oil lover in your life. Get the kit and give the candles away individually. Give it as a set. Get the whole thing for yourself. The variety of scents, the luxurious massage oil and the options are amazing.