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Review: Fresh Balls by

We sweat. We all sweat. Guys especially sweat. And what’s the one place on guys that ladies dislike sweat? Ahh, yes. In the groin region. Why do we dislike sweat there? Because it tends to sit and in the long run that produces a stanky odor that no lady likes on her man. Some natural body odor can be sexy, but too much and I’m more likely to fall over or gag. Especially if I’m putting my nose in that region.

The good people at sent me a bottle of their new product Fresh Balls. The product description says that it is a product designed to discourage wetness and the uncomfortable feeling that accompanies sweaty balls. Having no balls myself, I enlisted the help of my good friend Bucky to help me test this product. He came over and I fed him some pizza before pulling out the bottle to try.

I like that the bottle looks like it could be regular body lotion. It’s a manly bottle and one that looks like it belongs with other men’s body care products. That is nice because something pink and flowery doesn’t exactly equate with “fresh balls” in my book. As a guy I wouldn’t want this product if the package was all girly. This looks like it belongs in a man’s medicine cabinet.

Easily my favorite and his favorite part of this product was the smell. It’s a light smell while definitely being manly. Some cologne products are so incredibly strong that they make me woozy or queasy just smelling them. This scent is a light one that would fit with most men’s personal care products. I don’t believe it would clash with your soaps, aftershaves or colognes. Unless you slap them all over your balls! Always a possibility I guess.

The consistency of the product upon first touch is a lotion feel. After you rub it in it quickly disappears into a silky, almost powdery feeling. It is not greasy at all and Bucky said it felt really great on him. He liked the feel of it as well. There is no talc in this product, so it’s like using body powder without the talc in it. The description of this product on the Better Sex website also says it includes oatmeal to soothe and tea tree oil that is known for its antibacterial properties.

It definitely made him smell better and I enjoyed the fact that he wasn’t musky. We sat for awhile and retested the smell and it was still nice. Granted we weren’t doing any very physical activity or he wasn’t wearing it for an all day trial, but in the period of time we tried it the scent remained and any bad odor stayed away.

One funny moment we had was he put the bottle up to his nose to smell it and I didn’t notice until later that he had a smear of the product on the end of his nose. We laughed and he rubbed it off, saying his nose wasn’t going to smell now.

Did we like this product? Yes. It smells good, goes on with a non-greasy and smooth lotion quality to it while keeping away body odor that can sometimes be associated with balls. Would he use the product? Bucky said yes.

If you are interested in buying Fresh Balls from, you can find them on their website here.