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Review: Flexi Felix by Fun Factory

Of all of the anal toys I have, I have never owned a proper set of anal beads. They have always fascinated me and sure, I’ve watched them being used in porn for as long as I’ve watched porn. But up until I found Flexi Felix by Fun Factory and sold through Fun Love I wasn’t sure I was willing to jump on the anal bead bandwagon.

I’ve always had one problem with anal beads – cleaning. Most anal beads are just plastic beads strung on polyester string with knots on either side of the beads to keep them in place. Dude, that goes up your ass. From the sounds of that construction, there’s no way you’re going to get those disinfected and cleaned.

The solution to this problem? Making sure the beads are able to be cleaned. Make them of silicone. These beads are made of 100% medical grade silicone. Fun Factory is known for making high quality toys and using only body safe materials. Their designs are cute and fun, but always have a functional use to them. In this case, Felix’s eyes are the handle to the beads. While what could be considered Felix’s eyebrows are a bit too flexible for my taste, the handles seem to be pretty stable. Pull or tug too much and you may find you’ve pulled Felix just a little too far for my taste. I worry about that honestly.

What’s nice is that you don’t have to pull very hard though. These beads graduate from a small comfortable size at the bottom of the “chain” to a larger size at the top. The beads/balls are not perfectly round, making for easy insertion and removal when the time comes to that. A little lube makes insertion easier.

Though honestly? Maneuvering myself and my arms into such a position to actually insert these anal beads is not exactly the sexiest thing ever. Perhaps it would be easier having a partner do this for me, but seeing as how I don’t have either of my partners with me at the moment I had to try this out myself solo. You kinda have to push each bead in and relax a bit as the beads get slightly larger the higher up you go on the set.

Since I couldn’t use Felix during sex (something I find super hot theoretically) I resorted to making it an all Fun Factory event and pulling out what I consider to be the best dildo I’ve ever used, my Fun Factory Magnum. A quick aside on this one: it’s a harness compatible dildo that is girthy and curved in all the right ways. It has a solid feel to it while still being made of medical grade silicone and therefore body safe and sanitizeable. If you’re ever looking for a great dildo, I highly highly recommend the Magnum even with the steep price.

After struggling for a few moments to get Felix into my ass, I lubed up the Magnum and slowly but surely got it inside my vagina. Okay yeah, I did feel a little more stretched out than the Magnum usually gets me. I have always found the sensation of double penetration quite pleasurable and the beads inside my butt with the dildo in my vagina was no different this time. That thin membrane of skin separating the two toys was extremely sensitive. But wow … Felix’s head was super awkward and in the way. It kind of hangs there out your ass and for as big as it is, it interfered with the base of the Magnum though the Magnum didn’t go anywhere near all the way inside me.

When I was close to orgasming from short and shallow thrusts of the Magnum, I gently pulled on Felix and out he came, minimally adding to my orgasm’s intensity. While it didn’t blow me out of the ballpark so to speak, it did make the whole experience somewhat better.

My take on anal beads? If you’re going to get them, make sure you can sterilize them. If it goes up your butt, you want to make it as clean as possible once you’re done with it. While I will need more practice to make this a good solo toy, I can only imagine what Felix will add to my partnered sex life. I fully intend to put Felix to good use when V is fucking me doggy style, having V pull Felix out of my ass right when I’m close to orgasm. Anal stimulation is one of the best ways for me to orgasm easily and I hope that Felix will help me to finally orgasm from partnered sex.

Flexi Felix from Fascinations Fun Love is a great set of anal beads and will definitely get you interested in anal play if you haven’t done any before. It’s cute and wiggly and offers all the great things Fun Factory is known for in their products.