About This Diary

The sometimes sane, sometimes insane ramblings of a twenty-something just trying to find my way through the world. I’m a kinkster living in a vanilla world, desperately trying to figure out out to integrate everything I can into my life.

I love trying new things and seeing what I like and don’t like. My sexuality is ever evolving and I love meeting new people. My passion in life is education, advocacy and building self esteem. Before someone else can love us, we need to love ourselves.

About the Author

I’m a mid twenties kinkster exploring my way through life and looking to experience all that I can. Sexuality is a part of who I am, and kink play is a large portion of my sexuality. My kinks are wide and varied, sometimes deep and dark. The things that get me off and stir my imagination are often times not everybody’s cup of tea, so to speak. I’ve learned to edit my thoughts around more mainstream people, the so-called “vanilla” people of the world. In doing so though, I’ve found it oppressive and had to find other avenues to express my kinkster identity. This is one of the ways I express myself.
I’m a petite thing, standing no more than 4’10” tall on my “tall” days and learning to love the art of high heels as a way to modify my appearance. I like to play with looks and test out new identities. I own a lot of wigs, some short pixie cuts and some very long seductress looks. I modify my body with piercings and tattoos as a way to reclaim ownership of my body from the wild forces of nature and to make look more like I’ve always pictured it. At the moment, I have three piercings – one vertical clit hood piercing and two horizontal nipple piercings. I also have two tattoos, one Celtic triquetra on each hipbone. They are my protectors and my way of carrying my beliefs around with me at all times. I’m a Pagan by choice and at peace with my Mother Goddess.

In addition to searching the world of kink for things that I’m interested in, I’m also searching for partners to share that search with me. It’s an up and down roller coaster, though lately it has been more down than up. I tell myself that good things are worth waiting for and my patience will be rewarded eventually. I trust that things will happen in their own time when they are meant to.

For now, this Diary is an outlet for my thoughts and my feelings in a way that I’ve never been able to express before. I want to let the world know that I am here and I am ready to change it. Global change can start with just one person. From my chair, I want to start a revolution. Kink is normal. Kink is fun. Kink is a part of who we are as a species. There is no need to fear it. Kinksters are your neighbors, your family, your co-workers and your lovers. A large number of us are underground, fearing what disclosure of our proclivities might do for our reputations. There is no better time than now to start a revolution. We are here and we are not going away!